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master & phd in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) with hands-on experience and knowledge in

personality: dedicated hard worker, efficient, determined, eager to learn, working independently as well as in team, innovative, eye for detail, broad-minded, flexible, creative, accurate, multicultural, diplomatic

Publications: 7 international peer-reviewed Publications (as first author)


Past Experience

  • Scientific/Technical Project Officer - Post-doctoral Scientist Geel, Belgium

    March 2012 --- February 2015


    • Project Management
    • biotechnological Research
    • method development and Validation (techniques: array- and droplet-based digital PCR, next generation sequencing)
    • Product Development, production and certification
    • reporting, reviewing, providing scientific and Technical Support
    • collaborating with different departments within an organisation, with stakeholders in- and outside europe
    • Quality Management: working according to ISO 17025, iso guide 34, iso guide 35 and the safety of biohazard class 2
    • preparing and following-up procurements
    • assisting a gmo course for feed and Food controls "Training on gmo quantification: proper calibration and estimation of measurement uncertainty" - directive 2001/28/ec, eu 619/2011, regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 (isbn 978-92-79-43605-5)
    • involved in the following projects:
      • lambda DNA standard "erm-ad442k" (isbn 978-92-79-47095-0)
      • ruminant DNA standard kit for feed and Food controls "irmm-ad482a, b & c" - eu no 56/2013 (isbn 978-92-79-33521-1)
      • pilot study of third generation Polymerase Chain Reaction, digital PCR, for the absolute quantification of allergens in processed Food. (antonio manuel gomez galan, marcel brohee, philippe corbisier, stéphane mazoua, pui yan jenny chung, alain maquet. scientific report, european commission. 2012)

  • PhD trainee Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium

    September 2006 --- June 2011

    dissertation in medical Genetics: “the study of genetic factors involved in paget’s disease of bone” and investigation of the associated bone tumours (in the eu fp6 - eurobonet)



  • Scientific intern Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium

    October 2005 --- June 2006

    dissertation in Medical Microbiology: "allelic variants of the virulence factors, emm and sic, in streptococcus pyogenes emm1, the initiator of epidemic of pharyngitis and invasive infections"


  • Scientific intern Edegem, Belgium

    September 2004 --- September 2004
    experience/techniques: ELISA, proteinelectrophoresis, immune fixation Electrophoresis, indirect Immunofluorescence, Fluorescence Microscopy, flowcytometry, nephelometry

  • Nursing intern

    July 2004 --- July 2004
    experience/techniques: collecting blood, measuring blood pressure and blood glucose, preparing Medicine, looking after patients, etc.


Self Assessment :
FlexibilitySelf-disciplineEfficiencyCreative thinkingCritical thinkingAnalytical thinkingIndependenceInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeProblem solvingProactivityCollaborationCuriosityAttention to detailCoordinationWillingness to compromise


Self Assessment :
Project ManagementQuality Assurance (QA)Product designReference standardsManufacturingUncertainty estimationMetrology
LinkedIn Assessment :
PCRCell Culturemolecular biologyStatisticsGeneticsMicrosoft OfficeIn VitroCell biologyLifesciencesLife SciencesProtein chemistryqPCRdigital PCRMicrobiologyGenotypingAssay developmentFlow CytometryScientific WritingLaboratoryBiotechnology

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
molecular biologygeneticsReference standardsProduction Analyze dataproject managementCoordinatingInterpersonal skillsStrong communication skillsCollaboratingQuality assurance


  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University of Antwerp in 2011
  • Master in Biomedical Sciences from University of Antwerp in 2006
  • Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences from University of Antwerp in 2004
  • in Merchandising engineer from University of Antwerp in 2003

Training and Certification

  • ISO 17025 in 2014 Training
  • Fluidigm BioMark System - digital PCR in 2012 Training
  • ‘R’ for PhD trainees in 2011 Training
  • Introduction to project management PM2 in 2014 Certification
  • Ion Proton System for Next generation Sequencing in 2014 Certification
  • Basic Statistics + ANOVA in 2013 Certification
  • Digital PCR: Principles and current applications in 2013 Certification
  • Effective Scientific and Technical Writing in 2013 Certification
  • QX100 Droplet Digital PCR System from BioRad in 2013 Certification
  • Certified reference material production course in 2012 Certification
  • Use of Reference Materials and the Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty (SURM) course in 2012 Certification
  • SNPs and Human Diseases course III in 2006 Certification
  • Felasa C - certificate to conduct experiments with laboratory animals in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Scientist Project Manager Project Coordinator Quality manager Quality Assurance (QA) Manager Research Scientist Sciences & Maths teacher
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl freelancer
    BrightOwl employee
  • International:

Area / Region

Antwerp, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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