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Current Experience

  • Data management assistant (interim)
    Since July 2014
    Work in the modification files department - Initiate, follow-up and complete modification file/lab request change in ROXIS (SAP-Labware) - Import data from SLP cross reference file (file coming from external labs) - Perform virtual reception for biological samples into Roxis - Output files generation (files to be sent to external labs) - Archive management

Past Experience

  • Project Consultant
    July 2012 --- September 2013
    Short mission at GSK (Glaxosmithkline) as backup for an Experis colleague - Data input in SAP environmental deviations values (pressure, temperature, humidity) in vaccine formulation areas

  • Project consultant - R&D (Stability department)
    July 2012 --- May 2013
    (As a contractor for Experis belgium) Work in stability department (service support to R&D) - Stability tests (UV and/or heat exposure) performed on many prototypes provided by developers - Beverages preparations for developers according several aging protocols - Organization and dispatching the artificially aged samples for tasting and observations purposes

  • Administrative support
    April 2012 --- April 2012
    - Encoding customers orders in SAP

  • Lab Chemist
    May 2011 --- March 2012
    R&D department - Development of a new UV curable adhesive resin with optical properties (synthesis & formulation) - Physical properties testing for water-based and solvent-based adhesives - Investigate customers issues

  • Lab technician
    March 2007 --- December 2010
    Technical support for sales department - Batches production selection tests for customers according their specifications - Investigate solutions for several customers complaints - Comparison of several pigment versus the core portfolio to encounter customer’s needs - Displays, panels and samples for sales managers, sales tools Developments - New solvent-based and sprayable paint system for aluminium pastes and mica powder to industrial and automotive applications - Elaboration of test method of pigment grinding in epoxy flooring resins - Mapping of all Red 19 and Violet 19 pigments available in the market in CieLAB scale Others - Reports writing - Input data obtained by experimentation in SAP system - Update competitors pigment samples databases - Administrative work

  • Lab trainee
    February 2006 --- March 2006
    - Quality control on hydraulic fluids for aviation (Skydrol®) and Heat-transfer fluids (Therminol®)

  • Lab trainee
    February 2005 --- March 2005
    - Assisting a PhD student in his work as lab technician - Involved in the research work by collecting data provided by several experiments - Use of several analysis methods such as GC, HPLC, RMN, IR and UV spectrophotometry

  • Student
    August 2004 --- September 2004
    - Data input related to new molecules developped for R&D purposes in several databases - Physical dispatching of vials in several departments


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Ixelles, Belgique


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