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my dream job is to combine the development of my Career in the biomedical sector within an high-technology and multidisciplinary environment. the Biomedical Engineering studies provided me the theoretical knowledge in Mechanics, imaging and Electronics to be applied in human Applications. during my thesis i enjoyed the fact of working in a real-life project. i am stimulated by challenges and Innovation in which i can handle with my Problem Solving skills.


i believe that working in the biomedical sector is the ideal engineering job for me because i can develop and apply my knowledge in different innovative fields with the aim to improve the life of the individuals. i am strongly interested in working in solutions for diagnosis therapy, Surgery and rehabilitation treatments. i have a broad background Mechanics, Electronics, imaging and Physiology and in particular the application of these in a life science environment. i am looking for a dynamic job. also during my Research internship in thailand i discovered my appreciation for transfer my knowledge into real life situations. i am eager to use the technical knowledge and Project Management skills (Planning activities and FMEA) i gained at University in a concrete project.


i would like to work in an international environment. i am convinced that working in a biomedical company as a Biomedical Engineer is the ideal environment that inspires you every day.  i am eager to learn and i am convinced that in the inspiring place i can extend my knowledge and develop my personal and working skills.


in the last three months i worked as Intern in a biomedical company in belgium as a mechanical engineer. i gained useful experience in work Planning, identification of sub-system requirements from the user’s needs, Research, CAD work and 3d printing. i had weekly meetings with my Supervisor, monthly Presentations about my progress to whole team and finally i delivered a complete report. i consider this experience applicable also in other companies in terms of working focused on details, methodology, and knowledge about CAD and 3d printing. i had to learn quickly new tools and i was successful in it.



i am strongly motivated to work in the biomedical sector. i am a flexible and an open-minded person that likes to work both independently and in a team. i have good Communication Skills and have a curiosity for new developments. i am sure that my talents, enthusiasm and broad interest make me a good candidate. i am passionate in what i do, i would like to work for an innovative company. 


Past Experience

  • Mechanical project engineer Mechelen

    July 2014 --- September 2014

    mechanical design of a new system for hearing implant. design modelling using the CAD creo

     parametric. production of technical reports and documents of requirements according to the

     current standards. literature studies and Project Management application. monthly Presentations

     given. use of the 3d rapid prototyping technique. process of Verification and Validation.

  • Master thesis project Leuven

    September 2012 --- June 2013
    design and production of a sensing device for vital signal acquisition (ecg) with textile electrodes applied on a compressive shirt. mechanical and electrical design performed with altium, solid edge and different prototyping techniques. molding and clean room work. test with quantitative and qualitative results.

  • Internship in a company and in an hospital in Thailand Bangkok and Hat Yai (Thailand)

    June 2011 --- August 2011
    work at the University Hospital of hat yai and in a Research company in bangkok. knowledge and culture exchange with students, professors and workers. bio-scaffold Research and radial head prosthesis design together with belgian and thai students.

  • Student job in a project for cardiovascular application Leuven

    August 2010 --- October 2010
    work in the scath project (robotic probe for cardiovascular inspection and ablation). mechanical and electrical components assembling. tools used: lathe, welder and multi-meter.

  • Internship in the clinical engineering department of the hospital Milan (Italy)

    March 2008 --- July 2008
    following and performing Testing activities and maintenance of the Biomedical equipment of the Hospital as pulmonary ventilator, defibrillator, electrosurgical and cryopreservation room.


BrightOwl Assessment :
CuriosityOptimismReaction to stressSelf-confidenceImpulse commandAnger commandResiliencyCharm
Self Assessment :
Attention to detailTrustCreative thinkingAdaptabilitySelf-confidenceImpulse commandCuriosityOptimismSociabilityReaction to stressIndependence


BrightOwl Assessment :
Medical ImagingMedical DevicesEngineeringTechnical reportsValidationVerificationMechanical designCADPrototyping techniquesNuclear radiology Project Management Scientific writing Biostatistics R&D
Self Assessment :
Nuclear radiology Understand levels of research evidenceStudy outcomes and outcome measuresInformed Consent DocumentsProject ManagementMedical ImagingMedical DevicesTeamworkEnglishdutchMicrosoft ExcelScientific WritingMechanicsCADspanishHands-on

Skills and Expertise

BrightOwl Assessment :
Design studyCollaborationResearch at universitiesReport study conclusionsLiaise with research teamLiaise with doctorsAttend seminarsPublish scientific projectsExecute scientific projects Use content management systemsMaintenance of biomedical equipmentTesting Technology research
Self Assessment :
R&D Use content management systemsExecute scientific projectsPublish scientific projectsAttend seminarsLiaise with doctorsLiaise with research teamOral presentationRead medical literatureReport study conclusionsResearch at universitiesCollaborate with project teamCollaborate with medical team


  • Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2014
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in 2010

Training and Certification

  • Dutch course in 2014 Certification
  • English course in 2011 Certification
  • TOEFL in 2008 Certification

Work Preferences

  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    BrightOwl employee
  • International:

Area / Region

Vlaams Brabant


Driving License
  • Yes

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