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As a highly experienced software developper, I'm using my strong skills in embedded real time software to design, develop, test, and deploy runtime and remote debug & analysis tools. As a key team player collaborating with various teams around the world, I always keep focus on customers needs, and my past of test engineer leads me to pay particular attention to product quality.


Current Experience

  • Member of Technical Staff
    Since January 2006
    o Design and prototype a debug agent allowing reverse-debugging in a VxWorks core dump. o Design and development of VxWorks 7 debug agents. Those debug agents based on TCF Open source protocol allow to debug VxWorks in stop mode (system debug based on GdbRemote protocol), run mode (application mode), or post mortem mode (core dump analysis mode) with Workbench (Eclipse based debugger). o Design and development of a VxWorks library allowing to stop all the CPUs of the system using interprocessor interrupts (IPIs) to allow debugging of multicore systems (VxWorks SMP). o Adapt VxWorks debug tools for 64bit mode support (Shell, Debug Agents).

Past Experience

  • Senior Development Engineer
    January 2003 --- December 2005
    o Design and development tools to generate crash dump reports (core dumps) for VxWorks 6.x kernel and/or applications on deployed systems, and to analyse/debug in mode post-mortem the reason of the crash.

  • Development engineer
    January 1998 --- December 2002
    o Port VxWorks simulator on Linux. o Add processes (RTPs) debug support to VxWorks shell. o VxWorks simulator & runtime debug tools maintenance.

  • Test Engineer
    January 1996 --- December 1997
    o Development & deployement of an automated test infrastructure for remote targets. o Tornado tools maintenance (VxWorks 5.x debugger).


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  • DUIA - Diplome Universitaire en Informatique Appliquée in Real Time Systems from IUT de Vannes in 1995
  • BTS Informatique Industrielle in Real Time Systems from Lycee Felix Le Dantec - Lanion in 1993
  • BAC F3 in électrotechnique from Lycee Colbert - Lorient in 1991


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Work Preferences

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    4 weeks
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    Yes, 5 Days
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    Permanent position :    100% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    40 Hours per week :    100% Free Per Month(in coming months)
    BrightOwl employee :    100% FTE
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Area / Region

Vannes, France


Driving License
  • Yes