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Mechanical Engineer with international experience in multicultural environments. Strong theoretical background in mechanical engineering. Four years of multidisciplinary experience including project management and mechanical design. Following the whole design process from conception to manufacturing including computer assisted design, prototyping, material procurement, contact with suppliers, installation, upkeep and documentation.


Current Experience

  • Mechanical Engineer [VIA]
    Since February 2014
    Mechanical design of equipment to be installed in an ultra-high vacuum environment, with exposure to radiation and harsh mechanical and thermal conditions Project management including budgeting, scheduling and quality assurance Team work and coordination between different groups in order to ensure interdisciplinary compliance with targets and constraints Feasibility studies in order to determine the manufacturability and delivery time while respecting the budget and technical needs Material selection based on thermal and mechanical constraints and desired tolerances Manufacturing technique selection with experience in lathing, milling, laser cutting, electrical discharge machining, welding (TIG, electron beam, laser), 3D printing, etc. Contact with companies and suppliers to receive quotations and maintain communication to ensure the compliance of delivery dates and specifications. Collaboration and technical support during the different stages of design and manufacturing to ensure the specified needs are met Design and performance of validation tests in order to assure quality and compliance with technical specifications and performance of the received parts Technical documentation, including technical data specifications for suppliers, reports, scientific papers and engineering change notices Hands on experience with workshop tools and machinery, performance of bake outs, vacuum leak detections, installation of equipment and assembly in clean room

Past Experience

  • CAE Project Engineer
    March 2012 --- January 2014
    Initial training on CAE software (pre-processing and meshing on ANSA, post-processing on META). Familiarization with pedestrian protection simulation methodologies and homologation rules. Computer simulation of upper leg and head impacts. Computer Fluid Dynamics engineering, including under-hood flow simulations, heat balance calculations, thermal management and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) simulations. Basic java-scripting to automatize the under-hood simulation process. Shell scripting in order to automate the co-simulation between the computer fluid dynamics software (STAR-CCM+) and the thermal management software (RadTherm). Simulations of defrost and demist systems in order to ensure compliance with homologation rules including re-design and enhancement of the components (ducts, vents and slats) to improve performance. Study of air conditioning and heating systems in order to assess passenger comfort. External aerodynamic calculations to calculate drag, lift and to identify troublesome and improvable areas, including re-design proposals to enhance performance and reach the targets set by the client. Research development and innovation projects: -Vibration assessment inside a truck fuel tank, study of the forces induced on the anchorage points and assessment of the flow pattern inside the tank. - Calculation of interacting gears (crown and pinion) inside a truck transmission axis. Fluid dynamic simulation of the oil inside the axis, forces generated in each part and impact of friction in the oil temperature.

  • Research Assistant, High Technology Chemical Processes Department
    September 2010 --- September 2011
    M.Sc thesis: study of fluid dynamics of the liquid Pb-Li circulating inside the breeding blanket and He inside its cooling channels and the tritium permeation through the walls. Analysis of the performed calculations to validate the design of said components. Understanding of the basic functioning of a DEMO-type nuclear fusion reactor. Special attention was paid to the breeding blanket and its cooling channels and to the tritium permeator components. Generation of a simplified model of tritium permeation through the walls of the breeding blanket and cooling channels. Development of the model to compute total tritium losses and to approximate the concentrations the tritium permeator will have to work with.

  • Research Assistant, Surface Characterization and Surface Treatment Department
    July 2009 --- September 2009
    Experimental research: synthesizing nanometric TiN particles via fluidized-bed ammonolysis of TiO2 powder. Experiment setup and result analysis including surface area determination by means of the BET method and surface characterization with X-ray diffraction analysis and transmission electron microscopy. Theoretical research: study of the crystallization patterns found in pure NaCl, the conditions necessary for each pattern to develop and the parameters that influence the crystallization process.


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  • Ingeniería Industrial in Ingeniería de Materiales from IQS in 2010
  • Ingeniería Industrial in Industrial Engineering from Universitat Ramon Llull in 2010


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    Engineer Project Engineer
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