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current projects: after nearly two great years at ferring Pharmaceuticals working on Clinical trials i decided to pursue a long time personal vision to develop and commercialize an idea. i will be investing my own time and resources over the next many months to complete the development and commercialize the product. more to be announced in the beginning of 2016.

professional profile: i have a phd degree within Systems Biology and have worked with implementing Clinical trials for the Pharmaceutical Industry. this has given me many years of professional experience working together with distinguished scientists and project teams.

one of my core competences is with implementing real big data resources and analyzing the content statistically. in addition to this i have demonstrated my skills as an effective and productive Software programmer and platform architect, system integrator and database designer.

i also have a proven track record on methods development, envisioning and completing specialized productivity tools and an in-depth knowledge of Project Planning, implementation, execution, regression tests and test Automation.

pharma experience, short summary:


Past Experience

  • Clinical Project Data Manager, Global Biometrics

    January 2014 --- October 2015

    ferring Pharmaceuticals is a leading company within fertility +5000 employees 1.5 billion eur revenue 2014

    primary responsibility: responsible for managing Clinical Trial data (global biometrics)


    • senior Software Advisor​and Member of steering committee on future directions in use of metadata
    • developed general, flexible and scalable 5th generation database metadata​prototype system for definition of e.g. Clinical trials
    • rapid impl. of metadata​-driven test platform to fully automate user acceptance tests for eCRF​systems (dev. time: 2 months)
    • managed exploratory study on Gastroenterology disease severity and biomarker​correlation

  • Assistant Professor

    November 2011 --- December 2013

    i was primarily researching disease etiology from a large-scale or big data perspective. this involved building robust disease-Gene knowledge Databases from scientific literature (text-mining), high-throughput experiments and other kinds of structured data.

    the purpose of my Research was to create ready-to-use and highly accurate resources to support several needs: investigating drug-target interactions and to automate and structuring the ever growing body of evidence on Protein-Protein interaction and Biological function to name a few. to this end, i developed novel methods to merge dissimilar data.

    this allowed an unprecedented level of Data Integration and unification, where several disconnected information sources contributed and strengthened the same line of evidence. accomplishments:

    • Founder of an accurate, scalable and multi-threaded c++ text mining pipeline (100x speedup)
    • upgraded main channel of aclaimed string/stitch Protein-drug database (
    • launched diseases; a disease-Gene database from knowledge, literature and gwas studies (
    • launched tissues; an integrated and visualized database on Protein tissues expression (
    • launched compartments; Protein subcellular localizations incl. human Protein atlas (
    • assisted the human Gene compendium (genecards adding links on genecards pages to my Databases
    • managed a chemoinformatics project on optimizing kinase inhibitor cocktails for minimizing off-target effects
    • highly experienced in Data Analysis and processing of massive omics and mass spec data
    • organized and taught Bioinformatics course for human biologists, medical science students (panum)

  • PostDoc.

    January 2009 --- January 2012
    was deeply involved in big Data Analysis and knowledge extraction from extremely large datasets on molecular biology, diseases and drug-target interactions.

  • Ph.d. student, Immunological Bioinformatics

    January 2004 --- January 2008
    visited the following Research group: theoretical Biology/Bioinformatics, University of utrecht, the netherlands

  • System developer

    October 2002 --- September 2004
    developed Software for the insurance industry. independetly implemented several work-optimization tools such as unittesting Software and a layer for automatic storage of object structures to a relational database. worked on both gui and backend design.

  • System developer and release manager

    January 2000 --- September 2002
    worked on a distributed simulator for Training of naval officers.


LinkedIn Assessment :
BioinformaticsSystems BiologyImmunologyProgrammingPythonData MiningComputational BiologyPerlC++JavaSQLAlgorithmsComputer ScienceMachine LearningSoftware DevelopmentData AnalysisIntegrationResearchC#Visual StudioMatlabStatisticsAlgorithm DesignProject ManagementBiotechnologyCDatabasesMySQLMicrosoft SQL Server.NETHTMLDatabase DesignWeb ServicesProteomics AnalysisSAS programming


  • Ph.d. in Immunology, Bioinformatics from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in 2007
  • Cand. polyt in Information technology from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in 1999

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