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I’m a Bioprocess Engineer with an extensive expertise in Upstream and Downstream Processes for animal cells based technologies. I also worked in bioreactors design and manufacturing were I contributed to the final development of prototypes of single-use bioreactors. Later, on another project, as Quality Control Laboratory Manager I successfully implemented process changes which led my team to significantly enhance the yield of analysis. The techniques I mastered include mammalian and bacterial cell cultures in bioreactors, filtration (TFF), protein analysis (SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, IEF, and ELISA), protein purification (Liquid chromatography, IEX) and protein quality/activity evaluation (MS, Surface Plasmon Resonance, lectin-Blot). I'm currently open to new opportunities in the biopharmaceutical sector


Current Experience

  • PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering - Bioprocess Engineering
    Since May 2013
    Optimizing the quality (glycosylation) of therapeutic proteins produced in mammalian cell culture

Past Experience

  • Teaching Assistant in Biochemical Engineering
    September 2014 --- December 2015
    1] Bioprocess Engineering • Gas / liquid mass transfer characterization • Modeling cell growth, substrate utilization kinetics and recombinant protein production • Mammalian and bacterial cell culture in lab scale bioreactors 2] Downstream Processing • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) • Electrophoresis • Liquid Chromatography • Surface Plasmon Resonance using Biacore™ SPR Systems

  • Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory Manager
    November 2012 --- April 2013
    Departments of Microbiology and physico-chemistry. • Managing a team of 6 analysts in a GMP working environment • Leading daily meetings in order to: plan the analyzes, discuss the results and solve technical issues • Key contact with the clients and subcontractors • Ensuring the continuous improvement of the global quality system

  • Engineering Consultant
    October 2011 --- April 2013

  • Product Development Engineer - Project leader
    December 2011 --- July 2012
    Development of a method for the assembly of a single-use bioreactor for vaccine production • Assembly of polymer materials (using: UV adhesives, plastic welding techniques: laser, induction, mirror, ultrasonic) • Surface hydrophilization • Designing a model of accelerated aging of polymer materials • Mechanical testing ( tensile tests, T-peel tests) • Biocompatibility assessment • Investigating on plastic cutting techniques implementable in cleanroom • Weekly advancement meetings with the engineering team and writing of the final • report of the project

  • Internship, scientist
    July 2009 --- October 2009
    • Heterologous protein expression in bacteria • Cell cultures and cloning, electrophoresis, fluorescence microscopy.


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BiopharmaceuticalsUpstream & downstream bioprocessingProtein Quality characterizationSingle use bioreactors designFDA GMPFluid DynamicsANSYSCloningProtein ElectrophoresisELISAICH guidelines

Skills and Expertise

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Upstream ProcessesDownstream ProcessesMammalian Cell CulturesBioreactors operationLiquid chromatographySurface Plasmon resonnanceSingle use bioreactors


  • Ph.D. in BioProcess Engineering in Chemical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2017
  • Master of bioengineering, Chemistry and Bioindustry in Biotechnologies from Université libre de Bruxelles in 2011
  • Bachelor of bioengineering in Engineering from Université libre de Bruxelles in 2009
  • High School Degree in Sciences and Mathematics from Athénée Charles Janssens in 2005

Training and Certification

  • Quality Risk Management (ICH Q9, FMEA) in 2012 Training
  • Validation: V-cycle (PVP, URS, IQ-OQ-PQ), Cleaning Validation in 2012 Training
  • Computerized System Validation in 2013 Certification


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Area / Region

Montreal, QC, Canada


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  • Yes