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With a high motivation, and entrepreneurship mindset, I have a sharp sense of relationship building. My Master's Degree in "Mechatronics "​ and my second Master's Degree in "Business/Management & Technology"​ allow me to gather Management, Technical and Business skills. My internship in Brazil and my Erasmus in Portugal provided me an international dimension to my career ambitious. I am looking for a position as Junior Project Engineer, Production Engineer or Supply Chain Engineer.


Current Experience

  • Assistant
    Since January 2015
    Biophysics for bachelor

Past Experience

  • Ambassador
    February 2015 --- June 2015
    Increase visibility of MBJ Integrated Technology in Brussels thanks workshop and meeting.

  • Partner Manager
    September 2014 --- April 2015
    Getting new partnership with party organizers,famous brand and student clubs.

  • Founder
    September 2014 --- February 2015
    Boost-up is a start-up project I initiated. Boost-up offers particular lessons given by masters from ULB to bachelors from ULB.

  • Tutor in Mathematics & Physics
    January 2013 --- January 2015
    Support collegians in mathemetics and physics

  • Erasmus in Portugal
    September 2012 --- February 2013
    One semester in foreign country living in house with 30 others Erasmus people. Experience was highly valuable in term of human experience.

  • Internship in Brazil
    July 2012 --- September 2012
    Modelling of refrigerator fluid flow in capillary tube

  • Coach in Mathematics and Physics
    September 2008 --- September 2011
    As private teacher i was able to help student with problem in mathematics and physics. This experience allows me to develop coaching, pedagogy and communication skills.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Start-upMatlabC++Travail d'Microsoft ExcelTeam LeadershipTeam ManagementPowerPointProject ManagementPublic Speakinginterpersonal communicationmanagement


  • Master's Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, Business/Management & Technologies in from ULB in 2015
  • Master's Degree in Electromechanical Engineering,Mechatronics in from ULB in 2014

Area / Region

Brussels, Belgium


Driving License
  • No