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My expertise lies in understanding clinical needs and translating them into the cell biology sphere, especially in the context of drug discovery and development. Innovative by nature, I have the creativity and persistence required to develop new technologies, using my knowledge of the unique tissue micro-environment that is required to develop complex disease models. This includes extensive experience in in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo disease models.


Current Experience

  • Lead biologist, Drug Discovery Unit
    Since September 2015
    Dermatology drug discovery and phenotypic spheroid-based model development

Past Experience

  • Head of R&D, Technical Services
    June 2014 --- June 2015
    Physiologically relevant ADCC and CDC assays for BioSimilars and therapeutic antibodies, in a GxP compliant environment

  • Senior Scientist
    January 2013 --- June 2014
    Development of physiologically relevant cell culture applications

  • Research fellow and team leader
    April 2007 --- December 2012
    Molecular mechanisms underlying human breast cancer invasion

  • Post-doctoral scientist
    September 2005 --- January 2007
    Role of integrin signalling in murine mammary gland development

  • Post-doctoral scientist
    July 2001 --- September 2005
    ITAM-induced mammary gland transformation in vitro and in vivo

  • PhD student
    October 1997 --- October 2000
    Mitochondrial regulation of apoptosis during B cell selection

  • Senior academic officer
    May 1994 --- September 1997
    Analytical chemistry


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  • PhD in Immunology from The University of Glasgow in 2000
  • BSc in Chemistry, Physics from The Hebrew University in 1994
  • High School in Physical Sciences from Sharet High School in 1991

Area / Region

Scotland, United Kingdom


Driving License
  • Yes