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dear madam, dear sir,


as a recent graduate i’m very interested in challenging jobs which will require me to use the skills i have acquired during my studies, but will also push me to develop new skills.
during my studies i’ve learned to work individually and have a critical view on plans and information and developing situations , but Teamwork was more often than not a very necessary way to approach projects to make sure no details were missed. some of the most interesting fields of my studies included process technology, Food and feed Manufacturing, Biotechnology and environmental management. having studied for three different diplomas was also an opportunity to widen my field of interests. the industrial sectors which interest me the most are the biotechnological, biochemical, Pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors. as for Communication i am fully bilingual French-dutch, am very fluent in English and have intermediate skills in German. the first work experience is something i consider as a major step stone to the further development of my skills and my Career.


sincere regards,
michaël poppe


Past Experience

  • Research Trainee Mol, Belgium

    September 2013 --- June 2014

    thesis: stress-induced mutagenesis in cupriavidus metallidurans strains
    this thesis had a two-sided purpose: the first was to determine which processes,
    molecules and stresses are responsible for the temperature-induced mortality and
    mutagenesis Phenotype.
    the second purpose was to increase zinc-resistance in the c. metallidurans ch34 and
    ae104 strains by using directed evolution.

    applied skills: Microscopy techniques (classic light, confocal, time-lapse, electron
    Microscopy), PCR techniques, gel-Electrophoresis, Cell Culture, microbiological
    techniques, development of Assays for Mitigation of mutagenesis, creation of mutant
    derivatives, genomic and proteomic Analysis techniques, UV-Vis Spectroscopy,
    bacterial growth modelling and Analysis, Biological fitness Analysis, Statistical Analysis

  • Research Trainee Mol, Belgium

    June 2011 --- September 2011

    thesis: a study on the binding mechanisms between beta-galactosidase and mixed
    matrix membranes
    the purpose of this thesis was to determine the binding mechanisms between three
    different mixed-matrix-membranes and the Enzyme β-galactosidase for use in a

    Training of a Lab Technician to take over this Research after my internship.

    applied skills: Food Science & technology, colloid Chemistry, (bio)chemical reactor
    science, membrane technology, enzymatic activity Assays, development

  • Trainee research laboratory technician Mol, Belgium

    September 2007 --- June 2008

    thesis: identification of iss samples by culture dependent and culture independent
    methods within the missex project
    the first purpose of this thesis was to evaluate and characterize the bacterial burden
    of the skin of cosmonauts before, during and after their stay in the iss space station.
    the second purpose was to analyse the evolution of antibiotic resistance of Bacteria
    before and after their exposure to space radiation and microgravity.

    applied skills: Cell Culture, Microbiological Techniques, genomic and proteomic
    Analysis techniques, PCR techniques, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, antibiotic resistance
    Assays, phylogenetic Analysis and comparison, Statistical Analysis


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityCritical thinkingDependabilityProblem solvingAnalytical thinkingApproachabilityCuriosityFlexibilityInterest in knowledgeSelf-disciplineResiliencyTrust


Self Assessment :
Molecular & Cellular Biology Cell biology Animal models Biochemistry Biostatistics Labtechnician R&DAnesthesiaAllergy and immunologyAnimal trialBiotechnologyCell CultureDNA sequencingDNADNA extractionAntibodiesConfocal MicroscopyFlow CytometryGeneticsLabtechnicianImmunohistochemistry (IHC)Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)HPLCMicrobiologyMicrosoft OfficeLaboratorySurgical InstrumentsSurgeryStatisticsSDS-PAGEOxidative stressPCRProtein ExpressionProtocolR&DGMPGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)Quality Assurance (QA)
LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyCell biologyBiotechnologyPCRLifesciencesMicrobiologyBiochemistryMolecular geneticsrecombinant DNA technologyGenomicsProteomicsqPCRFluorescence MicroscopyLife SciencesQuality SystemsGeneticsCellBiological Engineering

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Develop protocols Interpret data Molecular Diagnostics Use a confocal microscopyDesign protocolExtrapolate dataExecute scientific projectslifesciencePilot scale batchesOral presentationOperate research equipmentReport study conclusionsWrite protocolsWrite statistical reports


  • Msc in Bioscience engineering (ir.) in biotechnology / biomolecular engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2015
  • Msc, Industrial engineer (ing.) in Biosciences, industrial engineer in agriculture and horticulture from Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen in 2012
  • Bsc in Biotechnology from Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in 2008
  • in Mathematics and Modern languages from Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Humaniora in 2004
  • in FELASA european functions ABD from Københavns Universitet in 0000

Training and Certification

  • FELASA B - ANIMAL HANDLING in 0000 Certification
  • FELASA functions ABD in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Project Manager Scientist Research Scientist Product Manager
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    40 Hours per week
  • International:

Area / Region

Tongeren, België


Driving License
  • Yes

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