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dan kajungu is a BioStatistician with over 10 years extensive experience in Public Health Research, Statistical practice, consultancy, and Teaching in africa. his professional direction is aimed at using Statistics to improve health and socio-economic status among communities affected by poverty related diseases, and other social inequalities. his Research interests in Public Health cover Infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, and non-communicable diseases. his biostatistical interests also include use of Data Mining methods. in addition to Public Health metrics, his other passion is improving Pharmacovigilance and drug utilisation Research in africa. dan holds a phd in Public Health from université catholique de louvain (ucl), belgium, a masters in Biostatistics (Epidemiology) and MSc applied Statistics (Data Mining) both from the University of hasselt in belgium. he is the President of international biometric society (ibs) – uganda region (, a Member ibs representatives council and chair of ibs travel awards committee, Member of uganda Statistical society and uganda society of health Scientist. he has published in peer reviewed journals and reviewed manuscripts from such journals.


Current Experience

  • Executive Director

    Since March 2016
    providing overall Leadership, strategic direction, vision and Policy oversight within the centre as well as key representative of the centre for cultivating strategic partnerships with key stakeholders like government, other academic/Research institutions and donors. centre Leader at the iganga/mayuge Health and demographic surveillance site (imhdss). Providing overall leadership, strategic direction, vision and policy oversight within the Centre as well as key representative of the Centre for cultivating strategic partnerships with key stakeholders like government, other academic/research institutions and donors. Centre Leader at the Iganga/Mayuge Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (IMHDSS).

  • statistician

    Since October 2014
    support Quality Control efforts in matters regarding survey from study designs to Report Writing. lead in complex survey design, Analysis and advanced meta-Analysis of data available within mc contribute to Quality Assurance mechanisms for mc work support the development and maintenance of intra-organizational m&e systems and data bases develop capacity of malaria consortium staff and national programmes in m&e and surveillance Support quality control efforts in matters regarding survey from study designs to report writing. Lead in complex survey design, analysis and advanced meta-analysis of data available within MC Contribute to quality assurance mechanisms for MC work Support the development and maintenance of intra-organizational M&E systems and data bases Develop capacity of Malaria Consortium staff and national programmes in M&E and surveillance

  • Founder and Associate Director

    Since January 2013
    we provide outsourced services in the following areas: Biostatistics, Pharmacovigilance, safety signal detection and evaluation, drug utilization Research services, post-Marketing surveys support, Data Analysis, remote Statistical services, Statistical Training and consultancy services. We provide outsourced services in the following areas: Biostatistics, Pharmacovigilance, safety signal detection and evaluation, drug utilization research services, post-marketing surveys support, Data analysis, remote statistical services, Statistical training and consultancy services.

  • President

    Since October 2011
    providing Leadership to a society of professionals in the areas of Biostatistics, medical Statistics, Public Health metrics, data managers,..... Member of the international biometric society (ibs) representative council 2013-2017 Chairman of the travel awards committee of ibs 2016-2018 Providing leadership to a society of professionals in the areas of biostatistics, medical statistics, public health metrics, data managers,..... Member of the International Biometric Society (IBS) Representative council 2013-2017 Chairman of the Travel Awards Committee of IBS 2016-2018

Past Experience

  • Senior Biostatistician advisor

    March 2013 --- December 2014
    providing biostatistical support, mentoring and building the capacity in Biostatistics, Research, Data Mining, Data Analysis.

  • Project Leader (Consultant)

    April 2013 --- November 2014
    led the project assessing public expenditure governance in uganda’s Health sector:

  • Lead M&E Statistical Consultant

    April 2014 --- September 2014
    led the Analysis and synthesis of projects survey and implementation data

  • Multicountry Statistician and Data Synthesis Coordinator

    October 2009 --- December 2012
    worked with the indepth effectiveness and safety studies (iness) Phase IV (post Marketing studies) consortium which comprised of a number of autonomous Research groups, working together to plan and execute a programme of work that provides the needed information on effectiveness and safety of acts to the national malaria program managers for Policy making.

  • Lead Consultant

    February 2012 --- March 2012
    situation Analysis and review of m&e and hmis for nu Health project in acholi region of northern uganda implementing result based funding (rbf). the work involved comprehensive review and Documentation of the existing hims in northern uganda, acholi sub region pnfp Health facilities, districts and central level (ucmb/upmb and moh).

  • Study Statistician

    March 2007 --- October 2009
    a multi-country Clinical Trial comparing and evaluating 4 artemisinin-based combinations (acts) for treating uncomplicated malaria in african children – 4abc multi-country project (7 african countries and 12 sites).

  • Statistical Research Scientist

    March 2003 --- October 2004
    development of art (dart) study - a multi-site/country Clinical Trial on arvs conducted in uganda and zimbabwe.

  • Data Analyst

    March 2001 --- March 2003
    aic is a not for profit organization providing voluntary counseling and Testing for hiv/aids and other reproductive service to the general public in uganda.


LinkedIn Assessment :
BioinformaticsStudy DesignPharmacovigilancePharmacoepidemiologyICH-GCPLinear RegressionBiostatisticsData AnalysisEpidemiologyStatisticsData ManagementClinical trialsResearchPublic HealthSASData MiningSPSSRStataStatistical ModelingAfricaClinical Study DesignQualitative ResearchProgram EvaluationQuantitative AnalyticsOperations ResearchData CollectionQuantitative ResearchReport WritingClinical researchPredictive AnalyticsInfectious diseasesResearch DesignSAS programmingLifesciencesClinical DevelopmentClinical Data ManagementInformaticsGCPscienceSurvey ResearchStatistical Data AnalysisSurvival AnalysisTime Series AnalysisPredictive ModelingInternational HealthBayesian statisticsSurvey DesignLogistic RegressionProposal Writing


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public Health from Université catholique de Louvain in 2015
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Public Health from Victoria University, Uganda in 2014
  • Masters in Biostatistics from Universiteit Hasselt in 2006
  • Msc in Applied Statistics from Universiteit Hasselt in 2005
  • Bachelor of in Statistics from Makerere University in 2000

Area / Region

Kampala, Central Region, Uganda


Driving License
  • No

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