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I am a social, original, motivated and flexible person who works very well individually as well as in a team. I am capable of adapting myself to multiple situations and tasks, even under stringent deadlines and I have a great eagerness to learn how to deliver best. 


Past Experience

  • Clinical Laboratory Technician Torhout, België
    December 2014 --- January 2015

    Laboratory of antigen and parasite detection

    Techniques used:

    1. Spectrophotometry of serum (kations, BHB, NEFA, CPK, GGT, Zink-turbidity, ..)
    2. Elektrophoresis on serum and detrmination of % alpha, beta and gamma proteins present
    3. Organ autopsie samples : slice in approprate pieces, incubate in parafine and make microscopic coupes .
    4. Coupe colouring techniques : normal couluring, Ziehl-Neelsen
    5. Floatation test on menure
    Analysis of water samples : determining concentration ions and such, PH, hardness, colour, odeur, ..

  • Research assistant, DNA analysis Brussel, België
    September 2014 --- September 2014

    Voluntary assistant

    competences: Incubating, Extracting and amplyfying COI-sequences of fish samples. 

    Tecqniques used:

    1. Applying two different standard kit protocols     
    2. Creating mastermix
    3. Gel-elektroforesis including making gel itself  
    4. Q-PCR          

    Software used : 

    1. MEGA and CHROMAS pro

  • Master thesis Ghent, België
    January 2014 --- August 2014

    Identification of harpacticoid copepods


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilitySociabilityResiliencyProblem solvingProactivityOptimismKindnessInterest in knowledgeEfficiencyCritical thinkingCompetitivenessCollaborationAttention to detailAssertivenessTrust


Self Assessment :
Biostatistics Labtechnician Biochemistry Scientific writingCell CultureConfocal MicroscopyDNA extractionEnglishLaboratoryMicroscopyMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficePCRPowerPoint


  • Advanced Master in Marine Biology from Ghent University and University of Brussels in 2014

Training and Certification

  • Aquaculture in 2015 Training
  • Academic english in 2014 Certification


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    Expert has 1 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Ghent, België


Driving License
  • Yes