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I am the Managing Director and Founder of Consulting for Pharma Ltd ; ; which provides Strategy, Competitive Intelligence (CI), Market Access, and Pricing & Reimbursement (P&R) management consultancy services to European, US, Japanese, and Indian Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Consumer Health manufacturers and other consultancies. I am responsible for company Strategy, Business Plans, Project Proposals, Management and work; Client, and Supplier Contract Management, Financial Management, Business Development, Marketing, CI, Human Resources and Website content. Advice is given to life science industry clients on Strategy and Global Market Access, and Strategy Reports and Market Access Global Value Dossiers and National Value Dossiers are compiled. P&R Analysis Reports, and CI Strategic Benchmarking and War Gaming Reports are compiled. P&R advice is also given. Congress coverage is provided and Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Payers, and industry Directors are conducted. I have more than 20 years’ experience: Strategy, Financial, Contract, Client, Project, and Editorial Management; Supervisory, Business Development, Interviewing; Writing Dossiers, Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence and other Reports, Proposals, Clinical- and Cost-Effectiveness Systematic Literature Reviews, News Articles, and Research Papers for Professionals and the Public; Stakeholder Collaboration, and Information and Data Analysis, Forecasting, and Management. Experience is within Global human Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Consumer Health, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics Competitor Intelligence; Strategy, P&R, and Market Access Consultancy; Market Intelligence, Market Research (including Promotion Audit), and Conference and Internet Portal Content Management (Medical Education); at the MHRA, and at two NHS regional Payers/Purchasers. Specialties: Global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Consumer Health: Therapeutic Areas (Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Oncology, Respiratory, CNS, Immunology/Biologics, Analgesia, Anti-Infectives, GI, Allergy) Prescription Medicines OTCs. Strategy Marketing Branding R&D Clinical Research Regulatory European US Healthcare P&R Systems Payers Market Access HTA Outcomes Evidence-Based Medicine. MPhil Degree in Cardiac Physiology; 2:1 BSc (Honours) Degree in Physiology.


Current Experience

  • Advisor
    Since October 2014
    Advise pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and management consultancies in Europe and the US on medicine Market Access, P&R, Strategy, Marketing, and medical topics for medicines for various Therapeutic Areas.

  • Commercialisation Consultant & Network Partner
    Since December 2013
    Compile Consulting Project Proposals for Clients’ Directors. Advise pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on commercialisation including Strategy, Market Access, P&R, market size, licensing, clinical trials, R&D, and medical topics for medicines for various Therapeutic Areas in R&D, clinical trials, and on markets.

  • Zintro Expert
    Since December 2012
    Compile Consulting Project Proposals for Clients’ Directors. Advise pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US on medicine Market Access, P&R, Strategy, and Marketing.

  • Managing Director & Founder
    Since May 2012
    Provide Market Access, P&R, CI, and Strategy management consultancy services to the European, US, Japanese, and Indian Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Consumer Health industries: ; . Responsible for company Strategy, Business Plans, Project Proposals, Management and work; Client, Supplier Contract, and Financial Management; Business Development, CI, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, and Website content. Compile CI Strategic Benchmarking and War Gaming Reports and P&R Analysis Reports. Advise clients on Strategy and Market Access and compile Reports, Global Value Dossiers, and National Value Dossiers. Provide Congress coverage and Interview Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Payers, and industry Directors.

  • Educator & Expert Member; Atheneum Partners Featured Member;
    Since January 2010
    Compile Consulting Project Proposals for Clients’ Directors. Advise pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and management consultancies in Europe and the US on medicine Market Access, P&R, Strategy, Marketing, and medical topics for medicines for various Therapeutic Areas. Advised Hedge Fund Managers on Regulatory Affairs and markets.

Past Experience

  • Business Development Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2012 --- January 2012
    Presented Real World Data and Real World Evidence software solutions for Market Access to UK Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology medicine manufacturers. Generated new business and sales.

  • Pharmaceutical Competitor Intelligence Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2011 --- January 2011
    Interviewed KOLs and Pharmaceutical company Directors on Prescription Medicines for a Strategic Benchmarking CI Project for a Global medium-sized Pharmaceutical company. Compiled a Strategic Benchmarking Report for the Pharmaceutical company. Summarised Clinical and Strategic information and data from Interviews, Congress Presentations, Clinical Trial Posters, Marketing Brochures, and Exhibition Stands for a Strategic Benchmarking CI Project. Project was on Prescription Medicines for a Global Medium-sized Pharmaceutical company. Interviewed KOLs, Hospital Consultants, Clinical Investigators, and Pharmaceutical company Directors at a Major European medical Congress and remotely. Compiled a Strategic Benchmarking Report for, and presented it to, the Pharmaceutical company.

  • Pharmaceutical & Consumer Healthcare Competitor Intelligence Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2010 --- January 2011
    Summarised Strategic, Financial, and Clinical information and data from Executive and KOL Interviews; and Annual, and Equity Research, Reports; Company Presentations, Product Abstracts, and Marketing Materials; for Strategic Benchmarking and War Gaming CI Projects. Projects were on Global, Prescription and OTC, Medicines; and new UK Borderline OTC Medicine Products; and for Global Major Biotechnology and Consumer Health Clients. Interviewed Directors of Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health Companies, Retailers, Wholesalers, and Advertising and Regulatory Agencies; Investment Bank Analysts, and Hospital Consultants, in Europe, Asia, and the US, identified from networking and databases. Devised Interview Questionnaires; compiled Transcripts and 3-12,000-word Strategic Benchmarking and War Gaming Project Reports for Clients.

  • Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2009 --- January 2010
    Compiled Proposals for Global Market Intelligence Reports including Unique Selling Points (USPs) and Content; performed Competitor Intelligence: . Interviewed Directors of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies and Advertising Agencies in Europe and the US. Devised Questionnaires and compiled Interview Transcripts. Compiled The Life Cycle of Drug Brands: Concept to Market Share (published April 2010); a 20,000-word Global Market Intelligence Report in American English on Prescription and OTC Medicine Marketing and Branding Strategies.

  • Pharmaceutical Market Access & Pricing & Reimbursement Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2007 --- January 2009
    Interviewed Payers, KOLs, and Hospital Pharmacists in EU5 markets. Devised questionnaires and compiled transcripts. Co-ordinated interviewees’ honoraria payments. Compiled Market Access Analysis Reports and P&R Analysis Reports for Projects on various therapeutic areas. Reports were used by clients for HTA Submissions. Presented information, Market Access Analysis Reports, and P&R Analysis Reports at, client Director meetings.

  • Senior Analyst-Associate
    January 2006 --- January 2007
    Interviewed KOLs and pharmacists in Europe and the US for Market Access and P&R projects. Compiled Interview Transcripts. Projects included cardiovascular and CNS medicines for Major and Medium-Sized UK and US Pharmaceutical Clients.

  • Senior Analyst
    January 2005 --- January 2006
    Interviewed Payers, KOLs, and Hospital Pharmacists in Canada, EU5 markets, Netherlands, and the US. Devised questionnaires and compiled transcripts. Co-ordinated interviewees’ honoraria payments. Compiled Global Value Dossiers for Market Access Projects; and P&R Analysis Reports. Dossiers and Reports were used by Clients for HTA Submissions. Presented information, Global Value Dossiers, and P&R Analysis Reports at, client Director and, senior management meetings. Answered client Directors’ enquiries, and developed new business. Completed Projects included Cardiovascular, Analgesia and Chronic Pain, Antibacterial, Renal Failure, Bipolar Disorder, and Illegal Drug Overdose Prescription Medicines; and Influenza Vaccines in R&D and Clinical Trials for major and medium-sized Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients.

  • Consumer Health Market Research Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2005 --- January 2005
    Interviewed Pharmacists at UK Retail Pharmacies. Devised a Qualitative Questionnaire and compiled Transcripts.. Compiled Special Feature: Zocor Heart-Pro published in Nicholas Hall’s Insight Western Europe, Sept 2005. Forecast the UK Prescription Medicines, including Indications, Patent Expiry Dates, and Sales Data; which will switch to OTC Status before 2015; for Nicholas Hall, the Chairman & CEO.

  • Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2004 --- January 2005
    Reviewed European Medicine P&R, Healthcare Policy, Economic, Public Health, and Regulatory information and data from Payer (including Insurer), WHO, OECD, Health Ministry, and Regulatory Agency websites. Compiled Guide to Pharma Pricing & Reimbursement Systems: Western Europe (UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, and Estonia Chapters of a Market Intelligence Report); published Nov 2005. Compiled Pricing & Reimbursement of Medicines in the United Kingdom; a Market Intelligence Report on the UK System; published June 2005.

  • Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2004 --- January 2005
    Compiled a Proposal for a Global Market Intelligence Report including USPs and Content; performed Competitor Intelligence. Interviewed Directors of Pharmaceutical and OTC Medicine companies; the Director General of the World Self Medication Industry Association (WSMI), Switching Consultants, and University Academics; in US, Europe, and Australia. Devised Questionnaires; compiled Interview Transcripts. Compiled Rx-To-OTC Switching Strategies: Lifecycle Management and Building Brand Equity in the US, EU and ROW (published Oct 2005).

  • Pharmaceutical Market Research Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2003 --- January 2004
    Categorised Qualitative and Quantitative information and data on Prescription Anti-Type 2 Diabetes Medicines (including Controlled Release versions) and Antihistamines given by Pharmaceutical Sales Forces to UK GPs and Hospital Consultants, from Doctors’ Questionnaires. Compiled two, Promotion Audit, Brand Perception Study, and Detail Aid Testing; Reports on Marketing and Educational material given to Doctors. Reports were compiled for Pharmaceutical Clients. Compiled 16 UK Marketing News Alerts on Antihistamines for a Major Pharmaceutical Client. Employed by Decisions Research Europe (DRE). Cegedim Strategic Data acquired DRE in 2005.

  • Consumer Health Market Research Consultant (Freelance)
    January 2002 --- January 2002
    Reviewed, categorised, and edited Qualitative and Quantitative information and data from Factiva and Journal Articles, on the Global Strategic, Financial, R&D, Regulatory, Manufacturing, and Distribution activities of the 20 Major OTC Medicine companies.

  • Content Manager: Pharmaceutical Conferences
    January 2001 --- January 2001
    Held Full Responsibility for the B2B Global Pharmaceutical Conference and Workshop Strategy including New and Repeat Topics. Analysed and Forecast Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance. Performed CI. Performed Business Development with Directors of Global, US- and European-based, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Clients (potential Chairpersons and Speakers). Identified US- and European-based Conference and Workshop Chairpersons and Speakers at Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies. Provided information, data, and advice to Marketing, Sales, and Sponsorship Managers. Compiled 23 Conference Research Reports on, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Analgesia, COPD, Diabetes, Obesity, Ophthalmology, Reproductive, Angiogenesis and Anti-Angiogenesis, Anti-Infective; and Generic, Prescription and OTC Medicines on Major Global Markets and in R&D and Early Phase Clinical Trials; Drug Delivery, Controlled Release, Phase IV Clinical Trials, Pharmacotoxicology, Marketing, Emerging Markets, and other Strategic and Commercial subjects. Analysed and reviewed Medicine R&D Pipeline, Clinical Trial, Patent, and other Life Cycle Information and Data; and Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Company News. Coached and advised a Team of eight Producers on the subject, and Conference Programme Content. Co-ordinated Production. Edited Programmes. Deputised for the Cross-Industry Sector Production Managers. Reviewed Authors’ Proposals for Pharmaceutical Global Market Intelligence Reports. Advised the Commissioning Team on the relevance of Content and future Topics. Advised the Editorial Team on the relevance of Content of a European Pharmaceutical Industry Monthly Newsletter on Strategic, Commercial, and Regulatory subjects. Advised the Content Co-ordination Team on the relevance of Content published on

  • Content Manager:
    January 2000 --- January 2001
    Held Full Editorial and Strategy Responsibility for the B2B Global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device, Industry Internet Portal, Analysed and Forecast User Satisfaction and Financial Performance. Performed CI. Launched, and demonstrated, the Portal at a Conference and in Presentations to potential, Content Provider and, Global Market Intelligence Report, Partners. Performed Business Development with, Directors of UK-based Pharmaceutical Clients and, Content Provider and Report Partners. Negotiated, adapted, and managed, Content Provider and, Global Market Intelligence Report Resale, Contracts. Coached and advised the Content Co-ordination Team. Co-ordinated, Therapeutic Area, Regulatory, Strategic, Commercial, Daily News, R&D, and other, Content, Ad-Hoc publication. Reviewed, categorised, coded, and linked Content using an Intranet/Internet Content Management SQL Database. Devised USPs and Channels. Provided information, data, and advice to Marketing, Sales, and Sponsorship Managers. Compiled three Channel Research Reports on Clinical, Strategic, and Commercial topics: Clinical Research, Biotechnology, and Products and Services.

  • Healthcare Purchasing Strategy Research Consultant (Freelance)
    January 1999 --- January 1999
    Reviewed literature on European Public Health Status, Healthcare Payer (including Insurer), Policy; and Healthcare Service Purchasing Strategies. Interviewed Directors of European Healthcare Purchasers (Payers) and Insurers. Compiled a report.

  • Scientific Assessor
    January 1998 --- January 1998
    Assessed Product Labels and Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) for Scientific Accuracy and Clarity of Language and Layout, according to EU Directive 92/27 EC. Compared Labels and Leaflets to the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC). MHRA was the Medicines Control Agency (MCA) in 1998.

  • Information Manager-Public Health
    January 1997 --- January 1998
    At the NHS Healthcare Purchaser (Payer) for 456,000 East Kent Residents, analysed, managed and forecast Epidemiological, Pharmaceutical, Service Level (Activity), and Waiting List; information and Real World Data and Real World Evidence from Aggregated Data Sets, and National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE), King’s Fund, and other Reports; for other Senior Managers. Gave presentations at Strategic Planning Team Meetings. Co-ordinated information and data acquisition by internal and external providers. Interviewed Directors, Consultants (including KOLs), and other Stakeholders at Healthcare and Social Care Providers in Kent. Compiled Needs Assessment Reports for Sexual Health and Learning Disabilities Service (Specialty) Purchasing Strategy Reviews; and Status Reports on Health Improvement and Social Deprivation Targets. EKHA is now South East Coast NHS Strategic Health Authority.

  • Needs Assessment Facilitator (Acute Services)
    January 1994 --- January 1996
    Within the Public Health management team, acquired and analysed epidemiological, pharmaceutical, and service level information and Real World Data and Real World Evidence from datasets, journals, and reports. Presented information at management meetings. Co-ordinated information and data acquisition by internal and external providers. Consulted senior managers and clinicians in secondary and tertiary healthcare. Interviewed KOLs. Compiled 12 needs assessment reports for hospital specialty reviews including Cardiac, Oncology, Breast Oncology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Urology, and High Dependency Units (HDUs) and Intensive Therapy Units (ITUs). Compiled a Fife 10-Year Oncology Epidemiology Report and a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Strategy for Fife NHS Staff. Compiled several Chapters of the Director of Health Policy & Public Health’s Annual Reports. Compiled eight HEOR Clinical- and Cost-Effectiveness Systematic Literature Reviews: Beta-Interferon Use in Multiple Sclerosis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Medicines, Prescribing Levels and Social Deprivation, Tonsillectomy, Assisted Labour, Helicobacter pylori Testing for Gastric Ulcers, Ultraviolet Light Therapy in Dermatology, and Bone Densitometry Services. Compiled and edited Health Policy & Public Health and Health Promotion Articles for a Health Service and Promotion Quarterly Newspaper circulated to Fife Residents. Co-ordinated a 2 Year Survey of Symptomatic Breast Disease and Oncology patients' views according to budget. Co-ordinated four Field Workers and compiled a questionnaire, glossary and a report. Co-ordinated a 1 Year survey of GPs' views according to budget. Compiled a questionnaire, reports, and a peer-reviewed, published paper. Organised a 1 Day Conference on Oncology Services reorganisation according to budget. Coordinated a Skin Oncology Workshop. Compiled a programmes, questionnaire, and a report. FHB is now Fife NHS Board.


Self Assessment :
ApproachabilityAdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingAssertivenessAttention to detailAuthenticityCollaborationCommunicativeCompetitivenessCoordinationCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityDependabilityDiligenceEfficiencyFlexibilityIndependenceInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismOrganizationPerspectiveProactivityProblem solvingResiliencyResponsibilityResult OrientedSelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineService orientedSociabilityStrategic thinkingTrustWillingness to compromise


Self Assessment :
Cell biology Diabetes Negotiation Phase I R&D Scientific writingAccount ManagementActions and modes of action of human physiologyAllergy and immunologyAngiogenesisAntibodiesBiomarkersBiopharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyBudget ManagementBudget NegotiationBudget ProcessBudgetingBudgetsBusiness DevelopmentBusiness IntelligenceBusiness PlanningBusiness ProcessBusiness ProcessesBusiness Process ImprovementBusiness StrategyCancerCardiologyCardiovascular diseasesChange ManagementClinical pharmacologyClinical researchClinical Study DesignClinical study reportsClinical trial designClinical trialsCNSCoachingCommercializationCommunication SkillsCompetitive AnalysisContract negotiationCorporate FinanceCustomer ServiceData AnalysisDatabasesDermatologyDiabetesDiagnostic marketDiagnosticsDNADrug DeliveryDrug DevelopmentDrug DiscoveryDrug regulatory authoritiesEfficacy trialsElectrocardiogram (ECG)ElectrophysiologyEndocrinologyEndocrinology and metabolismEnglishEntrepreneurshipEvent ManagementFDAFinancial AnalysisGastroenterologyGeneticsGermanGlobal MarketingHealthcare ReimbursementImmunologyInfectious diseasesInflammationInternational Project ManagementIt skillsKOL managementLaboratory ResearchLaboratory TechniquesLeadershipLife SciencesmanagementManagement ConsultingMarket accessMarket AnalysisMarket researchMarketingMarketing StrategyMedical DevicesMedical oncology Medical writingMedicineMergers & AcquisitionsMetabolismMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft PowerpointMicrosoft WordMolecular & Cellular BiologyMultilingualNanotechnologyNephrologyNeurologyNew Business DevelopmentNutritiononcologyOphthalmologyOrthopedicOrthopedic surgeryOutlookOutsourcingpeople managementPharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical DevelopmentPharmaceutical managementPharmaceuticalsPharmacistspharmacologyPhase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhases of clinical development (phase I to IV)PhysiologyPowerPointPre-clinical researchPreclinical developmentPresentation SkillsPresentationsPricingProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProblem SolvingPrinciples and ethics of clinical researchProduct launchProduct managementProduct MarketingProject ManagementProject CoordinationProject PlanningProteomicsProteinsProtocolPublic HealthPulmonary diseasesQualitative ResearchQuality of Life (QoL) outcomesRegulatory affairsReport WritingRheumatologySalesSales EffectivenessScientific CommunicationsScientific WritingScientific methodologySocial MediaSocial Media MarketingSocial SkillsStatisticsStrategic Financial PlanningStrategic PlanningStrategyTeam BuildingTeam LeadershipTeam ManagementTeamworkUnderstand levels of research evidenceUnderstanding of regulatory guidelinesUrologyVaccinesVenture Capital
LinkedIn Assessment :
Business DevelopmentMarketingProject ManagementClient managementRegulatory affairsMarket IntelligenceMarket researchRespiratory ProductsAllergy ReliefGastrointestinal DisordersoncologyBiotechnologyDiabetesClinical researchPharmaceutical IndustrycardiovascularConsumer HealthcareCompetitive IntelligenceBusiness StrategyMarket accessPricing & Reimbursement

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data Assure medical quality Interpret data Report data Search literature on clinical trials Use content management systems Write papersAdvise on strategyAnswer, transfer and handle incoming calls as needed.Assess business and scientific ethicsAttend seminarsAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyCoachCoach staffCollaborate with project teamCollect dataCollect patient forms and questionnairesCommunicate effectively on different company levelsCommunicationCompile informationConduct literature searchesCoordinate projectsCoordinationcoordinating research projectsData entryDevelop business planDevelop marketing strategiesEstablish relationships with Key Opinion LeadersEstablish professional relationships with partnersExecute scientific projectsFinancial reportsFinancial administrationGastrointestinal diseasesGeneral office managementGuide staffHandle callsIdentify growth / improvement potentialImplement marketing plansImplement Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)Implement ProcessesInteract with KOLInteract with pharmacistsInteract with physiciansInteract with nursesInteract with statisticiansInterpret dataInterpret analytical resultsInterpret research resultsInterpret scientific dataLead teamsLiaise with doctorsLiaise with professionals in other divisions of the company as requiredLiaise with research team in order to accurately collect and record dataLiaise with research teamMaintain strong relationshipsManage budgetsManage contractors Manage data collection systemManage complexityManage data reporting systemsManage multiple projectsmanaging a small teamManuscript preparationManuscript preparation and reviewManuscript reviewMonitor dataMonitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)Monitor sales performanceNegotiate budget Negotiate payment schedulesNegotiationNetworkNew indications of marketed drugOffice managementOral presentationOrganise meetingsPeople managementPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesPrepare manuscriptproject managementPromotional materialsPublication of articlesPublish scientific projectsR&DRead medical literatureReport Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)Search literature on clinical trialsSolve problemsStatistical analysisStorytellingUse content management systemsWork cross-functionallyWork under specific instructionsWrite documentsWrite final reportsWrite papersWritten presentation


  • MPhil in Cardiac Physiology from University of Liverpool in 1994
  • BSc(Hons) in Physiology: Upper Second Division with Honours (2:1) from King's College London, U. of London in 1990

Training and Certification

  • Pharmaprojects and DialogPro in 2005 Training
  • Effective Writing for Biomedical Professionals in 2003 Training
  • Using Information in NHS Contracting in 1996 Training
  • Evidence Appraisal, Systematic Literature Reviews, and Evidence-Based Medicine in 1995 Training
  • Graduate Information Systems Management Programme in 1994 Training
  • Languages

    BrightOwl Assessment:
    Self Assessment:
    Elementary Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    4 weeks
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Senior Consultant Manager Associate Director Senior Manager Principal Consultant
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Cambridge, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
  • International:

Area / Region

Wisbech Saint Mary, United Kingdom


Driving License
  • Yes