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i am a highly ambitious Food Science Student with 1 year and 7 months of professional experience. i am currently in my final year of studies for a degree in Food Science and Health in september. i am looking for further experience, i will be available for opportunities from the 25th of december 2016 to the 20th of january 2017. i will finish my final year exams on the 15th of may 2017. i decided to study for a degree in Food Science with business as i was very passionate about food from a young age. i want to gain experience expanding my existing knowledge of Physiology and Nutrition. i am very willing to Volunteer my skills for this experience. i have been described as a tenacious worker who is resilient in his commitment to success. i am dedicated to making a difference in my own life by improving the lives of people in giving them empowerment for better Health. my ambition is to live and work. i would like to work on the continent as i have experience of this but open to working anywhere. i believe my passions and personality suit living abroad. my short term goals: - work at the l’auberge de l’hospice at the col du grand saint bernard. - French lessons in preparation for the delf. - achieve a good winters Training on the bike for racing. - international buddy at the University of limerick. - i need to continue building my brand by submitting more posts on linkedin and possibly a blog in the future. my long-term goal: - to use my skill and experience for hands on experience in high performance. - i want to also to have success in my work and at the same time in my passion bike racing. - help people achieve good Health. please don't hesitate to contact me. number: 00353877578227 email: twitter: @colmdi skype:colm dillon researchgate: colm dillon p.s. Founder of the international Food Science students collaboration on facebook.


Past Experience

  • RD&A Intern

    June 2016 --- August 2016
    kerrygroup is divided into three main business areas kerry ingredients and flavours, consumer foods and the agribusiness. kerrygroup has its global headquarters is at the €100 million global technology and Innovation center in naas co kildare. this diverse center is host to 900 employees. i am based in dry culinary of rd&a at the global technology and Innovation centre. my main role during my three-month internship is to work along with the dry culinary team within the snack Applications unit with the aim of increasing the contribution to that business by assisting in the development of new products and the optimisation of existing products. i decided to do this internship as my ambition was to gain experience in a multinational before i graduated. i believe i need further Lab experience. having done this internship will provide me with the awareness of kerrygroups business structure and the culture, both pivotal learnings for my future Career. i also wanted to engage with more people in a similar field outside of work. i really enjoy the multicultural element the centre brings. main responsibilities: - investigating the physical, chemical and flavour properties of different foods. - collecting chemical, physical and flavour Analysis on products. - assisting in the development of specific products which include both Food products and application specific ingredients for industrial customers. - involved in various ongoing projects within the department and writing project reports on findings and conclusions. .

  • Intern

    January 2016 --- May 2016
    Supervisor: dr daniel commane the hugh sinclair Nutrition unit is part of the department of Food and nutritional Sciences of the University of reading. the unit has an international reputation for its Research into diet and the risk of chronic disease. i was trained in on the use of various protocols for In Vitro and intervention studies. in particular utilising comet and gamma h2ax Assays in the comparative assessment of the effect of phytochemical content in watercress on induced breast tumours. i wanted to Intern in the unit as i felt i needed to acquire more Lab skills and experience for my Career. i had an interest in learning and applying what i had learnt towards contemporary diseases of civilisation. i also wanted to gain experience with instruments used in Physiology and anthropometrics. i feel this experience has given me an edge as i am more aware of hygiene issues and everything associated with contamination. i have become more self-aware, i need to take more risks and i should not be afraid of failure. main responsibilities: - cell culturing. - use of comet and gamma h2ax Assays to determine the extent of DNA damage. - carrying out an in-depth Research of protocols and related technical papers. - preparation of reports for meetings. - dealing effectively with correspondence and Research staff/students. - assisting other Research students in Lab Assays. - developing a proactive approach to acquiring knowledge. other skills developed: Cancer Cell biology, oncology, Gel Electrophoresis, immunofluorescent Microscopy, HPLC and glp. i tried to make the most of my time in the uk by gaining experiences. i showed initiative in giving back to Food and society by volunteering at the british Food museum, sensory science centre, reading bicycle kitchen and imperial college london, a clear indication of my capacity to develop as a person and a Leader.

  • Intern

    April 2015 --- August 2015
    Supervisor: dr mark southern the dairy processing technology centre (dptc) is an industry–academic collaborative Research centre, hosted by the University of limerick, with a Research agenda driven by the long-term growth opportunities for the dairy sector. the centre is funded by enterprise ireland and the dairy industry partners. i collaborated with Research students to determine cost saving systems for the irish diary industry. i gained contacts and started to become more motivated to network harder than ever before. i learnt about building rapport to get along with your team. i learnt more about what i don't want for my Career. i developed more confidence through the mentoring and support i received from mark and his team. main responsibilities: - carried out background Research for the principle Investigator. - collected process data efficiently from a number of the irish diary companies. - assisted in the collection analysis and generation of reports from data collected. - liaised with the Research team to ensure analysis data was input correctly and reported upon. - undertook Research/Data Analysis for the priniciple Investigator. - assisted other Research team principle investigators with Research objectives. - dealt with correspondence in an effective and confident manner. - undertook a range of other tasks as required by management. other responsibilities: continuously looked to develop systems to improve the performance and efficiencies of my role. linkedin:

  • Industrial Internship in Quality Assurance

    January 2015 --- March 2015
    supervisors: david bradberry & rosemary cowen. probiotics international limited manufacture innovative Research based products. the products are manufactured for a range of Applications. their aim is to improve the Health of humans and animals by improved gut and immune Health. i worked with the Quality Assurance team at their Manufacturing site at lopen head in the uk. i gained a lot of life lessons from this experience which i know will give me that sharpness, a pre-requisit for success. i learnt these lessons from a number of people in senior positions. main responsibilities: - compiled a product quality report. - conducted reviews of the cleaning regime and effectiveness. - carried out cleaning validations. - analysed product data to ensure products were within specification. - used biotrace test kits to assess the cleaning practices. - other responsibilities included Communication, Time Management, Excel, attending Training sessions. other responsibilities: - i had to plan and organise outside of work to be able to combine my Training with the various opportunities available to me as person living in the united kingdom. website:

  • Stagiaire

    September 2013 --- November 2013
    Supervisor: cyril tribut. la ferme des brandts is a fine dining restaurant nestled in the rural countryside of the romandie region in the jura mountains of switzerland. the restaurant deals with many of the producers in the locality to ensure quality and consistency. the restaurant hosts important guests on occasion celebrities. with the ambition of aspiring to work with people from other countries, i proactively sought my placement in switzerland. i was based in the kitchen alongside kitchen staff learning from them in the preparation and cooking of foods. i also gained an understanding of how to run a successful business from Owner cyril tribut. i feel this work suited me as i am not afraid of hard work. i learnt how to approach work with long hours. main responsibilities: - worked alongside kitchen staff in the preparation and cooking of foods from the locality. - became familiar with of the regulations of concern. - maintained good hygiene practices. - developed an understanding of the operation of a business. other responsibilities: - cultural awareness, Time Management, pro-activity and effectively communicating to clients in French. website: see below for a reference letter from the Director.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Food MicrobiologyTenacious Work EthicProduct developmentNetworkingNutritionHACCPFood ScienceLeadershipFood IndustryQuality AssuranceMicrosoft OfficeTrainingResiliencyOrganic ChemistryFood MarketingFoodBusiness StrategyValue Stream MappingProbioticsMarketing StrategyEpidemiology and Public HealthReport WritingCell biologyBiochemistryFood regulatory AffairsFood analysisQuality ManagementCyclingFood process technologyBioanalytical Methods for the Food IndustryPrimary food productionEnvironmental ScienceLaboratory Data Analysis & PresentationHuman AnatomyTeamworkHPLCResearchPublic SpeakingTeachingself-starterPowerPointFlow CytometryPulsed-field gel electrophoresisComet AssayGamma H2AXPresentation DevelopmentCultural Knowledge & sensitivityImmunofluorescent microscopyLiquid chromatographyMolecular & Cellular Biology


  • BSc Food science and Health in from University of Limerick in 2017
  • in BSc Food science with Business. from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2014

Area / Region

Limerick, Ireland


Driving License
  • No

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