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My name is Henrik, I am 25 years old and I am a joyful young man with a good sense of humor. I enjoy working in an informal working atmosphere, and with projects that require me to think out of the box. My professional interests lie in health economics with statistics as one of the powerfull tools to embrace market research in sectors such as the pharma industry or within consultancy. Ideally in a company with an international perspective, and with focus on developing my skills and talents. I graduated from the master programme in economics (Cand.Oecon), with a profile in health care management at University of Southern Denmark in Odense. I finished the programme with a 12 (A+) grade for my master thesis. I am currently employed as health economist at Danmarks Apotekerforening, where I quantify the impact made by Danish pharmacies.


Current Experience

  • Health Economist
    Since January 2016
    I am employed as Health Economist in the Analysis Team in The Association of Danish Pharmacies (Danmarks Apotekerforening) - a cross functional team with economists and pharmacists. In my position as a health economist my primary task is to work with health economic analyses that shed light on: o The pharmacies' health-professional competencies and -efforts o The health economic utility of services provided by the Danish pharmacies o Comparative analyses of the price-settings of medicine in Europe o Literature reviews to support policy recommendations Results: I wrote an analysis about the prices of antihistamines treating allergic rhinitis, which can be bought at Danish pharmacies at a third of the typical price for antihistamines at retail stores. My analysis led to a news article on the cover of the news paper MetroXpress, which has more than 1 mio. readers per day. Hence my analysis led to positive publicity pointing out the importance of the Danish pharmacies, who provide the most affordable pharmaceuticals to Danish consumers.

Past Experience

  • Student, Corporate Product Research & Portfolio Management
    September 2011 --- October 2015
    I worked as a student at the Business Intelligence and Product Developments-department at Orifarm A/S, a pharmaceutical company specialized in parallel imports within the EU Single Market, and producer of generics. Holding my position at Orifarm, my main task was the management and distribution of tasks given from our IT department to the student in product developement. During the last two years I have been working in a collaborative with the IT department to achieve cleaned data from the IMS database to be linked to product data from Orifarm’s other databases. Other tasks have been, o Introduction and education of new Student Assistents, o Updating product information and importing new price information into IT systems, o Ad hoc task, such as supporting the procurement department with invoices. Generally speaking, I obtained extensive knowledge on how the market of parallel-imports wtihin pharmaceuticals operates.

  • Instructor
    April 2014 --- June 2014
    I was employed as instructor in the course "Social Pharmacy" during an eight-week period. I taught two teams of 15-20 students, helping student solve assignments aimed at understanding the role of the industry in a societal and economic perspective. Teaching students with non-economic proficiencies in economic disciplines was a good challenge which taught me a lot about teaching and presenting. The course was held by Christian Kronborg and Marie Kruse, both health economic professors at SDU. During the course students are taught about topics such as, o Opportunity Costs o Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio o Marginal Costs o Regulation of Pharmacies, Distributors and Manufacturers o Reimbursement of Pharmaceuticals in Denmark

  • Sales Assistant
    November 2006 --- October 2011
    Furniture sales and counseling

  • Youth Worker
    January 2005 --- January 2006

  • Youth Worker
    June 2003 --- January 2005


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  • in Health Care Management and Economics in Health Care Management and Economics (cand.oecon) from University of Southern Denmark in 2015
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Economics from University of Southern Denmark in 2013
  • in Spanish and cultural studies from Dansk Studie Center in 2010
  • The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX) in Chinese Studies and Marketing from Tietgen Handelsgymnasium in 2009

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Market Access Health Economist
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    Permanent position :    100% FTE
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Area / Region

Copenhagen, Denmark


Driving License
  • Yes