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i was Technician in Analytical Chemistry for 7 years. i have explored this job and then decided to broaden my skills becoming Doctor in Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry.


Current Experience

  • Assistant, PhD student in Mass Spectrometry

    Since October 2015

Past Experience

  • Trainee in Mass Spectrometry

    February 2015 --- August 2015
    development of a quantitative hptlc-maldi-tof ms method. Validation of the linomat camag to verify the repeatability of the spots, the linearity, to determine the lod and loq of the densitometer. optimization of the glucose and fructose separation on tlc to have the possibility to quantify this molecules in a complex mixture (plant extract after microwave extraction ) by hptlc-densitometer and quantification évaluation of a hptlc-maldi-tof ms method. mesurement of the reaction rate between invertase and saccharose by hptlc-densitometer. determination of the invertase activity by the michaelis-menten curve. caracterization of a complex mixture by tlc-maldi-tof ms.

  • Development and Validation of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) method (research project)

    October 2014 --- November 2014
    development and Validation of a supercritical fluid Chromatography (sfc) method for the identification of terpenic compounds from essential oils. material: upc2 (waters)-photodiode array detector (pda or dad) stationary phase: torus (waters), pgc

  • Technician in Analytical Chemistry

    May 2010 --- November 2014
    development of new Analytical methods (HPLC, uplc, gc, ms, aa, ec, ci), stability studies, ir, UV, ms Characterization, equipment Qualification (oq,pq) methods Validation (e-noval)

  • Technician in chemistry

    July 2008 --- April 2010
    raw materials Laboratory: tests according to pe, ir identification, recording of results on LIMS, finished products Laboratory: dissolution (sotax), impurities and ap assay on HPLC, chromatograms processing on atlas, tablets disintegration, water content determination on karl fisher


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Chromatographie en phase gazeuseDissolutionInfrarougeLaboratoireSciences de la vieSecteur pharmaceutiqueSystUltravioletUVIRLIMSValidationChemistryLaboratorygas chromatographyChromatographyAnalytical ChemistryHPLCChimie analytiqueCaractBiochimieChimieChromatographie


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chimie from Université de Genève in 2020
  • Master's degree in Chemistry of bioactives molecules, strategy and quality in analytical chemistry from University of Orleans in 2015


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Area / Region

Geneva, Switzerland


Driving License
  • Yes

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