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1. Clinical Project Manager (CPM) responsible to manage, control and co-ordinate along with project team(s)/member(s) performing of clinical trial project life-cycle (initiate, plan, conduct, close). Experience in different clinical trial phases (I-IV) and therapeutic indications.

2. 10+ years experience in pharmaceutical industry (primary clinical research and development).

3. Postgraduate academic specialization degree in pharmaceutical management & marketing.

4. Valid work permit to work in EU/Swiss. Dual citizenship (EU)


Current Experience

  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM) / Clinical Project Lead (CPL)
    Since January 2015

    • Manage, control and co-ordinate along with other project teams/members performing of clinical trial project lifecycle (initiate, plan, conduct, close).
    • Serve as primary project contact with Sponsor to ensure communication is maintained and reporting schedules are adhered to.
    • Prepare and perform study-specific staff trainings; prepare study tools, review/update SOPs, customize applicable documents used in the study (different project management plans, study manuals, guidelines);
    • Control of submission/ approval process and further correspondence with (C)ECs / RA by also providing inputs in pertinent documents finalization (Protocol, ICF, other patient related, ILs/ELs as applicable).
    • Strict control over the compliance of all study milestones as per contract obligations followed via different KPIs and other metrics e.g. start-up submission timeliness, patients' enrolment (FPI/LPLV), data management compliance etc.
    • Manage project budgets/costs/accruals;
    • Manage contract process execution (CDA, SAA, MSA, SOWs/WOs, COs).
    • Manage vendor selection (RFP, bidding, oversight of outsourced activity).
    • Set up eTMF requirements and control the Central Filing process; Set up IxRS (IRT), EDC, Central LAB / IMAGING systems including UAT process.
    • Participate and facilitate audits and inspections; Escalate findings and action plans to appropriate parties. Lead problem solving and resolution efforts (CAPA plan implementation).
    • Organize and chair s study team meetings/teleconferences (kick-off, periodical).
    • Prepare and conduct Investigator Meetings presentations, as requested.

Past Experience

  • Regional Manager
    December 2013 --- December 2015
    CE countries

  • Site Manager/CTM
    March 2013 --- February 2014

  • Site Manager/Clinical Research Associate
    April 2010 --- March 2013

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    January 2009 --- January 2010

  • MSc Pharm ( central marketing sector and production sector )
    January 2006 --- January 2009
    Marketing Sector, Central - Participating in planning the strategy for focus products; Coordinator for company continuing pharmaceutical/medical licence educations(CPE/CME ); Key user for CRM ( Customer Relations Management ) software implementation Production Sector, Liquid and Solid forms - Supervising and assisting in production operations for solid and injection forms (including lyophilized injections in dual chamber vials “Act-O-Vial”, which are state-of-the-art production lines consistent with highest US regulations ) Ensuring • FDA • GMP • GLP compliance regulatred by company SOPs and required by law.

  • Pharmacist
    April 2006 --- January 2006
    Serving patients by providing information and advice on health, providing medications and associated services ( internship period )


Self Assessment :
Phases of clinical development (phase I to IV)Project ManagementPharmaceuticalsClinical trials
LinkedIn Assessment :
GCPCROGMPPharmacovigilanceClinical DevelopmentClinical trialsEDCClinical monitoringICH-GCPRegulatory submissionsSOPCTMSRegulatory affairsoncologyPharmaceuticsMedical writingGLPTherapeutic AreasClinical operations

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Communication Analytical skillsleadershiporganizationalProblem solving Create SOPs Interact with physiciansproject managementIdentify risksImplement Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)


  • Postgraduate academic study in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management from Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Belgrade in 2009
  • Master degree in Pharmacy from Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Belgrade in 2006
  • Master in Pharmacy from University of Belgrade in 2005


BrightOwl Assessment:
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Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Area / Region

Hungary / Serbia


Driving License
  • Yes