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Whilst being an international businesswoman, trader and entrepreneur relative to experience, 
I also welcome new business challenges that allow me to contribute to add value to the company and its success. Work not 9 to 5, but 24/7.

I am passionate to out-of-the-box projects, I have the patience to work hard and target for the results to come, mixed with innovative working. Project design and management with large variety of health issues, intimate health, FMCG are my passion and expertise. Even if the goal is challenging, I am willing to work for it: I am the 2004 Thai Boxing World Champion, now retired from competing, but the will “never give up - aim for the goal - make it happen” is still there. My motto: If there´s a will, there´s always a way, too.

 My set of skills: Sourcing, branding, new business and product development, concept design, strategic & business management, R&D. Cosmetic and Medical device legislation knowledge and procedures, INCI listing with laboratories, in particular. As my reference, I created a business concept from brand image to finished designed products, CE marked medical devices and cosmetics that are now are sold in 400 pharmacies in Finland and export opening in 2016.
Also, I do Intimate health expert consultancy, eg. lecturing about intimate health even on University level, also assisting in specific scientific surveys linked to my expertise, like one scientific survey and strategy to develop novel humane non-invasive bioidentity & biosensor, project 2014-2018.

I am a relatively gifted writer, copywriter and self-learned AD. I am a positive thinker, creative, active both mentally & physically with a lot of life experience. 
Born in Finland, living since 2008 in south of France, in Antibes, with my family. Learning life also by traveling: New cultures and people. I have large social networks, business and private. 
I speak fluent English, Finnish, moderate Swedish, German, and French. And I speak design, too!


Current Experience

  • Head of BD & NPD, Equity partner, 11/2012 - present
    Since September 2012
    Core: IDEOfactory Oy is a Finnish company that is specialized in high quality intimate health products. 
The company uses the brand name Amoa Health & Care. I am the “mother of Amoa”.
 Besides my own knowledge of medical devices and safe & effective ingredients, I work and network also in cooperation with doctors, sexual therapists and physiotherapists to create modern and skin-safe products. I am in charge of operative lead at IDEOfactory. Amoa´s intimate health products are sold in pharmacies.
 Why Amoa? 1. A huge number of ordinary women and men all over world have challenges in their intimate well-being, this related to general health. 2. Demographically, Europe is "getting older", thus the challenges on people´s intimate health issues accumulate, too. As the life expectancy and intimate health disorders will increase, the need for intimate health products will increase. Amoa indicates that this new niche market will experience a tremendous growth in the near future, worldwide.

  • Connecting with the world manager, founder and entrepreneur
    Since November 2011
    Core: The company is specialized in sourcing of consumer goods, design and development with a wide range of product categories, including consumable and promotional items, both hard goods and soft goods as well as E&E. As a joint venture with its long-term and good-reputation, Chinese colleague, the company provides sophisticated, one-stop-shop supply chain solutions to meet customer´s specific needs. You tell as what you need - we will find it for you. Or we will design it for you. OEM or your own design. Direct sourcing – The shipments are done direct from factories - no extra hands in between, the company services help you to shorten the distance between you and the production factories with efficiency and cost effectively. # At this point, this is a fun personal aside project.

Past Experience

  • Head of Business Development
    July 2009 --- August 2012
    Core: As my final exam at IDBM studies back in 2006, I created a business concept to bring into Pharmacies a line of intimate health products registered as Medical devices that would be aside of traditional medicine, treatments and different kind of therapies to help people with their dysfunctions, aging problems and general challenges around the delicate issue of intimate health. 
In the year 2009, the medicine reference price system in Finland changed and meant evident loss of turnovers for pharmacies. My core idea, maybe intimate health products could help with the revenue? This project was a personal learning process, but also to be commercialized, enabling a new niche market for Pharmacies. Responsible of finding investors, design & business management, product and concept design & management, sourcing & purchasing, pharmacy B2B contacts, public relations, assisting with marketing materials & advertisement, web development & design. Amoa concept was sold to company IDEOfactory Oy in 11/2012.

  • Development Manager
    May 1999 --- January 2007
    Core: In 1997, there were three ladies that decided to establish a chain of retail lifestyle and intimate accessories boutiques to shopping malls. The chain Sin City had finally 5 boutiques in shopping malls. The company also produced a “state-of-the-art” intimate device with the most respected Finnish designer Mr. Stefan Lindfors and together with advertising company PHS/TWBA. DVD of this success case is available. My work included: Sourcing products, analyzing potentials, managing risks, treats and weak signals reflecting the organization, Head of expanding to shopping malls, retail business marketing and advertising management, shopping mall key person contacts, B-to-B, media and PR contacts.

  • Licensed (2004) Sports Coach, Thai boxing & Personal training
    February 2002 --- January 2006
    Licensed Sports Coach, Thai boxing & personal training assistant. Core: I started to train Muay Thai (Thai boxing) in 1997. There were not too many women involved. Women were not allowed to compete back in these days, so I created “Lady thai”, the kind of soft technics gymnastics (without full contact) & self defense version of thai boxing. This was a joint venture with Mr. Petri Martinez, the Finnish national head coach and registered Finnish Sports Federation FSF coach educator. Coaching and supervising license for courses of Muay thai and assisting with personal weight control (combat) was not just the duty, but also privilege.

  • Marketing Manager
    January 1997 --- January 2003
    Core: Sales of movies on video and DVD format, video-on-demand. Section Finland (mother company in Sweden) being country manager, department stores-, hotels- and kiosks Head of wholesale department, marketing management, IT, hardware & software supervision and maintenance, B2B marketing and advertising, Telephone sales and supervision. Biggest achievement in this position: 800 kiosks as monthly buying customers for a-2-year-period, department retail section and convenient store chain sales successfully.

  • Head of sales of housing and industrial housing
    January 1992 --- January 1997
    Work: Head of sales of industrial housing), real estate broker & licensee, real estate appraisal and supervision. Biggest customers bank estate section. Acquisition of new commercial contracts.


LinkedIn Assessment :
EntrepreneurshipNew Business DevelopmentBrand DevelopmentmanagementB2BMarket PlanningProduct developmentSocial Media MarketingHealthcareCoachingBusiness DevelopmentProduct MarketingMarketing ManagementStrategic PartnershipsBusiness ManagementPublic RelationsMarketing CommunicationsSocial MediaStrategic PlanningEntrepreneurSales ManagementStart-upsMarket researchDirect Marketing3D visualizationNonprofitsPromotionsVisualizationLegistlation od medical devices and cosmetics


  • Master´s in Design & Business management from IDBMpro / Aalto University in 2006
  • Degree-level studies in Faculty of Law from University of Helsinki in 1995
  • Senior Real Estate diploma, before this Basic Real Estate Licensee 1992 in Advanced real estate broker licensee, Finnish Real Estate Broker Association from Finnish Real Estate Broker Association in 1994
  • Degree-level studies in Faculty of Social Sciences from University of Helsinki in 1986
Sports coaching licensee, level 2. ENSSEE in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) Association of Finland, professional sports coaching and personal training from Finnish Sports Federation FSF in 0
  • in from Töölön Yhteiskoulu in 0

Area / Region

Antibes, France


Driving License
  • No