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Career: 11 years in Executive Management in the Biotech Industry providing research reagents, instruments and contract services. 8 years in drug Discovery in a large Pharma organization . International management experience (EU, US, Japan). Highlights: Senior leadership positions in charge of Sales, Marketing, R&D and Operations in Life Science companies (>50 employees) providing innovative research-enabling solutions and contract services. Proven track record new products development, achieving sales objectives and transforming organization for greater efficiency. Expertise: Epigenetics, Next Generation Sequencing, Protein Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Biopharmaceutical process development and cGMP manufacturing. Contract services. External collaborations, in- and out-licensing, Merger & Acquisitions, Patents. PhD in Molecular Biology: Protein Sciences, structural biology and bioinformatics. Fluent in French, English, Swedish and fair knowledge of German.


Current Experience

  • Epigenetics Business Unit Manager
    Since March 2015
    General Manager of the Epigenetics Business Unit at Diagenode. Oversees Sales and Marketing, Research and Development and Operations for Reagents and Equipements. Diagenode is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for Epigenetics Research and Diagnostics Assays based in Liège, Belgium and Denville-NJ, USA. Diagenode Epigenetics has developed the innovative Bioruptor® shearing and IP-Star® automation instruments, Reagent, Kits, and Validated Antibodies to streamline DNA methylation and ChIP, and ChIP-seq workflows. It also provides a comprehensive range of high performance Next-Generation Sequencing library preparation kits.

Past Experience

  • Director of Research Reagent Business Unit
    July 2014 --- February 2015
    Executive Director of the worldwide Research Reagents Business of Eurogentec and Anaspec. Oversees the Sales and Marketing, Research and Development, Operations and Quality Management. Member of the Executive committee. Eurogentec, together with AnaSpec is a leading provider of products and services in the field of Genomics and Proteomics Research. We provide our customers with high quality products and expertise in synthetic Oligonucleotides, PCR and qPCR kits and reagents, peptide chemistry and manufacturing, fluorophores and quenchers, custom antibody services and assay development for the detection of biomarkers. We offer, a comprehensive catalog of bioactive peptides and antibodies with a strong emphasis on Neurosciences (Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS), Epigenetics and Protease detection. Eurogentec and AnaSpec are part of the Kaneka group.

  • President
    September 2011 --- June 2014
    General Manager of AnaSpec. AnaSpec is a company specialized in complex peptide chemistry, proprietary fluorophores and quenchers for labeling applications, antibody technologies, assay kits for the detection of biomarkers. We provide custom services and a broad catalog product portfolio. with emphasis on Neurosciences (Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS), Epigenetics and Protease detection activities. We also provide a very comprehensive portfolio of PCR and qPCR kits for all instruments in the market and high quality oligonucleotides for diagnostic applications. AnaSpec is part of the EGT group, a subsidiary of Kaneka.

  • CSO
    January 2008 --- September 2013
    Head of Research and Development of new products and technologies for Eurogentec and AnaSpec. Our R&D activities cover 3 major area, Genomics, Proteomics and Biopharma Manufacturing. In Proteomics, Eurogentec and AnaSpec develop new products and technologies such as new fluorophores and quenchers, peptide chemistry, antibody technologies, assay kits for the detection of biomarkers. In particular, we develop a comprehensive portfolio of research reagents in Neurosciences (Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS), Epigenetics and Protease detection activities. In Genomics are a leading supplier of synthetic Oligonucleotides, PCR and qPCR assays. In Biopharma Manufacturing, the company innovates in fermentation technologies (improved processes and strains) and Dowstream Process Development.

  • Director Biologics Business Unit
    December 2005 --- December 2007
    The Biologics Business Unit of Eurogentec is a cGMP certified contract manufacturing organization supplying Biopharmaceutical for clinical phase trial and the market. We ensure process development and manufacture and QC of proteins, plasmids, vaccins in microbial systems (bacteria and yeast). We provide a comprehensive QA documentation package.

  • Team Leader
    January 2000 --- January 2005
    Head the Protein Production Platform at AZ Gothenburg. Responsible for the supply of protein target reagents for drug discovery within Cardiovascular and Gastroinstinal disease area. Protein Design, expression and purification.

  • Scientist
    January 1998 --- January 2000
    Protein production for Structural Biology drug discovery studies


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people managementExecutive ManagementLeadershipInnovationStrategic ThinkingCorporate DevelopmentCommunication SkillsLifesciencesBiotechnologymolecular biologyBiochemistryDrug DiscoveryGenomicsBiopharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical IndustryImmunologyTechnology transferCell CultureProtein chemistryR&DBioinformaticsMicrobiologyFermentationGMPChemistryNeuroscienceLife Sciences


  • PostDoc in Membrane Protein recombinant expression from EMBL in 1998
  • Postdoc in from Inserm-Montpellier in 1996
  • PhD in Protein Engineering, Structural Biology and Bioinformatics from European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)-Heidelberg (Germany) in 1995
  • Licence en Sciences Biologiques in Biology from Facultés universitaires 'Notre-Dame de la Paix' in 1991

Training and Certification

  • PhD in 2005 Certification


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Liège, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes