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  • graduated with a phd in molecular biology, i have gained strong knowledge regarding Angiogenesis process (vegf, cellular pathways) during tumor development (especially breast Cancer) and sirna/mirna development.
  • for 10 years i have been in charge of setting up and managing Clinical trials as a clinical Project Manager across europe and middle east in various Therapeutic Areas. this has allowed me to gain strong kol networks in different Therapeutic Areas and to gain a real expertise in Clinical trials development/management in addition to medical affairs Strategy.
  • msl since june 2010, i became afterwards msl manager (europe) in april 2013 for bavarian nordic. this Line Management experience has then been strengthen when i took the responsibility for the european Clinical Development of two Biomarkers Assays for two companies (inivata ltd and oncoplex dx) with a focus on nsclc/breast and a team of 10 people to manage across europe.
  • currently i am responsible for the launch of two products in infectious disease (antibiotics / antifungal) and responsible for a team of 15 people (france and middle east).
  • involved in both pre and post-launch activities which has enabled me to build relationships with physicians identified as kols alongside colleagues in order to educate the field Sales force.
  •  i am specialized in setting up Investigator sponsored studies due to my strong background in Clinical trials management.
  • organized, diplomatic and take pride in having Expert knowledge of my products which leads to the success of your product launch/development.


Current Experience

  • Country Medical Affairs Leader

    Paris, France
    Since April 2016

    currently i am responsible for the launch of two products in infectious disease (antibiotics / antifungal) and responsible for a team of 15 people (france and middle east).

    • responsible of defining / implementing the medical affairs Strategy in france
    • discussion / lunch of iits – feasibility of company sponsored trials
    • management team 3 msls – 8 kams
    • advisory board set up / management
    • development of educational program (internal/external)
    • congress Strategy set up

    Currently I am responsible for the Launch of two Products in infectious disease (Antibiotics / Antifungal) and responsible for a team of 15 people (France and Middle East).

    • Responsible of defining / implementing the Medical Affairs strategy in France
    • Discussion / Lunch of IITs – Feasibility of company sponsored trials
    • Management Team 3 MSLs – 8 KAMs
    • Advisory Board set up / Management
    • Development of educational program (internal/external)
    • Congress strategy set up

  • CEO

    Since September 2009
    my company is based in uae and we cover middle east and europe regarding all clinical study activities including but not limited to: - monitoring Phase II-iv several Clinical trials with paediatrics and adults patients - site contract negotiations (Hospital, Investigator fees) - site initiation and co-ordination Interim monitoring visits, site management, site close-outs - serious adverse event reporting, follow up, reconciliation (MedDRA) - regulatory submissions - vendors management (for sae, eCRF, samples, ivrs, MRI, scanner, drug shipment...) - sops writing (for Quality Assurance depatment) - Medical writing, preparation of study documents (icfs, crf...) My company is based in UAE and we cover Middle east and Europe regarding all Clinical Study activities including but not limited to: - Monitoring Phase II-IV several clinical trials with paediatrics and adults patients - Site contract negotiations (Hospital, Investigator fees) - Site initiation and co-ordination Interim monitoring visits, Site management, Site close-outs - Serious Adverse Event reporting, follow up, reconciliation (Meddra) - Regulatory submissions - Vendors management (For SAE, eCRF, Samples, IVRS, MRI, Scanner, Drug shipment...) - SOPs Writing (for Quality assurance Depatment) - Medical Writing, Preparation of study documents (ICFs, CRF...)

Past Experience

  • Global Medical Affairs Manager - Europe

    April 2015 --- April 2016

    in charge of developing/maintaining Clinical collaborations with pharma companies and kols across europe. attend key congresses in us and europe. deep knowledge of nsclc landscape and associated Treatment algorithm.

  • Clinical Development Consultant - Europe

    October 2014 --- September 2015
    in charge of developing/maintaining Clinical collaborations with kols based in france and uk. attend key congresses in us and europe. management of Investigator sponsored studies using ngs/liquid biopsy and determination of Clinical utilities (mainly in lung and breast Cancer). development/conception of international observational study.

  • Manager, Medical Affairs and Clinical Development - Europe

    April 2013 --- March 2015
    i have a strong kols network across europe within prostate Cancer (mainly in uk, france and belgium). i am an Expert of castrate resistant prostate Cancer field (including but not limited to abiraterone, enzalutamide, docetaxel, cabazitaxel, radium 223, denosumab, cabozantinib, arn509, tasquinimod, orteronel, sipuleucel-t, lhrh agonist/antagonist ….) my main responsibilities are: - scientific & medical Communication in oncology adressed to uk, belgium and French Hospitals stakeholders (kol & Health Care professionnals) for an innovative vaccine in mcrpc patients. - develop the company notoriety deploying adapted Communication to create a favorable environment for the Market access. - Training CRA/msl - attend all major congress in europe in relation with prostate Cancer. - advisory board animation management / stand alone meeting organization / patient association partnership.

  • Medical Writer

    October 2010 --- March 2013
    freescience is a network of four Freelance medical writers who can offer on a Freelance basis: - conception/design of scientific Research projects (science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol design and writing, case report form design, Investigator brochure writing, informed patient leaflet) - Analysis/ reporting of scientific data (Clinical study report, bridging data packages, Pharmacovigilance report (psur), common technical document (module2 and 5)) - Communication/scientific information (publication, product monograph symposium coverage, abstracts, posters, slides, newsletters, word and Image Processing, graphs, illustrations, drawing, Translation (English/FrenchFrench/English)

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Europe - Oncology and Medical Device

    June 2010 --- March 2013
    as a medical sciance liaison (msl) covering europe, i am mainly in charge of: - discussing and providing scientific and therapeutic information to professionals and researchers in the Healthcare industry / Hospitals (kols) - developping and maintaining strong relationships with clinicians and scientists - creating early awareness and acceptance of the scientific evidence in support of new and existing products and claims - researching and providing relevant scientific information to professionals - setting up investigators sponsores studies and discussing with kols how to conduct such studies. - Training of sale teams - conducting/setting up advisory boards

  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM)

    October 2008 --- October 2009
    managment of Clinical trials in europe from feasability to final report. writing of trial documents (consentement, monitoring guidelines ...) for international studies.

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

    October 2007 --- September 2008
    Outsourcing within baxter SAS setting up of phase iiib study in elderly people

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

    April 2007 --- August 2007
    monitoring of a Phase III study in saudi arabia. meningococcal vaccine - adult and paediatric - 7 sites (around 40 patients per site)


LinkedIn Assessment :
DiplomacyOrganisational skillsoncologyCardiologyMedical DevicesClinical NutritionClinical trialsHealth EconomicsMedical affairsProgram ManagementPatient AdvocacyProject ManagementClinical monitoringCROKOL IdentificationKOL developmentTherapeutic AreasMedical EducationPharmacovigilanceClinical researchMedical writingBiotechnologyClinical DevelopmentICH-GCPRegulatory submissionsCTMSVaccinesUrologyClinical Study DesignEndocrinologySOPmolecular biologyDermatologyImmunologyLifesciencesDrug DevelopmentRegulatory affairsMedicineGCPInfectious diseasesPharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceuticsDiabetesBiopharmaceuticalsCancerHematologySOPLife SciencesLeadership

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
clinical researchMedical Affairsoncologyimmuno-oncologylungprostatebreasthaematologyclinical trialInteract with KOLPresent data at congressmedical writingliquid biopsyBiomarkersSet up a clinical study


  • PhD in Oncology -Effect Extracellular Matrix in Breast Cancer from Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne in 2007

Training and Certification

  • InfocusRX in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Elementary Proficiency

Area / Region

Nancy, France


Driving License
  • Yes

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