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PhD in Occupational Health Psychology (2014) Coördinator Nursing Management course CVO Lethas, Brussels (2014) Registered nurse - general & pediatric (1985, 1986) Certified emergency nurse (1990-2014) Master in Science of Nursing (2008) Member Mensa Belgium Secretary General Council & Management Board of WZC Lindelo Coordinator of Platform 'Science & Practice' (2009) Lecturer Nursing Science and EBP Thomas More Kempen (2010) Lecturer Evidence Based Practice CVO Lethas, Brussels (2014) Staff member CEBAM (2011) Member Management Board of EBM-Practicenet (2011) Core Staff Member BICEP (2012) Deputy Director of JBI collaboratng center Belgium (2014) Journal Article Rater "MORE project" McMaster University, Canada Reviewer (Referee) International Journal of Nursing Studies Reviewer Journal of Nursing Management Reviewer Journal of Interdisciplinary Care Reviewer Japan Journal of Nursing Member work group "Science & Practice" - Zorgnet Vlaanderen Member EVV (2011) Member European Network of Healthcare Research (2013) Oral presentations: 01/2009, VVVS (Blankenberge, Belgium) 09/2009, EHPS (Pisa, Italy) 06/2010, LLL - European Union (Hameënlinna, Finland) 09/2010, EHPS (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) 04/2011, 'Week van de Verpleegkunde" (Ostend, Belgium) 09/2011, EHPS (Crete, Greece) 08/2012, EHPS (Prague, Czech Republic) 08/2012, ICBM (Budapest, Hungary) 10/2012, EBM congress (Brussels, Belgium) 02/2013: E-communication congress (Turnhout, Belgium) 03/2013: evidence based nursing in developing countries(Mekelle, Ethiopia) 04/2013: EBPractice in Belgium (Coimbra, Portugal) 05/2013: EBPractice in Belgium (Bucharest, Romania) 06/2013: symposium Zorgnet Vlaanderen!!! (Brussels, Belgium) 03/2014: EBPractice in Belgium (Hameënlinna, Finland) 03/2014: 'Week van de Verpleegkunde" (Ostend, Belgium) 08/2014: EHPS (Innsbruck, Austria) 09/2014: OWLS Event in European Parliament, (Brussels, Belgium) 10/2014 Defense of doctoral thesis (Leiden, The Netherlands)


Current Experience

  • PhD, department occupational health psychology
    Since October 2014
    topic: predictors of stress/health outcomes in emergency nurses. Predictors: job characteristics, organizational variables and exposure to traumatic incidents Outcomes: job satisfaction, turnover intention, psychological problems, somatic complaints, burn out, work engagement, PTSD, fatigue, coping strategies, goal orientation

  • Reviewer
    Since April 2014

  • coordinator training program "management & leadership" for nurses & midwifes
    Since January 2014
    Coordination of the courses included in the Life Long Learning program 'management and leadership' for nurses & midwifes of NVKVV (National Organisation of Catholic Nurses Flanders).

  • reviewer
    Since January 2013

  • Deputy Director
    Since January 2012
    Collaboration of al university research groups in Belgium concerning nursing & midwifery science with focus on delivery and adaptation of evidence based practice guidelines.

  • Reviewer
    Since January 2012

  • Staff Member
    Since October 2011
    promotion of evidence based care in the nursing field

  • Member of Management Board
    Since September 2011
    Collaboration of suppliers of EBM&P guidelines, disseminators of this information and the Federal Government Belgium. Aim is to provide every health worker in Belgium on the workfloor (bed side) with "best evidence" concerning his work.

  • expert member
    Since September 2011
    expert member and member of general board

  • Lecturer in Nursing & Midwifery science and Evidence Based Practice
    Since September 2010
    organization and lectures about fundamentals of nursing science, use of databases and sources of knowledge, distinction in function of quality of knowledge, principals and use of evidence based practice, implementation of innovation of care (micro level)

  • Coordinator
    Since December 2009
    Start up and maintenance of a pluralistic and independent platform for the coordination of development in nursing science in Belgium. The Platform strives for growth in professionalism in nurses by providing all relevant nursing knowledge to every nurse in Belgium and promotes the use (bedside) of evidence based guidelines, protocols, the nursing practice.

  • Secretary of the General Council and the Management Board
    Since January 2005
    Advise and support in strategic management for this center, specialised in elderly care.

Past Experience

  • Certified Emergency nurse
    January 1986 --- August 2014
    Tasks: In-hospital emergency care, ambulance nurse, fast rescue team (MUG/DELTA), in-hospital resuscitation team, radiology (Rx extremities, abdomen and thorax), workgroup member trauma protocol.

  • Research Leader 'Primary Health Care'
    September 2010 --- June 2013
    Coordination scientific research in primary health care, collaboration with other departments of Thomas More and external partners. Lecturing in scientific research, evidence based practice and quality management for nurses.

  • Coordinator of Master's theses
    September 2010 --- January 2013
    Individual support and coordination of Master theses in Master in Science of Nursing. Now only on simple request.


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Occupational Health Psychology from Universiteit Leiden in 2014
  • MsN in Master in Science of Nursing from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2008
  • Bijzondere beroepstitel spoedgevallenverpleegkundige in Verpleegkunde from NVKVV Vormingscentrum in 1990
  • Gegradueerd pediatrisch verpleegkundige in Verpleegkunde from HIVSET in 1986
  • Gegradueerd ziekenhuisverpleegkundige in Verpleegkunde from HIVSET in 1985

Area / Region

Lille, Belgium


Driving License
  • No