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for more than a decade i was responsible for maintaining and developing one of the largest collections of recombinant major histocompability complex i and ii molecules. the molecules where used in sensitive peptide binding Assays to generate data, that where subsequently used to develop best in class prediction Algorithms for assessing peptide binding to mhc molecules (netmhcpan i and ii, nn align etc). these are invaluable tools and used to study diseases, develop novel Vaccines and create better and safer bio therapeutics. besides mhc, i was also captivated by the neonatal fc receptor (fcrn), and for a few years i worked on developing albumin variants with a stronger affinity to fcrn. i succeeded, but unfortunately the danish company novozymes did so 6 months ahead of me. these albumin variants now form the basis of their veltistm half-life extension technology. immunitrack the know-how and technology on fcrn and mhc is now being spun out into the company immunitrack. immunitrack will offer best in class fcrn molecules that have been tested and can be used on most platforms (ELISA, alphascreen, octet, biacore etc), please see recent examples of their performance in sci transl med. 2015 feb 18;7(275):275 or Diabetes. 2015 apr 27. in addition to fcrn we will offer state of the art affinity and stability Assays for mhc i and ii molecules. the protocols for these have been well validated in several nih funded projects and account for over 100.000 kd measurements in the immune epitope database eidb. our biotinylated mhc i and ii molecules works excellent as tetramer reagents and will be sold on a costum made basis. the combination of our assay technology and supporting mhc i/ii molecules for staining or expansion of cd4/8 t cells makes us the ideal Partner in any immunogenicity, vaccine or immunotherapy project. please visit our homepage to find out more.


Current Experience

  • CSO

    Since January 2014
    Co-founder of immunitrack a spin-out company from the University of copenhagen. the company works in the field of important immunological molecules such as: the neonatal fc receptor fcrn and major histocompability molecules (mhc). Co-founder of Immunitrack a spin-out company from the University of Copenhagen. The company works in the field of important immunological molecules such as: the neonatal Fc receptor FcRn and major histocompability molecules (MHC).

Past Experience

  • Post. Doc.

    February 2014 --- July 2015
    together with my collegue stephan thorgrimsen i have been granted a pre-seed grant by the novonordic foundation to provide proof of principle for the action of a novel fcrn blocking Molecule i have developed. the project is a part of the copenhagen spin-out initiative.

  • Post doc

    June 2008 --- December 2013
    worked on mhc i and ii expression Assays, tetramers fcrn, develoment of fusion tags for half life enhancement. development of fcrn blockers for Treatment of autoimmune diseases. development of a novel fcrn based affinity ligand for gentle Purification of fc fused molecules.


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Protein chemistryPurificationAssay developmentPharmaceutical IndustryELISAImmunologyAntibodiesIn VitroBiotechnologyLifesciencesPeptidesHigh Throughput ScreeningLife Sciences


  • PH.D in Immunology from University of Copenhagen in 2008
  • M. Sc. Eng. in Biotechnology from Technical University of Denmark DTU in 2000

Area / Region

Copenhagen, Denmark


Driving License
  • No

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