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I am ready and highly motivated to face a new challenge, to take advantage of my knowledge, strengths and abilities, to share ideas and gain something new. I am trustworthy, self-motivated and committed to the work I do.

The last years were significant for my self-development, demonstrating good skills in adapting to new working environments. I have been developing my regulatory knowledge by getting more familiar with regulations, guidelines, procedures and policies (chemical sector - past; pharmaceutical sector - current). Being exposed to diverse tools, software, established ways of working and being responsible for different tasks/projects let me gain a good level of flexibility and confidence at work. I proved to learn very quickly and work independently. I established good relationships with colleagues from different areas of work. My enthusiasm, attention to details, problem solving attitude, and good communication skills are always appreciated.

As a creative, open - minded, flexible, able to cope under pressure person I would do my best to be an effective employee and a good colleague.



Current Experience

  • Junior Regulatory Specialist Poznań, Poland
    Since January 2014

    Support for GSK Global CMC Regulatory department in regulatory activities reflected in preparation of appropriate CMC components for global regulatory dossiers - support given to the Global Post Approval Registration department:

    • Preparation of global CMC (Chemistry Manufactury & Controls) variation dossiers;

    • Preparation of license renewal dossiers in IRF and CTD formats (including renewals of UCB and Stiefel products) - Recognition award received in April 2015 for valuable input and help in meeting the challanging objective of eliminating cmc renewals backlog (certificate upon request);

    • Preparation of upgrade dossiers;

    • Preparation of Response to Questions (received from Reguatory Authorities) and Post Approval Commitment dossiers.


Past Experience

  • Scientific Assistant Helsinki, Finland
    August 2012 --- December 2013

    • Assessment of substance identification information in dossiers submitted under different processess (Inquiry dossiers, registration dossiers) according to the REACH regulation and annexes;

    • Analysis of submitted information for conformity and preparation of communication letters (Certified Initiating Agent);

    • Updating and adding entries to the EC number list database;

    • Contribution to the development of the knowledge management tool (Wiki library);

    • Contribution to the testing of a decision support tool for substance identification assessment (Odyssey);

    • Contribution to the testing of JChem;

    • Contribution to the development and preparation of ECHA User Manuals


  • Trainee Helsinki, Finland
    February 2012 --- July 2012

    • Assessment of substance identification information in dossiers submitted under different pocessess (Inquiry dossiers, dossiers under the Evaluation process);

    • Contribution to the design and development of support tools for the activities of the unit (e.g. database of chemical structures).


  • Trainee Budapest, Hungary
    November 2010 --- October 2011

    • Studying the system of REACH, making the pre-registration of chemicals;

    • Working on the English version of WEB page of Kat-Chem Ltd;

    • Everyday sourcing product suppliers, trading with foreign companies.



Self Assessment :
Attention to detailAuthenticityApproachabilityAdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingCreative thinkingCuriosityFlexibilityIndependenceInterest in knowledgeKindnessResponsibilitySelf-discipline


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Full Proficiency
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Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    2 weeks
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    Permanent position
    BrightOwl freelancer
    BrightOwl employee
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Area / Region

Poznań, Poland


Driving License
  • Yes