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I have a strong analytic, associative mind in balance with sensitivity and intuition. Used with reconnecting communication this ensures the right dose of empathy and care for building constructive relations. If people are connected with their soul, they can fulfil themselves on the workfloor, this way getting access to greater sources of creativity and realisation. Growing in synergie, people and company, to the next level by working in their potential and eliminating restricting patterns. Besides the mindset and structure, getting sensitivity and intuition nested in organisations is a goal towards which I like to strive and I am able to sense organisation's structures, gaps and bottlenecks. Coaching sensitive people and HSPs to create themselves in essence and realise their potential. Also coaching people with fear to fail, with perfectionism and with burn-out.


Current Experience

  • CoachIng & TrainIng
    Since January 2013
    Empowerment by harmonization of body, mind, sensitivity by re-strengthing the role of feeling and intuition. Making room for sensitivity within one persoon, a group, a structure, a company. This way, enhancing communication and connection within persons, groups, companies. Many HSP develop fear to fail, perfectionism and burn-out. Training and coaching will help them keeping the balance so they can valorise it to a great asset in regulated and goal oriented structures. As an aid to the coaching proces, I also use NeurOptimal neurofeedback which can be seen as yoga for the mind. NeurOptimal innovative hightech system with scientifically advanced software will provide feedback to the brains which neural paths are actually being used, while maybe ready to leave. Thanks to the brain's plasticity new neural bonds can be created giving birth to new neural paths. As our central nervous system is embedded in our whole human being, these new created paths will be reflected in new behaviour, other ways of thinking, more emotional balance, different sensation of energy. Throughout the coaching, multiple tools which can help the proces are being explored in a creative way, and methods are being combined and applied depending from the input of coachee or the team.

  • Owner ClinAdvise bvba Clinical Research Professional
    Since April 2007
    Senior Clinical Research Professional: Project Manager lead CRA, senior CRA, Site Optimisation & Patient Recruitment specialist Coach & Trainer in Clinical Research With a Master of Industrial science and a Pedagogic Degree, I started my career at Procter & Gamble, working as a Medical Delguee. Enjoying the client contacts, but missing science, I soon switched to clinical research joining Quintiles and continued working in clinical research for 20 years now. My job experience ranges from Clinical Project Manager to Trainer in Clinical Research as well as Patient Recruitment Specialist, Senior CRA, Lead CRA in CROs, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. The clinical trials I managed and monitored were national and international phase I to IV studies as well as observational studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Next to science and research, education is a pillar in my professional activities. Since 2011, I provide training and coaching in the field of clinical research. Both professional education and personal development are important: I coach people with fear to fail and perfectionism as prevention of burn-out and I train highly sensitive persons to valorise their talents.

Past Experience

  • Freelance Clinical Research Trainer
    December 2011 --- March 2017
    Participating and exchanging ideas in the quarterly Trainer's forum Developing, providing and teaching ICH-GCP, CRA, Clinical Project Management trainings

  • Freelance Patient Recruitment Specialist
    January 2016 --- May 2016

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    June 2014 --- October 2014

  • Sports - Spinning Trainer & Coach
    August 2003 --- January 2013
    Start-up Spinning classes with Sports department Landen Providing Spinning trainings in Fitness & Sportscenters in Leuven, Bierbeek & Tienen

  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM)
    June 2007 --- July 2011
    Insourced as a consultant by UCB Pharma, functioning as a Clinical Project Manager for clinical studies in epileptic patients; patients with Crohn's disease and CPM for an observational study in pediatric epileptic patients

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    October 2007 --- March 2008
    Monitoring & Close-out of phase I clinical trial in sleep medication, phase I unit Forenap in Rouffach, France.

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    November 2004 --- April 2007
    Lead CRA in various studies in EU for drugs and medical devices

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    November 2002 --- November 2003
    Project Management of the endpoint process CARE HF study in heart failure (800 patients, 10 EU countries)

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    January 2001 --- November 2002
    Full responsibility of a clinical study for CE filing : a synthetic cortical bone void filler in percutaneous vertebroplasty for patients with vertebral compression fractures (Sites in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy)

  • Clinical trial coordinator
    March 1996 --- January 2001
    Start-up, monitoring and coordination of phase 3 studies in HIV, oncology, cardiology, diabetes, ....

  • Clinical Site Manager
    January 2000 --- January 2000
    Outsourced by Quintiles as CSM to Novo Nordisk

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    January 1997 --- January 1997
    Outsourced by Quintiles to Boehringer Ingelheim as customer based CRA

  • Medical Delegue
    September 1990 --- February 1996
    Sales of OTC products to pharmacists in Provinces Liège, Luxembourg, Limburg, Vlaams & Waals-Brabant, Namur.


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  • HSP for Professionals in Highly Sensitive Persons from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2016
  • Psycho-Energetic Coach in Coaching in personal & multidimensional energetic skills from European Psycho-Energetic Coaching Association in 2013
  • Basic up to STAR 3 in Spinning(TM) Training Programm from Mad Dog Athletics (Miami USA) & SpinFitness in The Netherlands in 2011
  • Bachelor in Pedagogic Teaching from Center for Adult Education, CVO Brussels in 1994
  • Master in Industrial Science Biochemistry from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1990
  • Certified NeurOptimal Trainer in Training of the brains & central nervous system from Zengar Institute NeurOptimal in 0
  • Coaching of people with perfectionisme in Personal development en coaching from het Ontwikkelingsinstituut in 0

Area / Region

Landen, Belgium


Driving License
  • No