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work experience as: pharmacist and pharmacy manager in public pharmacy; professional surveillance assistant in head of pharmacy chain; clinical research associate; clinical and regulatory compliance associate Specialties: pharmaceutical care; hereditary angioedema; diabetes mellitus type II; schizophrenia; DLBCL


Current Experience

  • CRA/Regulatory Associate
    Since November 2011

Past Experience

  • Pharmacy Manager
    July 2011 --- October 2011

  • Asistant for Professional Surveillance
    March 2008 --- January 2011
    organizing continuing education for pharmacists and technicians in pharmacies; implementing and organizing audits in pharmacies; continuing education program accreditation; professional surveillance in pharmacies;

  • Pharmacist
    June 2005 --- March 2008
    work in community pharmacy


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy from University of Belgrade in 2017
  • postgraduate, academic specialization in Pharmaceutical Care from University of Belgrade in 2007
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) / MPharm in Pharmacy from University of Belgrade in 2005

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Driving License
  • Yes