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ii studied Physics and Chemistry at the University of leyden. the results are laid down in a thesis on the photo emission of metal (alloy) films and 5 Publications in international scientific magazines. hereafter i joined philips Research center in eindhoven. i was one of the very first to do grain boundary Analysis of the polycrystalline dielectrics. the results are laid down in 15 articles in international scientific magazines. next i joined the nonlinear resistor factory in belgium and became responsible for the development group varistors and ntc’s. six years later i set up a Manufacturing operation for ceramic multilayer capacitors in japan - Manufacturing the equipment, Training of some japanese engineers and running in the factory. consecutively i became the Innovation manager for philips with development centres in roermond (neth.), kaohsung (twn) and los angelos ( hereafter i became General Manager to build a new business activity in multilayer actuators. in 4 years time an operation with a turn over of around 30million dfl. was realized. a. o. with epson the piezo printer concept was realized. many other japanese customers were triggered by the success of epson and ordered our products. my next job was development manager colour monitor tubes in hsinchu (taiwan). various new types monitor tubes were developed and introduced like the 19 inch short (first to introduce in the market) and the 17 inch flat monitor tube. in the newly formed joint venture lg-philips displays, i became the development Director of the region a/p. highlights were the introduction of various new tubes like 32 inch flat wide screen in the factory in nanjing (china) and the 29 inch flat screen in the factories in changsa and nanjing. due to the market situation my job fazed out. the period since then is a sabbatical period for me. however missing the challenge and (international) contacts i am now looking again for new opportunity.


Past Experience

  • Director Development

    June 2001 --- February 2003
    1. Director development displays a/p (2001 june ~ 2003 february).  Member of the regional management team a/p for Innovation responsible for the development teams in the 5 factories in the region a/p.  successfully introduced new crtubes like the 29 inch flat screen and 32 inch flat wide screen in the factories in china and korea.  arranged the (supplier-) support for small development activities/ product changes for continuous cost down actions in the tv-tube as well as the monitor-tube production.  supported the Marketing/Sales with the release of our tubes at the customers (e.g. philips).

  • Director development display region A/P

    January 2001 --- January 2003

  • Development manager of Philips Display Components for C(olor) M(onitor) T(ubes) A/P

    September 1997 --- June 2001
    development manager of philips display components for c(olor) m(onitor) t(ubes) a/p (1997 sept. ~ 2001 july).  Member of the regional management team a/p responsible for the Innovation group (~ 50 people) and Coordinator of development activities in the monitor factories in chupei/hsinchu (taiwan) and lebring (austria).  successfully introduced new 19 inch short (first to introduce in the market) and the 17 inch flat monitor tube in the factory.  supported the Marketing/Sales with the release of our tubes at the customers (e.g. dell, philips).  arranged small development activities/ product changes for continuous cost down and improvement actions in the monitor-tube production.  built up co-maker relationships with several (strategic) materials suppliers located in the region  initiated discussions with competitors for possible cooperation.

  • Development manager

    January 1997 --- January 2001

  • General Manager C(eramic) M(ultilayer) A(ctuators)

    April 1992 --- September 1997
    General Manager.  build up a profitable business activity from an activity running in the pre-development – turn over 30 million dfl. and 150 people.  obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.  responsible for the Marketing/Sales a/p being the most interested and demanding market with customers like e.g. epson, citizen, sony, nikon.  together with engineers epson the piezo printer concept was realized and coordinated the follow up Sales and product developments.  developed a business plan for piezo-transformers

  • Technical coordinator and later Innovation manager CMC's

    August 1986 --- April 1992
    o as Technical Manager with a group of max. ~ 100 people i realized: • the construction and Testing of a new generation equipment as used by philips roermond for the ceramic multilayer capacitors)production . • set up the proper Documentation and the Training of japanese engineers . • the start up of these machines/production with a small crew of 6 people in a newly build factory in the northern part of japan within the period of 1 ½ years contractually agreed. o as Innovation manager cmc’s i realized: • Member of the management team of the factory in roermond with an Innovation group of ~ 50 people. • the coordination of the development in the 3 development centers in roermond, kaohosung and los angelos. • the introduction of extension – larger capacitance values – of the product ranges in line with the market demand in the 4 factories. • support of the Marketing/Sales for the release of our capacitors at the customers (e.g. ford, bosch)


LinkedIn Assessment :
Design of ExperimentsSPCFailure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)ManufacturingProduct developmentStart-upsmanagementGage R&RSix Sigma


  • PhD in Heterogeneos Catalysis from Leiden University in 1975
  • in from Leiden University in 1972

Area / Region

Leidschendam, Nederland


Driving License
  • Yes

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