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Perfectly trilingual (French, Dutch & English) Bioengineer, with first experience in protein chemistry R&D. Sociable, looking to expand knowledge and experience in the Biotech or Pharma industry in Belgium or abroad.


Past Experience

  • Master Thesis Brussels, Belgium
    September 2013 --- September 2014


    Master thesis in a research group focused on Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and their causative agents (e.g. UPEC).

    Project specifics:

    This thesis explored the potential development of a microbial adhesin as a tool for the investigation of pathogenesis of uropathogenic bacteria and as a novel diagnostic tool for specific types of inflamed tissues (e.g. tumors). During my Master Thesis I was required to generate mutants of the wild-type adhesin and identify their antigen-binding properties by developing, optimizing and validating an ELISA test followed by quantification of their affinity using a Biacore T200.


    • Selection of to be altered (experimental set-up)
    • Generation of adhesin mutants (genetic engineering and fermentation technology)
    • Downstream processing - centrifugation, extraction, filtration, chromatograph
    • Development and validation of an ELISA test for Adhesin-Antigen binding
    • Quantification of binding properties of mutants using Biacore T200

    Technical Environment:

    Protein mutagenesis, production, purification and binding characterisation. Development, optimization and validation of ELISA.


  • Tutor
    March 2013 --- February 2014
    Tutoring students in the fields of mathematics and science.

  • Summer Intern / Industrial Placement Cambridge, United Kingdom
    July 2013 --- August 2013

    Summer Intern, Biopharm R&D, GlaxoSmithKline, Cambridge, UK

    Reference - Adam Walker (PhD),


    Summer intern at a GSK department specialized in antibody-technology

    Project specifics:

    During my two-month stay at Biopharm R&D I was expected to produce and purify one of their antibody-based flagship molecules, followed by a quality assessment of its biochemical properties, a biocomparability study comparing fresh vs identical but older material. Additionally I was required to investigate if it was possible to optimize the Production to Downstream Processing transition phase.


    • Production of antibody (using fermentation technology)
    • Protein Purification (downstream processing)
    • Investigate biochemical properties (protein chemistry)
    • Investigate and streamline Downstream Processing
    • Attend daily staff meetings and presentations

    Technical Environment:

    Recombinant protein production, downstream processing and protein chemistry – characterization and quality control.


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingAdaptabilityCommunicativeCritical thinkingCollaborationIndependenceInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismOrganizationResiliencyResponsibilitySelf-confidenceSociabilityTrust


Self Assessment :
Biochemistry Cell biology R&D Scientific writing Lab scale batches LabtechnicianAnalytical techniquesAntibodiesBiochemistryBiological Drug DevelopmentBiopharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyCell CultureDiagnosticsDNADNA extractionDNA sequencingELISAEnglishEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)GeneticsGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)ImmunologyIn VitroInfectious diseasesKnowledge of the drug development processLaboratory ResearchLaTeXLabtechnician BiostatisticsLaboratoryLaboratory TechniquesMicrobiological TechniquesMicrobiologyMicrosoft OfficeMolecular & Cellular Biologymolecular biologyMolecular CloningOxidative stressImmunofluorescencePatentsPathologyPCRPharmaceutical IndustryPilot scale batchesProduct developmentProtein ExpressionProtocolQuantitative PCR (qPCR)R&DRT-PCRScientific WritingSDS-PAGEStatistical considerations in design and analysisStatisticsTransfectionWestern Blotting
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Cell CultureBiotechnologyBioengineeringBiomedical Engineeringmolecular biologyCellMicroscopyR&DPCRProtein EngineeringGel ElectrophoresisProtein PurificationWestern BlottingMicrobiologyBacterial TransformationMutagenesisDownstream processingMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft WordPowerPointData AnalysisMatlabResearchscienceFermentationELISAChromatographyBiacore


  • Master's degree in Bioengineering Sciences: Cell and Gene Biotechnology (Minor Medical Biotechnology) from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2014
  • Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering Sciences: Cell and Gene Biotechnology from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2012
  • ASO in Math/Sciences from Tachkemoni Antwerpen in 2008


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Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Junior Laboratory Technician Lab Analyst lab assistant Lab Technician Laboratory Engineer Laboratory Technician scientific collaborator Associate Scientist Biomedical Scientist Graduate Graduate Research Assistant Junior Consultant Engineer Junior Scientist Laboratory Assistant Master Thesis Molecular Biologist Process Engineer Project Assistant Project Engineer Regulatory Affairs Assistant Research Assistant Research Technician Research Scientist Research associate Research internship researcher Scientific consultant Scientist Scientific Writer
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    Permanent position
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Area / Region

Brussels, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes