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Current Experience

  • Upstream Processing Industrial Trainee
    Since September 2016
    I am currently working in the Bioprocess Sciences team. My project focuses on scale-down and optimisation of continuous fermentation in perfusion mode (production of CHO-based mAbs). I am developing a clone- and media-screening strategy for perfusion in different scale-down platforms (deep-well plates/shake tubes/lab-scale bioreactors). I am also involved in cost optimisation of continuous mAb production process, with particular emphasis on perfusion and media cost optimisation.

Past Experience

  • Purification Process Sciences Intern
    July 2015 --- September 2015
    I was responsible for evaluating an automated pH detection tool using the Tecan M1000 Pro plate reader. I have designed and executed screening studies along with a series of robustness studies to optimise the machine’s performance; I have successfully created a model that can accurately measure pH of protein solutions. I have also evaluated the Host Cell Protein (HCP) levels measurement using the AlphaLisa assay in Tecan.

  • Laboratory Technician
    January 2015 --- March 2015
    I engaged in a project related to separating and purifying of proteins present in DDGS (cereal by-product of ethanol distillation) together with a UCL post-doc Maria Villegas-Torres. I was learning experimental techniques vital for downstream processing in a lab/pilot scale (centrifugation, filtration, Osbourne fractionation, chromatography), as well as analytical techniques (SDS-Page, HPLC).


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  • MEng Biochemical Engineering with a Year in Industry in from UCL in 2018
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) in from II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. S. Batorego w Warszawie in 2013


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