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1st level postgraduate University master in clinical research - Laboratory of clinical research, department of oncology, irccs mario negri institute for pharmacological research - activities: management of different Clinical trials and Pharmacovigilance

graduate in Biotechnology

employment target: - medical scientific liaison (msl) - Pharmacovigilance associate - Clinical Research Associate (CRA) - Clinical Trial assistant (cta)

on a motivational level, i am strongly oriented to become part of the Pharmaceutical reality and clinical reasearch area. my personal attitudes and aspirations direct me to start a Career based on the study, the devlopment, the management and the monitoring of drugs. i have a great interest in pharmacology, Biology and Clinical trials in all areas about. contrary to what might immediately be thought about my studies, basic research and working in a Laboratory befit little to my real interests. i think i am more suited not only to a dynamic job, in which i have the possibility to interact with the stakeholders, but also to an occupation based on preparation and precise and rigorous study, in which my analytical and communicational skills can emerge. i am looking for a job that will allow me to acquire skills, practical capacities and work experience in this area.

personal skills and competencies

communication: - use of fluent speech and excellent Communication Skills. - high capacity for explanation. - availability, affability and proactiveness.

organizational: - very methodical, analytical, rigorous and precise. - well organized and motivated in achieving a precise and focused goal.

relational: - Flexibility and openness to criticism and advice. - quick connection with colleagues, active participation in team and use of constructive criticism and creativity to complete a coherent and cohesive task.


Past Experience

  • Internship at the Laboratory of Clinical Research - Department of Oncology Milan, Italy

    January 2015 --- October 2015

    internship related to the 1st level post-graduate University master in Clinical research: active participation to managing of many Clinical trials and Pharmacovigilance activity.

    activities and Training: - regulation and management of Pharmacovigilance: reports on Drug Safety; assessment, reporting and monitoring of Adverse Events; contacts with the investiagtional sites and the company; managing of safety database; - design and implementation of the case report form (eCRF); - monitoring activity: on site and centralized - issue and resolution of the data clarification form (dcf) and queries for Data entry; - drawing of data Validation plan and basic programming of the main control systems of clinical data​: programming languages Python e SAS; - contribution to the drafting of a Clinical Trial science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol; - procedures of submission to Ethics committees and competent authority (standard Documentation and amendments); - activation of sites: procedures and Training for study initiation; - study and application of Good Clinical Practice (gcp-ich) rules; - accurate knowledge and application of standard operative procedures (SOP) of the Laboratory.

  • Private lessons, tutoring and study support

    April 2014 --- September 2015
    private lessons, tutoring and study support for some scientific subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics) towards students attending higher and lower secondary school.

  • Curricular university internship - Researcher in Biochemical Laboratory

    March 2013 --- November 2013
    curricular University internship performed in the biochemical Laboratory of Professor mariarita bertoldi (Biological Chemistry section – department of life and reproduction SciencesBiological institutes – University of verona): objectives: - learning the basic techniques of Biochemistry and molecular biology employed in an experimental Laboratory - undertaking preparatory courses to the writing of the thesis.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Building RelationshipsBiotechnologypharmacologyPharmacovigilancePublic SpeakingResearchBiochemistrymolecular biologyPharmaceutical IndustryMicrosoft WordCell biologyBiologyMicrosoft ExcelPowerPointVisioWindowsGroup WorkClinical researchClinical trialsICH-GCPSystematic Reviews and Meta-analysisSperimentazioni clinicheBiologia molecolareIndustria FarmacRicerca clinicaBiotecnologFarmacologiaBiochimicaBiologia cellulareFarmacovigilanzaRicercaBiologiaCapacit


  • 1st Level Postgraduate University Master in Clinical Research from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2015
  • Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Università degli Studi di Verona in 2014
  • in Classical studies (Humanities) from Liceo classico Virgilio di Mantova in 2010

Training and Certification

  • Formazione generale in tema di sicurezza sul lavoro - Formazione per Lavoratori in 0000 Certification
  • Formazione specifica sui rischi connessi alle attività di ufficio in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Professional Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
  • Locations I am interested in:
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • International:

Area / Region

Mantova, Italy


Driving License
  • Yes

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