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to be an senior Analyst position in the area of Data Management domain. specialties: SAP mm, ms Excel, power query, power pivot, ms access, Excel vba, Photoshop cs5


Current Experience

  • Supply Chain Analyst

    Since November 2014
    project: supply chain Planning role: business analyst -Supply Chain Management. client: federal mogul motor divisionfor emea region Applications: SAP Logistics & Procurement, ms Excel, power query, power pivot, ms access, vba, every angle, bex analyzer, lotus notes responsibilities: source data need to be extracted from SAP ecc, SAP bw & every angle. use customized transactions for extracting line fill rate by customer, vendor supply & forecast data, customer past due, material status, expedite data at plant level, net negative availability at plant level, inventory data. some of scheduled reports are: o blocked invoices: o inventory reports: inventory quality report, inventory outlook; inventory outlook Finance o fill rate:fill rate france, fill rate mtd, fill rate bible o vendor performance:vendor shipping /past due report o net negative availability & evolution report o customer performance:key customer fill rate report, customer backorder report o goods return:update the status of the material to be returned after checking the status from SAP system and mention the comments respectively. o supply value plan(svp) o demand over capacity(doc) o adhoc reports: modifying template monthly/quarterly/yearly for respective reports additional responsibilties: developed powerpivot report for net negative evolution over the period of last 52 weeks, by consolidating data in datamodel using power query, and generate the evolution report using power pivot in Excel. develop access tables for product hierarchy&masterdata and build queries and macros to automate the report generation process. developed macros to split one main report to multiple reports based on vendor & convert them to pdf. cretaed complex function to reutilize & avoid manual Validation of data every week. remodel the fillrate report from weekly report to have historical data for ytd & mtd Analysis PROJECT: Supply Chain Planning Role: Business Analyst -Supply Chain Management. Client: Federal Mogul Motor Divisionfor EMEA Region Applications: SAP Logistics & Procurement, MS Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot, MS Access, VBA, Every Angle, BEX Analyzer, Lotus notes Responsibilities: Source data need to be extracted from SAP ECC, SAP BW & Every angle. Use customized transactions for extracting Line fill rate by Customer, Vendor Supply & Forecast Data, Customer Past Due, Material Status, Expedite Data at Plant level, Net Negative availability at Plant Level, Inventory data. Some of Scheduled reports are: o Blocked Invoices: o Inventory reports: Inventory Quality report, Inventory Outlook; Inventory Outlook Finance o Fill Rate:Fill rate France, Fill rate MTD, Fill rate Bible o Vendor Performance:Vendor Shipping /Past due report o Net Negative availability & Evolution report o Customer Performance:Key Customer Fill Rate report, Customer Backorder report o Goods return:Update the status of the material to be returned after checking the status from SAP System and mention the comments respectively. o Supply Value Plan(SVP) o Demand Over Capacity(DOC) o Adhoc Reports: Modifying template Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly for respective reports Additional Responsibilties: Developed Powerpivot report for Net negative evolution over the period of last 52 weeks, by consolidating data in datamodel using power query, and generate the evolution report using power pivot in excel. Develop Access Tables for Product Hierarchy&Masterdata and build Queries and Macros to automate the Report generation Process. Developed Macros to split one main report to multiple reports based on Vendor & convert them to PDF. Cretaed complex function to reutilize & avoid manual validation of data every week. Remodel the Fillrate report from Weekly report to have Historical Data for YTD & MTD Analysis

Past Experience


    June 2009 --- November 2014
    data Validation: (SAP material master) create material for the new items need to be include/changed in the system using mm01/02 t-code. pull reports from SAP system using sqvi queries , analyze the part number and mark the part numbers which are incomplete/invalid in the system. also validate the part numbers in the system wrt the manufacture price files/sources. mark the duplicate part number in system existing in the multiple plants (country wise branches) update the modified part numbers in the SAP syatem using lsmw . cin(common item number): linking item number across countries of the same brand and assign the common item number. knowldege of data extraction and manufacture part number nomenclature Analysis. data cleansing: cleaning the existing data like part numbers, description, catalog numbers existing in manufacture legacy inventory and removing the duplicate entries in the system. data categorisation: assign standard product hierarchy codes for the part number. which involves detail level of Sourcing and product knowledge. data normalisation: identify the latest and exact manufacture name as per the manufacturer latest updates. this process involves assigning correct manufacture name and brand names based on their global presence. responsibilities: build rule documents and process documents required for each process. explain the process methods & techniques to the subordinates.

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    September 2007 --- June 2009
    ms-Excel, manual Testing on the inhouse tools. an application Outsourcing Project Management office (aopmo) is a centralized unit of the Leadership team dedicated to Project Management activities. specific activities executed by the pmo: administering the project plan and providing information to the management and tracking project performance, schedule Budgets and reporting to the Leadership team. role & responsibilities * monitoring the release version and preparing dashboards for the engagement team based on the performance level. * providing project staffing activities by coordinating with idc resource management groups. * closely working with sqa team to identify and minimize the data issues. * creating weekly/monthly dcn idc summary reports which comprise of performance metrics of the project for analyzing the overall performance of the project against the targets & the achieved figures. * metricising the data from the measures provided by the project team. * working closely with sepg team to sort out the reason for variance in the effort/schedule of the project team performance. * plotting and comparing the trend (for last 4weeks/6months) of the weekly/monthly performance of individual project to help the project team to show the progressing level in the performance. * consolidating the different delivery centers monthly metrics reports to represent the organizational performance to the top management. * creating monthly dashboard, which highlights the overall performance of the project to support the management decisions. * preparing control charts for the core metrics of the project on a period of quarter year to check limits are between the organizational ucl & lcl. * automating the some of the sections using links, pivot tables, vlookup functions and macros. additional roles: manual Testing on the Automation tool developed for the consolidated reporting.


    June 2006 --- July 2007
    project details: cnn content management (mro project) as qc team Member requirements: unspsc tool, uom (metric & imperial), smd (reference), ms Excel, ms access. * enrichment of mro products includes mechanical & electrical Manufacturing goods & supplies. * files are categorized based on noun, modifiers or keywords. * templates are being filled based on modifier id recommended by clients. * cleansing the data with the given manufacturer name/part numbers. * checking for consistency in the complete file based on the requirements & standards. mgh content management. (Healthcare project) as qc team Member client: ghx Healthcare products service provider. requirements: unspsc, smd, ms Excel, standard uom reference. * classification of products using unspsc tool. * Sourcing of products according to part number in the manufacturer/vendor site. * enrichment and filling of attributes related to the product. * normalizing the description with the enriched data. * long & short descriptions are prepared according to the specifications.


    December 2004 --- April 2006
    mro products classification & data enrichment


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingAdaptability


LinkedIn Assessment :
Project ManagementmanagementQuality AssuranceAnalysisAccessOutsourcingManufacturingLeadershipMicrosoft ExcelVBAVendor ManagementBusiness IntelligenceEngineeringERPSAPTeam ManagementSourcingProcess improvementData AnalysisSupply Chain Managementmaster data managementSSRS

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data


  • BE in Electrical and Electronics from Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology*,Mysore in 2004
  • PUC in PCME from Sharada Vilas PU College*, Mysore in 2000
  • SSLC in MATHS from Sree Cauvery School*, Mysore in 1998


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    7 weeks
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Data Manager
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 2 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
  • International:

Area / Region

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Driving License
  • No

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