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I am a medical and science advisor at pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies with 6 years of experience as a Medical affairs professional in respiratory (cystic fibrosis), neuroscience (multiple sclerosis), nephrology (chronic kidney disease) and oncology (colorectal cancer) areas. Becoming a problem solver for external stakeholders: Specialized in providing answers to needs requested by healthcare professionals (HCP) to best serve their patients. Disseminating high quality medical educational programs. Generating opportunities for research or participate in company activities. Creating medical alliances. As well as contributor in drawing and executing the annual medical plan. Worked in a company of Fortune 500 rank and also in smaller companies.

My background is in Biology (with a PhD specialization in Immunology) with profound knowledge of clinical operations, a Master’s degree in Clinical Trials and 6 years of experience in clinical research field (HIV/AIDS and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma studies). Also, cooperating with clinical operations in a cross-functional way in companies’ studies or Investigator-initiated studies (IIS) during my path as a medical affairs professional for 6 years.

Strongest amongst my skills are my high level of initiative, perseverance, and solution-oriented work style, which guarantee successful planning and organizing and projects management. I have strong communication, interpersonal skills, so I am a natural interacting on cross-functional teams, maintain peer-peer relation and with leading stakeholders.


Professional Experience from 2003-onwards

# 6 years of experience as a Medical Affairs professional in fields such as Respiratory, Neuroscience, Nephrology and Oncology.

Key Medical affairs roles:

  • Providing medical education (being a resource and scientific expert on disease concepts and company products) to HCP (medical directors, representative of scientific Spanish associations, academic and clinic physicians; nurses and patient advocacy group lead) as well as internally.
  • Being the number one solution for stakeholders’ clinical and therapeutic problems.
  • Creating opportunities for colleagues based on the medical community’s unmet needs.
  • Building and maintaining customer networks on a national and international level.
  • Preparing local training materials and presentations for Medical Affairs / HCP on our products.
  • Supporting Clinical Development Operations and/or third parties (investigators) in the follow-up with operational activities.

# 6 years of experience in the operational and data management part of Clinical trials.

Prepared an internal audit and also coordinated the resolutions process. Supported regional clinical team in selecting additional study sites and creating the study-related documentation to be collected in timely manner; in order to increase ROW patient recruitment in Spain. Mentored junior clinical staff (CRAs and CTA).


Past Experience

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Madrid
    October 2014 --- December 2016

    Medical affairs role (Medical Science Liaison-MSL and Medical Advisor) in Respiratory (specialization: Cystic Fibrosis, rare metabolic disorder) at VERTEX Pharmaceuticals for 2 years and 2 months.

    Involved in the growth of a Spanish affiliate which started in 2012. Supported 2 launches of ivacaftor and 1 pre-launch of ivacaftor/lumacaftor. Contributed to the identification and mapping of 18 medical experts / key stakeholders. Collaborated in preparing ivacaftor/lumacaftor’ local value dossier. Creating a partnership and collaboration culture with CF Spanish Association. Preparing the market for launches by increasing disease awareness & new treatment paradigm providing medical education and supporting unmet medical necessities to half of Spain. Cooperating with the management of one epidemiology study on national level.

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Bilbao
    April 2014 --- September 2014

    MSL in Neuroscience (specialization: Multiple Sclerosis) at BIOGEN Idec in 2014. Northern region based in Bilbao.

    Supported the scientific knowledge and development of dimethyl fumarate, pegainterferon beta-1a, natalizumab, fampridine, interferon beta-1a for MS (medical support, building Key Thought Leaders - KTL relationship). Supported an investigator-initiated research (collaboration between hospital and academic institution).

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Madrid, Spain
    June 2013 --- October 2013

    MSL tasks for temporary position in Oncology area (specialization: Advanced colorectal cancer) at MERCK Group in 2013. Suppporting Northern and Southern regions.


    Shared the cetuximab’ clinical trial results to 30 healthcare professionals and implemented 10 ‘Train to the Trainers’ programs. I kept the previous KTL relationships.

  • Medical Affairs Associate Madrid, Spain
    August 2009 --- May 2012

    Medical affairs role in Nephrology (specialization: Chronic Kidney Disease) at ABBOTT Laboratories, from Aug 2009 to May 2012.


    Providing paricalcitol scientific and medical information upon request, i:e: with HCP in visits (3 per week), clinical sessions (3 per week for 3 months) or congresses or advisory boards (1 per 2 months). Organizing different kind of activities, i.e: 10 statistical training sessions that were provided to hospital’ renal departments, and educational program for our colleagues (2 internal trainings per year). Supporting specialists in company clinical trials (clinical development of paricalcitol, atrasentan and bardoxolone), and in IIS.

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Madrid, Spain
    October 2003 --- August 2009

    # 6 years of experience in the operational and data management part of Clinical trials.

    Prepared an internal audit and also coordinated the resolutions process. Supported regional clinical team in selecting additional study sites and creating the study-related documentation to be collected in timely manner; in order to increase ROW patient recruitment in Spain. Mentored junior clinical staff (CRAs and CTA).

    - Sr. CRA and coordinator tasks at PAREXEL International, Spain to work for BIOGEN Idec studies, from Feb 2007 to Aug 2009. Therapeutic Area: Oncology Disease (Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, 2 Phase III studies).

    Key responsibilities as a coordinator or clinical trial liaison were: Sites and investigators selection. Relationship with investigators for the patient recruitment. Assuring the implementation of project plans, acting as the first point of contact for any concerns and queries from onsite staff and relaying important information back to the CRO and internal project teams informing them of progress and deliverables of the study.

    Additional responsibilities: Collaborating with colleagues to identify and solve technical and process issues. Looking for opportunities to improve one’s own performance and providing suggestions to the project technical lead. Follow up and implementing the consulting and organizational methodologies.

    - Clinical Research Associate (CRA) at CHILTERN International Employer to work at ABBOTT Laboratories center, from Oct 2003 to Feb 2007. Therapeutic Area: Virology Disease (HIV /AIDS, 2 Phase IIIb studies for 3 Years and 1 Phase IV study for 1 Year).


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingAssertivenessCommunicativeCollaborationCuriosityOrganizationProblem solvingProactivityResiliency


Self Assessment :
BiologyMolecular & Cellular Biology R&DMedical affairsClinical operationsHealthcare industryICH guidelinesPharmaceutical IndustryRespiratoryNephrologyNeuroscienceoncologyInfectious diseases

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skillsCommunicationCoordinate projectsFollow up projectsIdentify market opportunitiesInteract with KOLLiaise with professionals in other divisions of the company as requiredWork cross-functionallyPresentation Skills


  • Master in clinical research from Universidad autónoma de Madrid in 2017
  • Ph.D. in Immunology from Universidad complutense de Madrid in 2002
  • biology bachelor in Biology Clinical. from Universidad complutense de Madrid in 1997

Training and Certification

  • Master degree in 2003 Certification
  • PhD in 2002 Certification
  • Bachelor in 1997 Certification


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Professional Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Medical Advisor Medical Affairs Associate
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    Yes, 1 Days
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    Permanent position :    full time% FTE
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Area / Region

Madrid, Spain


Driving License
  • Yes