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I have obtained over 4 years of research experience in cancer biology, virology and drug discovery at various state of the art laboratories across Europe. My interest in business and entrepreneurship has lead me to participate in the YES biomedical entrepreneurial competition a few years ago. Currently, I am supporting my family in their import-export business between the Netherlands and China. Furthermore, I am a volunteering business development director for Innovation Forum London branch based at King's College London. In addition, I also volunteer for Hands up for health and NHS e-mentoring of students and young people to promote visibility and communication of health care and health careers. In the past, I have also covered the role of teaching assistant and ambassador for Pharmaceutical sciences (Bsc) at VU university Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I would like to welcome opportunities to also translate knowledge towards business and industry, and provide consultancy regarding health, science, tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and education. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Current Experience

  • Business development director
    Since June 2015
    Innovation Forum London is one of the 15 branches globally of the Innovation Forum; the King's College London Innovation Forum (KCLIF) branch is the biggest IF branch in London and coordinates entrepreneurial/start-up and innovative events with the Imperial College, University College London and London Business School IF branches. In addition, we provide career events for in-house students and members as well as life science consulting for our partners and clients. Currently, we are running our Imagine IF global business accelerator competition in deep-tech, with the motto: Improving life. I approach potential investors, partners and sponsors locally (London) and globally (mainly Europe and China) to negotiate the benefits and offers of a joint collaboration, as well as to develop a long-term relationship with key opinion leaders, clients, partners, and members of other IF branches. Furthermore, I take part in organising and overlook events, guide members in their tasks, provide suggestions and make decision. Achievements: - Secured Enterprise Support Fund (ESF) from King's entrepreneurship institute - Established partner relationships with SMEs and multinational companies in PR, consulting, biotech, med tech, digital tech, pharma and IP law locally as well as globally - Established a network of Key opinion leaders in heatlh, medtech as well as capital investors and policy makers - Currently leading the Business Development team in London for the local and global accelerator program Imagine IF More information can be found at:

Past Experience

  • Co-chair of the KBI, BRC & MRC Postgraduate Research Retreat Committee​ 2015
    March 2015 --- July 2015
    The KBI, BRC & MRC postgraduate research retreat is organised annually, by a committee consisting of PhD students only, for more than 55 PhD students working on translational research in different departments across the various King's College London campuses. The purpose of the retreat is to promote interaction, collaboration, discussion and visibility of their research work. As co-chair of the committee, I make sure meetings are carried out effectively and all points will be discussed in the planned time frame. Tasks delegation, decision making, provide ideas & innovation, keynote speaker invitation, supporting/advising committee members with their tasks, communication with the committee members and other people involved are tasks that I carry out in this position.

  • Junior Scientist
    February 2013 --- August 2013
    Junior researcher at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. I was involved in managing and developing the following projects: - The role of CMV in cancer cell migration, invasion and metastasis (Breast, Colon, Glioblastoma and Lung cancer) - The role of CMV in the development of Glioblastoma Supervisors: Prof. Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér and Dr. Lynn Butler

  • Research intern (Master)
    January 2012 --- August 2012
    Master Major Internship at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. The role of CMV in epithelial-mesenchymal transition. This project was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Jonas Fuxe and Dr. Theresa Vincent with the aim to investigate whether CMV infection induces or modulates EMT in human cancer cell lines. Techniques: Viral propagation and infection, qPCR, siRNA, Western Blot, wound healing and transwell migration assays, Matrigel transwell invasion assays, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Flowcytometry, Aggregation assay. Supervisors: Prof. Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér and Dr. Lynn Butler

  • Teacher Assistant
    September 2008 --- January 2012
    - Teach biochemistry practical courses to first year bachelor students. - Supervise final year high school students (pre-university education) with their final project. - Inform prospective students, current students and parents about the bachelor degree Pharmaceutical sciences at the VU University Amsterdam.

  • Intern
    February 2011 --- July 2011
    Master Minor Internship at the VU University/LACDR. Oncomodulatory effects of CMV viral GPCRs on human GPCRs. I worked on a project to investigate whether HCMV encoded vGPCR US28 induces oncomodulatory effects through hetero- dimerization/oligomerization with human chemokine receptor CXCR4 and stem cell marker Lgr5 ( in collaboration with Prof. Hans Clevers) Techniques: Dimerization assays (BRET), β-arrestin recruitment assays, Whole cell binding, Immunofluorescence, PCR, ELISA, Luciferase reportergene assays, Plasmid cloning. Supervisors: Prof. Martine Smit, Dr Henry Visscher and Dr Sabrina de Munnik

  • Intern
    April 2010 --- July 2010
    Bachelor internship at the VU University/LACDR. The characterization of HCMV viral GPCRs. I compared a flag-tagged UL33 vGPCR with the wild-type version on functional and expression properties. Techniques: Viral infection, Western blot, Immunofluorescence, ELISA, IPx assay, Transfection Supervisors: Prof. Martine Smit and Dr Andreas Schreiber

  • Junior Scientific Consultant
    January 2010 --- March 2010
    For my extracurricular literature thesis, I have established a list of criteria for idiocratic drug reaction (IDR) drug control candidates for a Ti Pharma project (D3-201) that seek for novel IDR biomarkers. The results were presented at the consortium meeting at Abbott Laboratories in Weesp, The Netherlands. Supervisors: Prof. Nico Vermeulen, Dr. Kevin Augustijn

  • Intern
    January 2010 --- March 2010
    Bachelor internship at the VU University/LACDR. The characterization of peroxide driven catalysis of Verapamil and Lauric acid with P450 BM3 mutants. I assessed the feasibility and differences of peroxide and NADPH driven catalysis of compounds by bacterial P450. Techniques: HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, Isolation of bacterial proteins, Enzyme kinetic assays. Supervisors: Prof. Nico Vermeulen, Dr. Jan Commandeur and Dr Eduardo Vottero


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Analytical thinkingAdaptabilityCollaborationCommunicativeCritical thinkingEfficiencyInnovative thinkingOptimismProactivityProblem solvingResponsibilitySelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineStrategic thinking


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Biological Drug DevelopmentBiomedical SciencesBiopharmaceuticalsCancerCancer ResearchCell SignalingBiomarkersCharacterizationHealthcare industryLeadershipProject ManagementStart-upsBusiness Strategy
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Western Blottingmolecular biologyELISAImmunofluorescenceImmunohistochemistryLifesciencesBiochemistryTeamworkmanagementBusiness DevelopmentqPCRCancer ResearchScientific WritingTroubleshootingCell CultureLife SciencesResearchBiotechnology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cancer Studies from King's College London, U. of London in 2017
  • Master of Research in Biomedical and Translational Science from King's College London in 2014
  • Master of Science in Drug discovery and safety (Molecular biology and pharmacology) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2012
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical sciences from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2010


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London, United Kingdom


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