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My research interests lie at the intersection of Process Systems Engineering and Microbiology. My current work focuses on the initial adhesion phase of biofilm formation and on the development of biofilm control strategies in the industrial setup. QUALIFICATIONS

• Proven experience in identifying and analysing biofilm related issues in food industry and consultancy service regarding improvements and best-practice approaches in using CIP and COP. 
• Familiarity with dairy process engineering and unit operations e.g. thermal processing, membrane processes, evaporation, dehydration etc.
• Hands-on experience in the chemical and microbial analysis using techniques such as HPLC (i.a. Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion, IMAC), SDS-PAGE and UV -Vis Spectroscopy.
• Apply knowledge of recombinant protein manufacturing including preparation of vector DNA and molecular cloning with full process validation and products characterization.
• Independently designs and execute protein crystallization experiments with ability to identify areas for improvements and summarises results in technical reports.
• Aware of and comply with the Quality Control and lab SOP requirements.

• Working knowledge of upstream and downstream bioprocessing, bacterial cell lines in bioreactors or shake flask operations, e.g. the rotating disk reactor, drip flow biofilm reactor, CDC biofilm reactor and MBEC plate assay,
• HPLC (including Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion, IMAC),
• PCR techniques and gel electrophoresis (e.g. SDS-PAGE, Western Blot Analysis),
• executing and developing protein crystallization screening trials,
• Biofilm tests e.g. ASTM E2562-12 and ASTM E2647-13,
• Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis, Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) Analysis,
• design of experiments (DOE) and statistical evaluation of data, technical reports writing and public presentations,
• teaching assistant in Life Science and Chemical & Environmental Science departments at University of Limerick.


Current Experience

  • Research Engineer Limerick City, Ireland
    Since April 2015

    Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) is an industry–academic collaborative partnership hosted by University of Limerick. Our multidisciplinary team is performing research focused on cost-efficient processing, facilitating a step-change in environmental sustainability and creating, validating and commercialising a pipeline of science and technology-based manufacturing platforms for dairy ingredients. We are aiming for the long-term growth development of the sector to position Ireland as a world leader in dairy innovation. Current members of the Centre are the industry partners Arrabawn Co-op, Aurivo Co-op, Carbery Group, Dairygold Co-op, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland, Kerry Group, Lakeland Dairies and Tipperary Co-op, and together with Teagasc, University College Cork, University College Dublin, and NUI Galway, and collaborating partner institutions Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, and Institute of Technology Tallaght.

    Main activities and responsibilities:
    • Assess production flow paths that are currently available and critically evaluate their potential for process improvement. • Applies statistical process control tools in monitoring the manufacturing process. • Authors Process Validation protocols and report activities.
    • Identify and analyse biofilm issues affecting dairy industry and address the risks to manufacturer and consumers due to food spoilage.
    • Determine the best candidate technique(s) for prevention or eradication of biofilms, (e.g. plant design, CIP and production protocol design).
    • Carry out biofilm trials using selected materials in vitro and in dedicated industrial pilot production lines.
    • Assess new concepts in terms of efficacy and impact on production cycle times due to better management systems for biofilm control.
    • Liaising with industry partners in relation to process analysis and sharing of technical expertise.
    • Completion of all paperwork to a high standard in compliance with GMP and QA guidelines.

Past Experience

  • Research Assistant Limerick City, Ireland
    May 2012 --- March 2015

    Involved in the following research projects:
    - Crystallization and structure determination of Spi-SpeB, a protease-inhibitor pair from Streptococcus pyogenes.
    - Crystallization and structure determination of staphylococcal bacteriophage-derived peptidase CHAP K .
    - Gold Catalysts for CO-free Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Derived from Biomass.

    Main activities and responsibilities:
    • Experienced in the over-expression, purification, and characterisation of membrane proteins.
    • Routine use of HPLC, including Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion, IMAC).
    • Protein ID analyses and other qualitative and quantitative methods, e.g. SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting.
    • Designs and independently executes routine crystallization screening trials.
    • X-ray diffraction analysis and protein structure determination (trained user of synchrotron facility - Diamond Light Source in Oxford).

  • Quality Control Supervisor Annacotty, Ireland
    October 2007 --- March 2015

    Main activities and responsibilities:
    • Provide technical support to the Production Team to ensure current product quality & safety standards are maintained and enhanced where appropriate.
    • Work with the Production Manager to continuously challenge the quality system to implement new procedures or improve standards.
    • Lead HACCP walk checks, glass audits, hygiene checks and GMP audits and take appropriate action when issues are identified.
    • Work with Production Manager to perform investigations, root cause analysis and assist in the implementation of corrective and preventative actions.
    • Liaise with specialist contractors and service providers e.g., Pest Control, Calibration.
    • To ensure production is conducted in a hygienic, safe manner in line with Food Safety & Contamination policies and procedures including Good Cleaning Validation Practice (GCVP).

  • QC Analyst Wrocław, Poland
    October 2006 --- September 2007

    Main activities and responsibilities:
    • Performed QC batch release testing in line with instructions from QC Manager.
    • Performed stability and compatibility testing as required in line with company procedures.
    • Maintained accurate records of all laboratory work undertaken.
    • Perform laboratory equipment calibration and maintain laboratory in a clean status.

  • Intership Student Wrocław, Poland
    June 2005 --- August 2005

    Main activities and responsibilities:
    • Conducted laboratory analysis of raw materials and finished product in line with instructions from QC Manager.
    • Reporting to the QC Manager and participated in the preparation of QC reports.
    • Day to day general laboratory housekeeping.


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KindnessOptimismProblem solving


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Data Analysis
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Skills and Expertise

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BiofilmDairy IndustryBioprocessingProtein CrystalizationEnvironmental Monitoring Programme


  • Engineer’s Degree in Biotechnology in Food Industry from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in 2007

Training and Certification

  • Britest Tools Certification
  • Safe Handling and Use of Industrial Gases Certification


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Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

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    2 weeks
  • Positions I am interested in:
    QC/QA Manager Research fellow Quality manager Process Engineer R&D Scientist
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    Permanent position
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Area / Region

Limerick City, Ireland


Driving License
  • Yes