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- Executive with strong scientific background and business acumen
- Well-established realizations in discovery and development of new antiviral drugs and management of research teams
- Results-oriented professional
- Academic and industrial experience
- Will go the extra mile to do what it takes to succeed
- Interested in joining early-stage startups/biopharmaceuticals, in new approaches to control or prevent viral diseases
- Drive, flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude
- Strategic leadership
- Excellent communication and motivation skills


- Leadership and Management of research teams
- Management of Research projects
- Antiviral drugs research & development
- Virology, Oncology
- Scientific advisory boards
- Critical analysis & evaluation of research projects in biotech/pharmaceutical industry
- Deep understanding of critical issues in drug discovery and development
- Ability to work independently, to act decisively and make decisions based on sound judgment
- Scientific writing/editing
- Can communicate efficiently complex information to scientific and non-scientific audiences


Current Experience

  • Co-Founder & Senior Scientific Consultant Laval, QC, Canada
    Since October 2004

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Competitive business & scientific intelligence, along with consultation and R&D expertise;
    -    Collecting non-confidential information from various public sources on antiviral compounds and vaccines in the form of a database, to better advise scientists and decision-makers worldwide;
    -    Evaluation of research and development projects for investors and Venture Capitalists;
    -    Advisor for research projects at the academic or pharmaceutical/biotech level

    •    Founded Antiviral InteliStrat Inc., a company offering access to a proprietary comprehensive database with preclinical and clinical information on antiviral drugs and vaccines at any stage of development (research/discovery stage to commercialization & Phase IV)
    •    Designed and developed the company’s website ( with flexible subscription options to provide online access to the database to customers with different needs worldwide
    •    Designed tools to make the company’s database highly flexible and user-friendly, adaptable to new developments and easy to update on a regular basis
    •    Collected public information available on over 2800 antiviral drugs and vaccines in order to better advise major players in the virology area worldwide
    •    Performed a comprehensive review of Ambrilia Biopharma Inc.'s research projects as invited member of its Scientific Advisory Board
    •    Invited speaker at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Canada): « Discovery of new anti-HIV compounds : the Pharmacor Inc.’s journey»
    •    Prepared various scientific and clinical documents and conducted searches for post-operative complications for the Radiation Oncology Dept. of the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Canada)
    •    Provided guidance and prepared grant applications for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other granting agencies for the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Canada)
    •    Acted as consultant to revise and improve the content of the online course for Clinical Research Professionals provided by the Clinical Research Training Center (Montreal, Canada)
    •    Acted as Special Advisor to provide operational support to CQDM's grants program
    •    Invited as active Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology, MedCrave Publishing Group, to review virology manuscripts

Past Experience

  • Senior Clinical Laboratory Manager Rixensart and Wavre, Belgium
    May 2013 --- November 2013

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Provide the Upper Management with a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of clinical laboratories operations and overall processes in GVCL through meetings with laboratory managers, technicians, cadres and other employees;
    -    Propose solutions to help streamline processes and increase overall productivity

    •    Conducted one-on-one interviews with over 130 GVCL people and identified a number of issues affecting optimal day-to-day laboratory operations at GlaxoSmithKline’s GVCL sites
    •    Participated to dozens of administrative meetings of the Upper Management in order to better evaluate their perception of GVCL employees’ problems and of the issues affecting the organization
    •    Collected several hundreds of comments and prioritized issues to address
    •    Proposed ideas, approaches and timelines to improve operations, along with detailed analysis of identified issues to Upper Management
    •    Presented selected findings and overall conclusions to technicians, cadres and managers at a special whole GVCL meeting
    •    Conducted follow-up on employees from other departments “loaned” to GVCL with regards to workload and overall satisfaction and made several recommendations to improve the Loan of Resources program
    •    Helped create a computer-based management tool for the Upper Management to address issues and monitor corrective actions implemented

  • Clinical Research Professional & Grants Consultant Montréal, Québec, Canada
    May 2008 --- December 2010

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Review patients’ files to collect data regarding adverse events and complications associated with a new treatment of colorectal cancer;
    -    Update files and documents of patients involved in clinical trials in Oncology to comply with cGCPs and regulatory requirements, using various hospital-based online systems;
    -    Collect clinical data from online data management systems and CRFs for a Phase II clinical study in Oncology;
    -    Revise Patient consent forms and other clinical documents;
    -    Prepare and file grants to support clinical studies in Oncology conducted at the Montreal General Hospital and the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Canada);
    -    Make contact with Key Opinion Leaders and PIs and assure their inclusion in grant applications

    •    Collected clinical data related to an experimental treatment of colorectal cancer involving either preoperative radiation therapy and surgery, or preoperative chemoradiation and surgery (reviewed hundreds of patient charts)
    •    Secured participation of 45 international KOLs and PIs to a $10M grant application to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to support a Phase III clinical study in oncology, and filed the application

  • Director, Research & Development, Virology Montréal, QC, Canada
    April 2003 --- September 2004

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Direction of a team of chemists and biologists involved in the discovery and development of novel compounds acting as inhibitors of HIV protease and integrase enzymes

    •    Major role in negotiations and discussions that led to the acquisition of Pharmacor Inc. by Procyon Biopharma Inc. in April 2003 and the transfer of the research team and programs to the new entity
    •    Assured smooth transition and integration of the research team and programs from Pharmacor Inc. to Procyon Biopharma Inc., along with the continuation of the virology programs with 10 scientists
    •    Re-organized research programs in virology in line with new objectives at Procyon Biopharma

    Corporate and Scientific Meetings:
    •    Represented Procyon Biopharma Inc. at the XIII International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Tenerife, Canary Islands
    •    Presented preclinical data on Procyon’s PL-100 HIV protease inhibitor to Merck & Co.’s scientists in the US to initiate discussion that eventually led to the compound’s acquisition by Merck, along with the whole protease inhibitor program

  • Vice-President R&D Laval, QC, Canada
    September 1998 --- April 2003

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Administrative and scientific duties associated with managing day-to-day operations of Pharmacor Inc., a Laval (Canada)-based company developing antiviral drugs for HIV;
    -    Direction of a team of chemists and biologists (including 9 Ph.D. and 6 M.Sc.) involved in the discovery and development of novel compounds of low molecular weight acting as inhibitors of HIV protease and integrase enzymes;
    -    Define orientation, goals and strategies for all research projects with the President;
    -    Assure realization of company’s objectives and milestones;
    -    Represent and promote the company in scientific meetings and conferences in Canada and abroad;
    -    Present research projects and realizations to investors

    •    Assisted the President in negotiating intellectual property’s transfer of rights from Armand-Frappier Institute to Pharmacor Inc. for research projects conducted prior to starting the company’s operations
    •    Assisted the President in negotiating and securing the initial financing of Pharmacor Inc., and in the preparation of multiple corporate documents (Business plan, Strategic development plan, Operation budgets)
    •    Main speaker in numerous corporate presentations that allowed Pharmacor to raise about $7.5 million (CDN) from nearly 200 private investors and Venture Capital firms
    •    Starting from nearly empty spaces, put in place highly functional biology/virology facilities for evaluation of Pharmacor compound’s inhibitory properties on purified enzymes and HIV in cell cultures
    •    Put in place a reliable enzymatic assay for HIV protease and a highly sophisticated assay for evaluation of HIV integrase inhibitors synthesized by Pharmacor
    •    Wrote and prepared all scientific documents to support SR&ED tax credit claims to provincial & federal governments
    •    Responsible for Pharmacor’s strategic decision to orient its research programs right from the start towards compounds active against drug-resistant HIV strains and for developing in-house antiviral assays on multi-drug resistant strains
    •    Responsible of the research program strategies that led Pharmacor to discover PL-100, a low-molecular-weight, highly potent protease inhibitor of HIV with a unique resistance profile, licensed to Merck & Co. for clinical development
    •    Initiated an antiviral screening program for Pharmacor’s molecules against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and identified some promising lead compounds with antiviral activity; Conducted exploratory work for an HCV antiviral program
    •    Assured realization of a contract for a third-party to determine the optimal dose of gamma-rays needed for effective elimination of potential viral contaminants present in bovine serum used for cell culture, using Herpesvirus, Encephalomyocarditis virus, SV40, Parvovirus and Bovine Diarrhea virus as models
    •    Represented Pharmacor Inc. as Finalist in 2001, 2002 and 2003 "Enterprise of the Year" competitions organized by Laval’s Office of Commerce and Industry, in categories “Research” and “Technology”
    •    Co-recipient of a Performance Award to Pharmacor Inc. in 1999 granted by Quebec’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce for “Outstanding research programs” on new drugs against HIV/AIDS

    Conferences, Corporate and Scientific Meetings:
    •    Represented Pharmacor Inc. as invited delegate to the 2003 World Drug Discovery & Development Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark
    •    Invited to present Pharmacor’s Corporate Profile and Technology at the 2nd Annual Conference on Emerging Canadian Biotechs in Healthcare, 2000, Montreal, Canada
    •    Presented Pharmacor’s Corporate Profile and Technology at the Capital RendezVous 2000 Summit, Montreal, Canada
    •    Presented Pharmacor’s Corporate Profile and Technology at the BIO 2000 International Biotechnology Meeting, Boston, MA
    •    Presented Pharmacor’s Corporate Profile and Technology at BioContact Quebec 1999 and 2000 Symposia

  • Research Scientist & Laboratory Co-Director Laval, QC, Canada
    September 1990 --- September 1998

    Main Responsibilities:
    -    Initiation and realization of research projects to explore HIV persistence in cell cultures and to discover and develop new approaches and compounds to block HIV replication in cell cultures;
    -    Co-director for graduate students and other scientists;
    -    Apply to government granting agencies to finance research projects;
    -    Management of laboratory operations and budgets;
    -    Publish research projects’ results in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific conferences;
    -    Teach graduate students in the virology department (master degree and doctorate)

    •    Set up new, highly functional laboratories, developed and implemented new research programs on HIV protease and integrase enzymes which complemented existing medicinal chemistry program on enzyme inhibitors in the department
    •    Created and taught advanced courses on viral oncogenes vs. cancer, virus-host relationship, and molecular virology (M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels)
    •    Acted as Co-Director for 3 graduate students, now active as scientists
    •    Was awarded research grants from government agencies
    •    Presented several communications at scientific meetings and conferences (list available on request)
    •    Published several articles in peer-reviewed journals (list available on request)

    Guest Speaker at Conferences and Scientific Meetings:
    •    Invited speaker at the Pharmacy Department, University of Montreal, Canada (Nov. and Dec. 1999): “Viral replication and antiviral drugs”
    •    Invited speaker at the Microbiology and Immunology Department, University of Montreal, Canada (Dec. 1995): “Development and evaluation of new agents for inhibition of HIV enzymes”
    •    Invited speaker for a Science Forum at Armand-Frappier Institute, Laval, Canada (Oct. 1994): “Viruses that surround us: Viruses are a major cause of infectious diseases in human. What are they?”
    •    Invited speaker for the 29th Congress of the Association of Science Teachers of Quebec (A.P.S.Q.), Montreal, Canada (Oct. 1994): “Biotechnology and recent progress research on the AIDS virus”
    •    Invited speaker at Armand-Frappier Institute, Laval (May 1992): “Analysis of HIV-1-induced persistent infections in cell culture”


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityEfficiencyProblem solvingCreative thinkingKindnessInterest in knowledgeOrganizationSelf-disciplineStrategic thinkingDependabilityAttention to detailAnalytical thinkingCollaboration


Self Assessment :
You can add new skills here and then just press enterUnderstand levels of research evidenceTransfectionScientific WritingResearchProject ManagementPre-clinical researchPowerPointPhases of clinical development (phase I to IV)Pharmaceutical IndustryUnderstand how results translate to practiceUnderstanding of regulatory guidelinesCancerBiomarkersBiotechnologyBiologyBiochemistryWestern BlottingVirologyVaccinesFlow CytometryPCROutlookICH GCP guidelinesGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)GeneticsFluorescent microscopyFlow CytometryDrug DiscoveryDNA sequencingCross-functional team leadershipCell CultureImmunofluorescenceImmunologyoncologymolecular biologyMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelMicroscopyLife SciencesKnowledge of the drug development processInformed Consent ProcessIn Vitro R&DEarly development stageData ManagementDrug development processInterpret clinical trial resultsLaboratory study designScientific methodologyTechnical reportsSDS-PAGEPrinciples and ethics of clinical researchMolecular CloningLaboratory

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skillsExecute scientific projectsInteractive presentation skillsManuscript reviewOral presentationObtain grantsPublish scientific projectsRead medical literatureResearch at universitiesdrafting and planning research strategies together with the CSODirect co-workers to achieve result Analyze data execute and publish scientific projects (in biology) Guide students Interact with physicians organize Write papersComplete case report form (CRF)Conduct research at universitiesData entryWritten presentation Interpret data Report dataAttend seminarsbudgeting of R&D activitiesConduct literature searchesData analysisCreates a collaborative team environmentDesign scientific projects (in biology)Design database Direct co-workersInteract with pre-clinical scientistsInterpret dataInteract with physicianslifescienceManage laboratory proceduresmanaging a small teamManuscript preparation and reviewPresent data at congress


  • Post-doctorate in Cellular Oncology from Clinical Research Institute of Montreal in 1990
  • Doctor of Sciences (PhD) in Virology from Armand-Frappier Institute, University of Quebec in 1987
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Virology from Armand-Frappier Institute, University of Quebec in 1981
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biology (Microbiology) from University of Montreal in 1977

Training and Certification

  • Advanced training on MS Outlook software in 2004 Training
  • Management of senior scientists in charge of research teams in 2004 Training
  • Working as a team & leader profiling in 2002 Training
  • Advanced training on MS Project software in 1999 Training
  • Internship at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France: Molecular biology techniques applied to virology in 1982 Training
  • Clinical Research Training Centre (cGCP and regulatory aspects of clinical research, certification in progress) in 2014 Certification

Work Preferences

  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    40 Hours per week
  • International:


    Expert has 5 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Laval, QC, Canada


Driving License
  • Yes