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Current Experience

  • European Product Manager EMEA
    Since March 2016

  • European Project Manager EMEA
    Since June 2013
    Prof Ed Products management

Past Experience

  • Improving languages and corporate skills
    September 2012 --- May 2013
    - Attending courses and workshops to refine my project management and business administration skills

  • Molecular biology PhD
    January 2008 --- July 2012
    - Self dependent development and implementation of molecular biology techniques to investigate the function of centromeric proteins - Critical discussion of projects and published literature with the supervisor and colleagues - Providing important findings regarding the cell cycle depend localization of Scm3 at centromere - Supervising master students as teaching assistant

  • Diagnostic Laboratory Researcher
    September 2007 --- December 2007
    Diagnostic tools for detection of Chikungunya virus in blood samples

  • Master student internship
    July 2006 --- March 2007
    Microbiology Department at Policlinico Sant’Orsola Malpighi, University of Bologna, Italy, Dr. A. Ripalti Title: “Placental mesenchymal stem cells suscettibility to HCMV infection”

  • Bachelor student internship
    November 2003 --- May 2004
    Microbiology and Virology, University of Bologna, Italy, Prof. Dr. G. Campadelli Title: “Mutagenesis of hypothetical coiled-coil regions in the Herpes Simplex virus glycoprotein B and mutational effect on the glycoprotein fusogenic activity”


LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyCell CultureMicrobiologyCommunicationMedical DevicesBiochemistryBiotechnologyProduct launchBusiness administrationCross-functional team leadershipWritten & Oral Presentation SkillsProblem SolvingOrganizationProduct MarketingMolecular CloningBreast BiopsyqPCRWestern BlottingProject ManagementEducational WorkshopsMarketing CommunicationsInterventional RadiologyFlexibilityVirologyPCRProtein ExpressionCell biologyLifesciencesImmunofluorescenceGenomicsDNAStakeholder EngagementFluorescence MicroscopyRadioactive kinase assaysProtein chemistryCross-cultural Communication SkillsLife Sciences


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Molecular Biology from University of Heidelberg in 2012
  • Master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from University of Bologna in 2007
  • Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from University of Bologna in 2004
  • in from Liceo Scientifico in 2001

Training and Certification

  • DBSLO Certification
  • Erfolgreich Studienergebnisse vermarkten Certification
  • European Business Competence* Licence, Level A Certification
  • European Business Competence* Licence, Level B Certification
  • Project Management Certification
  • Schulung für Medizinprodukteberater Certification

Area / Region

Hamburg, Germany


Driving License
  • Yes