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professional skills including: 1. thin film deposition: plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (a-si:h, silicon oxide nitride, silicon nitride), atomic layer deposition (a-al2o3, a-hfo2), hot wire chemical vapor deposition (a-si, silicon nitride), thermal evaporation deposition (au, al, ag etc), e-beam evaporation (tio2, etc) 2. device fabrication: photolithography and mask-design, general wet bench processing, plasma dry etching, rapid thermal annealing 3. Characterization and Analysis: pl-imaging, qsspc, u-pcd, cdi, i-v, contact & contactless c-v, corona charging, gdoes, profilometer, ellimpsometry, ftir, afm, sem, hall effect, UV-Vis optical transmission and reflection 4.device simulation: afors-het, pc1d 5.Research tools: MATLAB, origin, auto-CAD


Current Experience

  • Doctoral Candidate

    Since February 2014
    surface passivation on c-si solar cells Surface passivation on c-Si solar cells

Past Experience

  • Visiting Doctoral Candidate

    March 2016 --- June 2016
    1 ald deposited hfo2 passivation on c-si 2 hfo2 passivation on black silicon passivation properties are characterized by qsspc, contctless cv, corona charging, ellimpsometry, sem and gdoes

  • Visiting Doctoral Candidate

    April 2015 --- November 2015
    1 pecvd deposited a-si:h/a-sinx:h stacks passivation on c-si 2 pecvd deposited a-sioxny:h/a-sinx:h stacks passivation on c-si passivation properties characterized by pl-imaging, qsspc, contact cv, ellimpsometry, ftir and gdoes (glow discharge optical emitted spectrometer)

  • R&D engineer

    January 2012 --- February 2014
    high efficiency solar cells (based on iii-v, ii-v and si/ge) development: 1. device processing development of single and multi-junction solar cells(design of lithography mask, optimization of arc and metal contact) 2. responsible for process integration and control


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Materials ScienceCharacterizationResearchScanning Electron MicroscopyPhysicsThin FilmsMaterialsPassivationSilicon PhotonicsGaAsSilicon Surface PassivationAtomic Layer Deposition

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
1. Thin Film Deposition: Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (a-Si:Hsilicon oxide nitridesilicon nitride)Atomic Layer Deposition (a-Al2O3a-HfO2)Hot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition (a-SiThermal Evaporation Deposition (AuAlAg etc)E-beam Evaporation (TiO2etc) 2. Device Fabrication: Photolithography and Mask-designGeneral wet bench processingPlasma dry etchingRapid Thermal Annealing 3. Characterization and Analysis: PL-imagingQSSPCu-PCDCDII-VContact & Contactless C-VCorona ChargingGDOESProfilometerEllimpsometryFTIRAFMSEMHall effectUV-Vis optical transmission and reflection 4.Device Simulation: AFORS-HETPC1D 5.Research tools: MatlabOriginAuto-CAD


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Surface passivation of silicon solar cells from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2017
  • Master’s Degree in HIT solar cell from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2012


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Trondheim, Norway


Driving License
  • No

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