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A highly motivated chemist with 13 years expertise in pharmaceuticals - 10 in Medicinal Chemistry and 3 in Process Development - and 2 years in Process Intensification and the Bio-Based Economy. Recognised as an innovator and problem solver in the synthesis of complex pharmaceutical chemicals, as well as bulk and speciality chemicals from biomass. Strong technical skills and a creative and flexible attitude.

Key attributes:

• Organic synthesis expert - Synthetic route generation & route scouting skills extensively developed.

• Cultivated root-cause analysis skills.

• Highly innovative - 4 patents pending.

• Motivated and enthusiastic.

• Expertise in modern technologies and practices.

• Good experience and understanding of chemical engineering issues.

• Excellent knowledge of Process Intensification Technologies.

•Skilled in utilisation of analytical (TLC, (UP)LCMS, 1D & 2D NMR, IR, etc.) and purification techniques.

• 10 years medicinal chemistry experience - Extensive experience with Nuclear Receptors (predominantly GR) and significant experience with GPCRs. Experience of a wide variety of therapeutic areas including Depression/Schizophrenia/Analgesia (ORL1), Infertility (FSHR/LH/PR), and Immunology (GR & TSHR, amongst others).

• Optimisation of Hits and Leads to Pre-Clinical Candidates (to date associated with 6 projects that have delivered PCC’s) - A sustained track record of innovation.

• Scale op of research routes to pilot-plant scale.

• Acquainted with a GMP working environment.

• Lots of experience in the design of compound libraries and proprietary reagents to enhance compound collections.

• Management of outsourced activities (Europe and India).

• Line Management of 2 chemists.

• Strong interpersonal skills.

• Experienced lecturer within the Dutch higher education system (HLO).

• Health, safety & environment (HSE) knowledge and working practices are up to date.


Current Experience

  • Innovator, Consultant & Technical Project Lead, Process Intensification Delft, Netherlands
    Since October 2012

    Employed by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), working in the areas of:

    1) Process Intensification (PI) Working together with customers from the pharmaceutical, flavours & fragrances, sugar and bulk chemicals industries to design, develop and scale-up (from lab to pilot scale) PI equipment for the translation of batch to continuous flow, accelerating process development times, enhancing cost-efficiency, reducing waste generation and energy use, and increasing product quality and yield. This is achieved by applying novel PI technologies - continuous reactors, separation technologies - and integration of unit operations and process analytics. I have been technical lead on projects involving:

    • Application of High-Gravity (HiGee) technologies to chemical synthesis;

    • Exploring novel process windows for API production in continuous flow;

    • Development of a novel flow reactor for chemical processes that consume solid metals, e.g. Grignard reagent formation.

    • Electrosynthesis - to develop low cost conversions for upcoming electricity overproduction.

    2) Bio-Based Economy Working on several projects, predominantly on the conversion of sugars from second generation biomass to platform intermediates, then on to industrially relevant bio-aromatic drop-in replacement chemicals. This includes the development of green chemistry techniques for these processes, and the application of PI technologies. The overall goal of these projects is to create sustainable value chains that convert renewable feedstocks into ‘bulk’ and ‘specialty’ bio-based products. I have been technical lead on projects involving:

    • Conversion of sugar-derived furanics into bio-aromatics;

    • Conversion of sugars into furan;

    • Amelioration of sugar rich waste-streams.

    Other important tasks include:

    • Innovative idea generation for a plethora of projects in various sectors;

    • Economic evaluation studies;

    • Guidance of co-workers;

    • Assisting with business development activities;

    • Report and patent/publication writing activities.

Past Experience

  • Process Chemist Weesp, Netherlands
    May 2012 --- October 2012
    Responsible for the chemical support and aftercare of the local production processes at the Weesp site. Key duties included: • Analysis, improvement, further development and optimisation of the current production processes, aiming to lower costs/improve yields/enhance safety/address environmental issues. • Troubleshooting • Support manufacturing

  • Senior Scientist Oss, Netherlands
    February 2001 --- July 2011
    Worked for 2 years at the Newhouse site (Scotland) then 8 years at the Oss site (The Netherlands). Integral member of small Medicinal Chemistry project teams directed towards the synthesis and optimisation of (low molecular weight, non-steroidal) ligands for GPCRs & nuclear receptors. This encompassed a wide variety of therapeutic areas including Depression/Schizophrenia/Analgesia (ORL1), Infertility (FSHR/LH/PR) and Immunology (GR/TSHR, amongst others). My main focus has been GR. To date, the projects with which I have been associated have delivered 6 pre-clinical candidates. The work initially involved organic synthesis, purification, analysis and characterisation of compounds. For the last 3 years my position has extended to providing daily support, guidance and coaching for 1-2 chemists. This involves practical guidance, motivation, planning, setting deadlines and general line-management duties. Furthermore, my current role is that of ‘Synthetic Expert’ meaning that in the lab I operate as the ‘chemical hub’ - the first point of call for the synthesis team in the event of synthetic problems – and I am also responsible for planning of the chemical synthesis, most specifically for synthetic route generation.

  • Process Development Chemist Macclesfield, United Kingdom
    July 1999 --- February 2001
    Worked at their Macclesfield site (England), as an integrated development team member, striving to find methods of scaling up research processes to a manufacturing scale. The work involved route scouting to find suitable conditions for each individual step, then practical work to develop an optimal process. Attention to detail was critical. Secondments in this period included Large Scale Lab work (up to 100L scale) and Pilot Plant work (up to 8,000L scale) to learn GMP.


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  • BSc; Hons in Chemistry from Heriot-Watt University in 1999
  • in from Perth High School in 1995

Area / Region

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


Driving License
  • Yes