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my Research focuses on applying high-performance computing, Physics, computational Physics, condensed matter Physics and experiments to understand at atomic level the behavior and the properties of different materials ranging from simple metallic components to more complex materials such as multi-components metallic systems and glasses (silica, silicon, oxide glasses, bulk metallic glasses, amorphous materials, borosilicate glasses, nuclear glasses, ...). the topics of interest include, but not limited to, the following: simulation of static and dynamical properties of amorphous and disordered materials, liquids, glasses and multi-component metallic systems, bulk metallic glasses, melting, crystallization and solid-liquid interfaces on metallic materials; phase transitions in condensed materials (liquid-glass transition); solid-solid interfaces, inter-diffusion, diffusion mechanism in super-cooled and glassy materials, effect of mechanical shear deformations on the properties of amorphous and complex materials; structural defects; structure of the glasses used for nuclear waste storage; he and water diffusion in nuclear glasses, irradiation effects ... the computer simulation methods used to develop my scientific projects are: monte carlo (mc) and classical molecular dynamics (MD) Simulations. in the near future i would like to apply continuum modeling and first principle Simulations to study the properties of complex materials.


Past Experience

  • Computational Research Scientist Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France

    April 2012 --- October 2013

    • project: study of the structure of borosilicate glasses and rare gases solubility in nuclear glasses by means of molecular dynamics Simulations: links with the composition and glass structure.
    • key words: borosilicate glasses, nuclear glasses, glass composition, diffusion, structure, solubility, interstitial sites, he incorporation, swelling, nuclear waste storage, dl_poly, xrd, NMR, neutron diffraction, glasses with 3 an 5 oxides ...
    • achievements:
    1. molecular dynamics Simulations of glasses with three oxides (15 compositions).
    2. molecular dynamics Simulations of glasses with five oxides (20 compositions).
    3. glass Characterization using NMR, xrd and neutron diffraction experiments (7 compositions).
    4. simulation of irradiation effects on the glass structure: glass composition effects.
    5. development of the codes to characterize the free space between atoms in order to define the interstitial sites accessible for he atoms.
    6. simulation of the number of interstitial sites accessible to incorporate he atoms: glass composition and irradiation effects.

  • Scientific Research Associate Ames, IA, États-Unis

    March 2010 --- April 2011

    • project: solidification, solid-liquid interfaces and liquid-glass transition in multi-component metallic alloys using computer Simulations (study of cuzr and al systems).
    • key words: solid-liquid interfaces, interfacial free Energy, liquids, super-cooled liquids, bulk metallic glasses, diffusion, melting & crystallization, molecular dynamics, lammps, eam potential, ...
    • achievements:
    1. molecular dynamics simulation of solid-liquid interfaces in cuzr system.
    2. molecular dynamics simulation of solid-liquid interfaces in one component al system: potential effects.
    3. mass transport in bulk metallic glasses and super-coold liquids: cuzr as a case study.

  • Research Scientist Montréal, QC, Canada

    January 2008 --- February 2010

    • project: amorphous silicon under mechanical shear deformations: computer simulation study.
    • key words: silicon, defects, relaxation, crystallization, shear deformations, lammps ...
    • achievements:
    1. implementing edip potential (in c++) for use in lammps package.
    2. development of the codes (in f90) to analyze the structure and characterize the defects in silicon.
    3. simulation of shear deformations on amorphous silicon: shear velocity & temperature effects.
    4. crystallization of silicon under shear deformations.
    5. Characterization of defects in amorphous silicon.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Mainz, Allemagne

    January 2006 --- December 2007

    • laboratories:
    1. condensed matter theory group komet 331 (group of prof. dr. kurt binder)
    2. deutsches zentrum fur luft- und raumfahrt, in der helmholtzgemeinschaft, institut fur materialphysik im weltraum, koln, germany.
    • project: static, dynamics and phase behavior of multi-components systems: study of b2-ni50al50.
    • key words: solid-liquid interfaces, melting, crystallization of alni, molecular dynamics, kinetic coefficient, eam potential, micro-gravity ...
    • achievements:
    1. development of the molecular dynamics code (in f77) used to simulate the properties of alni system (in different ensembles including the method to prepare and study solid-liquid interfaces).
    2. development of the grand canonical monte carlo code to study the phase behavior of alni.
    3. simulation of dynamical and structural properties of alni.
    4. study of solid-liquid interfaces in binary alni metallic component.
    5. crystallization from the melt of alni metallic system.
    6. study of the anisotropy of kinetic coefficients.

  • PhD. Scholar Angers, France

    September 2002 --- December 2005

    • laboratories:

    1. lpcq - laboratoire de physique et chimie quantique, tizi-ouzou, algeria.

    2. poma - laboratoire des propriétés optiques des matériaux et Applications - poma - now: laboratoire de photonique d'angers - lphia, angers, france.

    • topic: molecular dynamics Simulations of aging process in amorphous materials.

  • Lecturer

    November 2001 --- December 2004

  • Scientific Researcher

    March 1997 --- April 2000
    order-disorder phase transitions in binary alloys: migration energies in fcc alloys

  • Visiting Scientific Researcher

    October 1999 --- December 1999
    - monte carlo simulation of order-disorder transitions in co − pt, ni − al and ni − fe alloys

  • Visiting Scientific Researcher

    May 1999 --- June 1999
    - study of order-disorder kinetics in binary fcc metallic alloys using monte-carlo Simulations


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics from Université d'Angers in 2005
  • Ph.D. in Physics from University of Angers in 2005
  • Bachelor in Physics from Mouloud Mammeri University in 2004
  • Master in Physics from Mouloud Mammeri University in 2000
  • Master's Degree in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics from Université Mouloud Mammeri Tizi-Ouzou in 2000
  • Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Université Mouloud Mammeri Tizi-Ouzou in 1994

Area / Region

Montréal, QC, Canada


Driving License
  • No

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