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dear sir/madam,


my name is audrey mcmullan. i am a 24 year old honours pharmaceutical science masters graduate. for the last 6 months i have been working in the Pharmacy department of the University college of cork, conducting Pharmaceutical Research, as outlined in my attached c.v. as this was a 6 month contract, i am now available and looking for a new exciting challenge in the pharmaceutical sector!


the area of Clinical trials/Life Sciences is very interesting and i would love the opportunity/chance to work in a field that i enjoy, and of course the possibility to expand my knowledge in this field further. i am bilingual, being fluent in both English and dutch, which i think might be an advantage when working for a multinational company. i believe that my strong technical experience and Education makes me a competitive candidate for this position. the key strengths that i possess for success are:

  • i am a very enthusiastic, diligent, persistent, self-motivated person and i always strive for continued excellence in my work.
  • i have recently completed a MSc research project in Cancer Research, and i was part of the Inflammation and Cancer Research Lab team (icrlab) led by dr. murtaza tambuwala.
  • as part of my recent work, i was a Member of the immupatch group within the school of Pharmacy in the University college of cork.
  • as part of my undergraduate studies, i worked on a research project in coca-cola, in the research and development department, as part of the stability team, working with the oxygen scavenger ascorbic acid.
  • i was team Leader/class representative for the MSc students in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of ulster, coleraine, northern ireland, uk. 

in addition, i have studied a 4 year honours bachelors degree in Food Science and Technology at the University college cork (2009-2013) and i hold a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of ulster (2013-2014), achieving a distinction in my exams for MSc taught masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


please see my resume for additional information on my experience and if needed i will forward my results/certificates/references to you.


i can be reached anytime via email at or please do not hesitate to contact me on +353214357807 or +353831850607 if you require any other information.


looking forward to hear from you,

yours sincerely,

audrey mcmullan


Past Experience

  • Research Assistant, School of Pharmacy Ireland

    November 2014 --- May 2015

    Research Assistant- my role summary

    this title will apply to a person of appropriate qualifications e.g., bsc or an MSc, employed on a contract for the purpose of assisting in the performance of research in the University.  a Research Assistant will usually work under the direction of one or more principal Investigator’s/senior researchers within a dedicated Laboratory on one or more research projects. to undertake research to develop drug-loaded microneedle arrays using proprietary methods and to determine their physico-chemical and stability properties using Analytical techniques.  the research requires experience in drug Formulation and Testing, specifically Testing drug stability using common Analytical techniques such as HPLC


    key duties and responsibilities

    to work under the direction of the principal Investigator/Project Leader.

    to provide assistance in conducting research activities, including Planning, organizing, conducting, and communicating research studies within the overall scope of a research project.

    to coordinate and perform a variety of independent and team activities involved in the collection, Analysis, Documentation and some interpretation of information/results.

    to undertake tasks which may include recording results and preparing technical reports including conclusions and recommendations. 

    to coordinate the development of forms, questionnaires and the application of qualitative and Quantitative Research techniques; write procedures manuals for data collection and coding. 

    to present information on research progress and outcomes to others responsible for the research project.

    ideally to contribute to the publication of findings.

    to confer with the principal Investigator in developing plans for research projects and to discuss the interpretation of results.  

    to perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

    to participate in sfi-funded research programme led by dr. anne moore to develop microneedle-mediated transdermal drug and vaccine delivery systems.

    to prepare culture media, chemicals, reagents and solutions relevant to the research projects, as required.

    to design and perform research work in In Vivo pharmacological modulation of drug targeting.

    to design and perform research work in fabricating dissolvable microneedles using proprietary methods and compositions.

    to design and perform research work in pharmacology, for example, prepare drug Formulations for administration via the skin.

    to make minor modifications to existing Laboratory procedures and techniques to meet the needs of the particular equipment as required.

    to operate Laboratory equipment used for all aspects of this project.

    to interpret results and to present them to members of the group and dr. moore and to external collaborators on this project.

    to be responsible, with others, for the daily housekeeping of the Laboratory area and performing tasks including solution preparation, stock control of Laboratory consumables, collecting goods from stores and general Laboratory management.

    to perform any other comparable duties as may be required to ensure the efficient running of the Laboratory.

    to be responsible with others for the Biological and chemical safety of the Laboratory

    to ensure Health and safety in the Lab.

    to carry out any additional duties as may reasonably be required within the general scope and level of the post.

  • Research and Development in Stability Team Brussels, Belgium

    April 2012 --- September 2012


Self Assessment :
EfficiencyOptimismPerspectiveProactivitySociabilityStrategic thinkingStrivingProblem solvingInnovative thinkingFlexibilityCreative thinkingAnalytical thinkingInterest in knowledgeAdaptabilityCoordinationIndependenceAttention to detailDiligenceCritical thinking


Self Assessment :
Solid productsQAQCFreeze/Spray DryingFood ScienceMicroscope ImagingMicroscopeUVAPIHPLCEngineering BiostatisticsRheometryDrug analysisFormulationStability trialsChemical trialsAnalytical ChemistryChemistryLiquid productsBilingualTransdermal Drug DeliveryMeat ScienceDairy ScienceFiltrationGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)scienceClinical pharmacologyPharmacodynamicsPharmacokineticsBiopharmaceuticalsPhase IPharmacypharmacologyDrug Safety and Pharmacovigilanceresearch and developmentMicrobiologynanofiltrationGMPActions and modes of action of drugs in the human speciesBiological Drug DevelopmentKnowledge of the drug development processRate of drug eliminationNew Drug Application (NDA)Extent of drug absorptionSpectrophotometryBiotechnologyPharmaceutical Industryparticle sizingthermoanalysisthermogravimetricanalysisdissolution studiesEmpowerKarl Fischer titrationDifferential Scanning CalorimetryMicroneedle technologyPolymersVisual analysisMechanical Testingbio/chemical assaysdrug synthesisChromatography LC/GC/TLCdutchEnglish Labtechnician Medical devices Scientific writingData entryData ManagementDermatologyGastroenterologyPreventative medicineAnalytical methodsDrug development process

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
ColeraineNorthern IrelandUK.very enthusiasticdiligentpersistentself-motivated person and I always strive for continued excellence in my work.Honours Pharmaceutical Science Masters GraduateGood Knowledge of instrumental techniques and methods regarding Food Science/Microbiology/Pharmacy/PharmaceuticsOptimize analytical methods Analyze dataPharmaceutical researcherProvide technical reports Interpret dataFull Clean Driving License holderFood Science and Technology ResearcherMicrobiology ResearcherBilingualmember of the ImmuPatch group within the School of Pharmacy in the University College of Corkteam leader/class representative for the MSc students in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of Ulster


  • Honours Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland in 2014
  • Honours Bachelors in Food Science and Technology from University College Cork, Ireland in 2013


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) Pharmacist Drug Safety Officer researcher Lab Technician (Toxicology) PhD student Project Assistant Ziekenhuisapotheker Scientist Research Scientist Research Assistant Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) Medical Advisor Lab Technician Clinical Laboratory Technician Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
  • International:

Area / Region



Driving License
  • Yes

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