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Current Experience

  • Experienced Researcher

    Since February 2015
    seconded fellow for industry-academia partnerships and pathways (iapp) on a project based on systems-based view of melanoma progression: towards novel Diagnostic (and therapeutic) application. an extension to the sys-mel project in close collaboration with pathologists. Seconded fellow for Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) on a project based on Systems-Based View of Melanoma Progression: Towards Novel Diagnostic (and Therapeutic) Application. An extension to the SYS-MEL project in close collaboration with pathologists.

Past Experience

  • Experienced Researcher

    November 2013 --- January 2015
    sys-mel is focused on developing prognostic and predictive tests for melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin Cancer. currently, there are a paucity of tests to inform clinicians whether primary melanomas will spread to other organs and cause death (prognostic test), or if the patient will respond to standard chemotherapy (predictive tests). the sys-mel consortium will tackle this pressing Clinical and commercial need by investigating several key molecular pathways that drive melanoma progression, with a focus on epigenetically-regulated targets, the apoptosis cascade and kinase signalling. moreover, sys-mel investigators will perform fast-track Validation of candidate Protein Biomarkers of interest via high- throughput assessment of human tissue specimens using a combination of antibody-based profiling and computer-assisted pathological interpretation. in addition, we will employ novel proprietary Systems Biology approaches to analyse multiple data points, together with pathway information, to provide a fully comprehensive viewpoint of tumour behaviour. specifically, using the quantitative Protein data generated, systems modelling will be utilised to provide added benefit over classical bio-Statistical Analysis, and will allow us to shortlist highly specific panels of mechanistically-anchored prognostic Biomarkers. along the same vein, we aim to create a panel of Biomarkers that may be used to predict outcome to standard chemotherapy. expertise: a Molecular Biologist with Histology and Biostatistics expertise tasks where involved: perform antibody optimisation, IHC staining and Statistical Analysis for all work packages

  • Ph.D. Student

    April 2008 --- April 2013
    aim: the detection of mirnas involved in the pigmentary process in mammalians as the first step in the aim to interfere with the effect of mirnas on the pigmentary process. additional investigations into the potential role of mir-145 during progression of melanoma

  • Junior Technician

    June 2006 --- November 2006
    involved in a project that investigates the feasibility and the utility of double strand break induction to mediate and direct genome Engineering in canola. different components are tested through Assays for functionality of double strand break induction and intra-chromosomal homologous recombination that hopefully leads to marker removal or specific Gene targeting. these techniques included amongst others PCR, cloning, Sequencing and fragment Analysis.

  • Intern

    October 2004 --- July 2005
    unraveling the role of hormones during nodule senescence with the use of specific nodule promoter to drive the expression of specific hormone biosynthesis and perception/signaling interfering genes in the nodule.


LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyResearchCell CultureLife SciencesBiotechnologyMicrosoft OfficeEnglishAnalysisExcelPCRLifesciencesCell biologyAssay developmentqPCRMicrobiologySequencing


  • Master in Molecular Biotechnology from Universiteit Gent in 2005
  • Master in Industrial Engineering Agriculture and Biotechnology from Hogeschool Gent in 2004

Area / Region

Dublin, Ireland


Driving License
  • Yes

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