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My main areas of interest are those related to the fields of privacy and data protection law, especially on what regards to the confidentiality of medical data and the privacy of genetic data. My work has been so far focused on European data protection regulations and their impact on the protection of the subject’s privacy regarding their genetic and medical information, the regulation of Biobanks and Genetic Research Databases and the European regulations regarding DNA databases for crime prevention and sanction. My research is particularly focused on the implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation and its future impact on the data protection scheme both in Europe and abroad, especially in the pharmaceutical and biomedical research fields. I'm also interested in the fields of Biolaw and Bioethics, in particular regarding the principles, laws and regulations governing the conduct of biomedical and clinical research in Europe and the challenges to the protection of the privacy of genetic and medical information that these operations imply. During the last few years I supplemented my research work in these areas with hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry. My position as Research Coordinator in Celgene Research, allowed me to have a privileged and unique insight of the processes that lead to the introduction of new drugs and therapies and the role played by European and international laws, regulations, policies and customary practices within the pharmaceutical industry. An understanding of the processes conducted within the pharmaceutical industry has been instrumental for the development of my research career as they have allowed me to understand the real challenges that both patients and the industry face in the area of health and Biomedical Research in Europe.


Current Experience

  • Research Coordinator
    Since March 2011
    Under the supervision of Prof. James Carmichael, CSO at CITRE - Celgene Institute Translational Research Europe - Coordination of the Clinical, Computational and HDTL (Human Disease Tissue Lab.) departments research. - Technical writing, review and translation of study specific materials (medical terminology and research) - Trial Master Files creation, document submission, quality review, maintenance and control. - Clinical documents databases management, audit preparation and quality control. - Preparation, Review and translation of standard operating procedures and working procedures. - Training in Coordination of Good Clinical Practices related health authority inspections.

Past Experience

  • Doctor in International Law
    June 2012 --- January 2016
    Doctoral Thesis Title: The Right to Genetic Privacy in European Law. Supervisor: Daniel García San José, PhD., Tenured Professor, International Law and International Relations. Topics covered by the Doctoral Thesis: - The right to privacy vs. the right to confidentiality in international law. - The exceptional nature of genetic and medical data and the challenges they pose for the effective protection of the right to privacy and the right to data protection. - The role of the current European data protection law in the protection of medical and genetic data. - The role of the new General Data Protection Regulation in the protection of medical and genetic data in Europe and abroad. - The role of the Council of Europe's "soft-law" in the protection of the privacy of the individual regarding their genetic and medical data. - The role of the Council of Europe's instruments on Biomedicine in the protection of the right to genetic privacy. - The protection of genetic, medical and genealogical information stored in Biobanks according to European data protection law. - The rights of third parties regarding the genetic data of the proband or patient. Starting date: June 2012 Finishing date: January 2016 Graduated on January 22nd 2016 with Summa Cum Laude Honors.


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  • PhD. in Public and Private International Law and International Relations in from Universidad de Sevilla in 2015

Area / Region

Bremen, Germany


Driving License
  • No