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mission-driven, pragmatic and resourceful economist with +15 years of experience in examining social Policy issues related to health and environment through an international development lens. mindfully incorporate fundamental principles and creative approach to Sourcing, compiling, analyzing and displaying data to support change-agents and policymakers in their dialogue for making meaningful decisions for progress in Health Care access, quality and delivery for targeted populations. insightful planner to managing barriers and overcoming obstacles in the Treatment and interpretation of data to ensure unfiltered Analysis and conclusive evaluation, capturing complex and multidimensional volumes of information, articulated into logical conclusions. Member of the national association for business Economics (nabe), dc. i launched my professional Career assisting the chief economist of the commercial office of the spanish embassy to belgium. after 10 years performing high-quality quantitative and qualitative analyses to achieve study objectives and informing program and Policy decision-makers at the oecd and the iea i set up a platform for discussing financial possibilities for Investments on renewable energies for rural communities. concerned by environmental issues, both on a personal and professional basis. • Expert approach to data retrieval, Analysis and evaluation for senior policymakers. • actively collaborate, listen and interpret client’s needs to accurately tailor services and packages. mastery of three languages: native spanish, French and English.


Current Experience

  • Edition - Economic and statistical reviews

    Since August 2015
    manage the flow of Statistical Publications throughout the editorial process, ensuring Quality Control of outputs of the oecd Statistical information system (sis) and reviewing open data criteria for indicators and datasets. streamline and convey in succinct way metadata to accompany technical products (oecd.stats). assemble and program tables using the XML-based pubstat application for online dissemination Publications (quarterly national accounts, monthly economic indicators). select and edit indicators, in collaboration with directorates, to provide an entry point to oecd data for a broad audience (oecd data portal). examine draft manuscripts and synthesize recommendations to authors to improve knowledge transfer. Manage the flow of statistical publications throughout the editorial process, ensuring quality control of outputs of the OECD Statistical Information System (SIS) and reviewing Open Data criteria for indicators and datasets. Streamline and convey in succinct way metadata to accompany technical products (OECD.Stats). Assemble and program tables using the XML-based Pubstat application for online dissemination publications (Quarterly National Accounts, Monthly Economic Indicators). Select and edit indicators, in collaboration with Directorates, to provide an entry point to OECD data for a broad audience (OECD Data Portal). Examine draft manuscripts and synthesize recommendations to authors to improve knowledge transfer.

  • Health Market Analyst and Associate

    Since October 2013
    health Market Analysis and Business Development within the Healthcare industry. designed a large-scale cross-industry healthcare data collection and estimated a cross-healthcare industries model (health industry data model hidm) to conduct health services trend analysis and ranking business opportunities. identified and outreached to Pharmaceutical distributors in chile and mexico, achieving a commercial agreement with 600 Hospitals in mexico. collaborated with the global commission on health and pollution, sponsored by the world bank in conjunction with mount sinai Hospital, ny and blacksmith institute-pure earth, by examining the monetary valuation of the health impact of pollution in low income countries. contributed on Analytics with senior world bank health economists for the writing of “world scientific handbook of Global Health Economics and public Policy”. Health market analysis and business development within the healthcare industry. Designed a large-scale cross-industry healthcare data collection and estimated a cross-healthcare industries model (Health Industry Data Model HIDM) to conduct health services trend analysis and ranking business opportunities. Identified and outreached to pharmaceutical distributors in Chile and Mexico, achieving a commercial agreement with 600 hospitals in Mexico. Collaborated with the Global Commission on Health and Pollution, sponsored by the World Bank in conjunction with Mount Sinai Hospital, NY and Blacksmith Institute-Pure Earth, by examining the monetary valuation of the health impact of pollution in low income countries. Contributed on analytics with senior World Bank health economists for the writing of “World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy”.

Past Experience

  • Business Intelligence Analyst - Data Visualization

    October 2013 --- January 2015
    assisted knoema in building their clientele by conducting market intelligence Research and Business Analysis, designing effective Sales and outreach strategies and conceptualizing attractive packages and services for data collection needs for non-profits, international organizations and national agencies in latin america. developed open data initiatives and leveraged existing and emerging data sets in a wide range of topics to enhance knowledge and comprehension of barriers to effective decision-taking. explored new and innovative data collection mechanisms and created packages to market global public and private sector clients within the u.s. and latin america. nurtured relationships, created and delivered Sales and Marketing pitches including delivering customized demo portals. collaborated with external clients to deliver customized data monitoring services and information gathering packages. provided Training services on web-tools for storage and knowledge transfer.

  • Environmental Policy Group Communications Officer

    May 2013 --- May 2014
    managed membership database and supervised entry of individual memberships. coordinated welcoming and introductory sessions including thematic sessions, meeting Planning, topic selection and presentation of broad interest Training initiatives for groups of 15-20 people. created a professional development support group focused on refreshing and maintaining Communication and Leadership skills for the workplace.

  • Founder - Renewable Energy Advisory Services

    October 2011 --- October 2012
    articulated and conveyed sound understanding of green Energy, specifically geothermal Energy, and the multifaceted partnerships and components needed from cradle-to-grave implementation including Research and mastery of technical and scientific Mechanics and installation, legal and financial regulatory frameworks, municipal buy-in and consensus building, sme Finance and Marketing of advisory services. identified opportunities among individual households and small business in the tourism sector (rural communities, yvelines, france) to minimize Energy expenses by turning to renewable energies. assisted clients in accessing and securing financing (mediating with financing sources,for target Investments ranging euros 25,000 - 250,000) through support loan and grant application processes and ensured Compliance of regulations. conducted regulatory and legal surveillance with regard to international/national/regional institutional framework and administrative guidelines for domestic use geothermal-powered devices. coached and facilitated knowledge transfer to clients: comprehensive and concise information about clean-alternative energetic resources and how to incorporate them into the Energy matrix improving Energy efficiency. budget allocation (client credit capacity), business plan design and project costs track; assessment of previous primary Energy consumption patterns and retrofitting alternatives: housing isolation capacity, building materials, surface, openings and ventilation devices.

  • Health Economist Expert Consultant

    May 2010 --- May 2011
    executed an economic evaluation of the ablation by catheter of the atrial tissue in the Treatment of atrial fibrillation (evablaf). conducted overall Research and cost-Analysis in 17 French public University Hospitals implementing evablaf against competing traditional Surgery alternatives. inspected and analysed 500 questionnaires, estimated missing figures, calculated indicators and summarized main trends. presented results to the Hospital technical study group.

  • Data Analyst Consultant

    September 2009 --- May 2010
    delivered high quality Statistical support: standardization of national sources and linkage to international industry Statistics creating a cross-country dataset for econometric Analysis (eviews) for the trade and Innovation report on the chemicals (trade and Agriculture directorate). retrieved and compiled data relative to trade and tariff on chemicals; accommodate to oecd’s formats (including standardization methods), built composite indicators and link them to industry Statistics (using ict coding) creating a dataset output for further econometric work. reported to the chemical sector. oecd trade Policy working party.

  • Research Assistant

    November 2000 --- June 2009
    working fields: Public Health, agricultural policies, Energy Policy and international trade across oecd Member countries conducted economic and Statistical Analysis, including construction of synthetic indicators (pem model), estimation of equation and parameters (interlink model), assessment of budget stances, projection of Public Health expenditures, Forecasting impact of ageing on Public Health expenditures and evaluation of Healthcare systems of Member countries. communicated with project correspondents, experts, delegates and Partner organizations such as who, paho, wb and imf to ensure current and timeliness data collection. organized conference and meetings. liaison tasks with national Statistical officers. headed database management and information systems design and implementation including the integration and merger of the heath care quality indicators project dataset into the health database. execution of data transfer procedures from Microsoft Excel to microsoft access. explored new technologies and tested for on-line data dissemination tools. survey administration management.

  • Internship - Macroeconomic Analysis and International Trade

    June 1999 --- June 2000
    promoted spanish firms in local markets, easing access to investment opportunities, designing targeted Marketing strategies for sector media. assisted the embassy chief economic and commercial officer reviewing ecofin surveillance framework and drafted monthly Policy memos for madrid.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Economic ModelingStatisticsCross-cultural Communication SkillsDatabase ManagementLiasoningData AnalysisSocial NetworkingDatabase AdminPolicyspanishEconometricsFrenchProgram ManagementResearchProposal WritingInternational DevelopmentPolicy AnalysisInternational RelationsQualitative ResearchProgram EvaluationAnalysisQuantitative AnalyticsPublic PolicyCapacity BuildingSustainable developmentEconomicsMacroeconomics


  • Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies/Post-graduate degree in “Macroeconomics and Quantitative Analysis” from Université Paris X Nanterre in 2003
  • Master’s degree in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1998

Area / Region

Paris, France


Driving License
  • No

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