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Current Experience

  • Student Intern
    Since February 2016
    Development of a Master's Thesis Project about the optimization of transient protein expression in CHO-S cells

Past Experience

  • Student Associate
    January 2015 --- May 2015
    Collaboration in the study of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases with transgenic mice models. I performed immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence techniques, samples staining, genotyping by PCR and I attended the glucose tolerance tests and helped in the preparation of samples for analysis in a flow cytometer.

  • Student Researcher
    January 2014 --- October 2014
    Participant in the Synthetic Biology competition iGEM as part of the Valencia Biocampus team. Line of research: "The project aims at deeply studying four of the key engineering pillars of Synthetic Biology: Standardization, Stability, Orthogonality and Open Licence". Gold Medal obtained.

  • Student Intern
    September 2012 --- December 2013
    Associate student of Genomics and Health area in Advanced Centre for Public Health Research (CSISP-FISABIO). Line of research: Targeting Gut Microbiota in HIV infection: prebiotics intervention.


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  • CAE in Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) from University of Cambridge in 2016
  • Master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology in Master en Biotecnología Molecular from Universitat de Barcelona in 2016
  • Bachelor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences in Bioquímica y Ciencias Biomédicas from Universidad de Valencia in 2015

Area / Region

Barcelona, Spain


Driving License
  • No