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Lies was born the 24th of February 1986 in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), she later moved to different countries, until she ended up in Belgium in 2001. She is a very enthusiastic, highly motivated and studious person. Who is able to work independently or as a team player, client orientated and by nature very social. She can work well under pressure and is highly determined to reach and focus on her postulated goals. In 2006 she graduated her sciences-mathematics high school education at SJB-college Mol and started the biomedical sciences study afterwards at the University of Antwerp. She finished a pleasurable master thesis internship at VITO, followed by a brief amount of time as an QCA for a pharmaceutical packaging company. In the summer of 2014 she temporary worked as a DEU quality driver at Ford Lommel, before she started looking for a new opportunity again. In the mean time at the begin of 2015 she started courses to obtain a badge 100 to volunteer as paramedic. She is looking for work mainly in the pharmaceutical or food industry, as a QA/QO/data analyst. Available again for a new opportunity on 1Nov2015.


Current Experience

  • QA reviewer
    Since July 2015
    Filing complaints of Merck products produced in Heist, received from all over the world into the newest Trackwise QCC4 Merck complaint system. Making sure the childhood diseases of the new Trackwise QCC4 complaint program are taken out to make the system more user friendly. Handling complaints and investigating the issues about the products mentioned in the complaint, as well as writing a report about the conclusions found during the investigation to finish the complaint.

Past Experience

  • Waitress
    June 2006 --- January 2015
    As a waitress it is important to make sure all the custumers are provided with a service that their drinks are always filled, they are given food when hungry and do not feel the need to have any complaints. In summary as with most jobs, keep the customers happy and make sure everything runs smoothly. Lies her job is the previous noted, but also training new staff, making sure she and her colleagues do not make any mistakes and when there are problems of any kind, they are resolved in the best way possible. She also takes care of the communication between the employees of certain events, situations or other information that needs to be provided.

  • DEU (Drive Evaluation Unit) / Quality Driver
    July 2014 --- October 2014
    - Testing pre-production new car models on the public roads/internal test course for any incompliancies before the production starts. - Performing durability tests on the cars. - Reportation of all incompliancies, malfunctions, and design or manufacturing issues.

  • Quality Control Administrator (QCA)
    February 2014 --- April 2014
    Providing quality control documentations for the production processes by correctly preparing master packaging records (MPRs) and master cleaning records (MCRs), to provide for the pharmaceutical packaging processes in production. Reviewing the MPRs and MCRs after production and make sure all the information is filled in according to GDP/ISO 9001/ISO 13485 and the processes were all processed within GMP, before handing the documents over to the qualified person for final approval and release of the products. Providing instructions for quality issues, e.g. errors that occur during production or machines that fail. Possible nonconformity of the product are reported to the clients, as well as answering all the questions the clients might have after sending the released MPR documentation.

  • Researcher Internship
    November 2012 --- November 2013
    The master thesis takes a look at different oxidative stress biomarker measuring techniques in different human matrices, such as blood and urine. When the different techniques are fully optimised, hopefully an answer about which method and matrices will be used best in the future for further projects is provided. Techniques used are ELISA, SPE, UPLC-MS/MS, Comet, ...

  • Researcher Internship
    April 2012 --- June 2012
    The brief internship at the toxicology laboratory of the university of Antwerp mostly provided the insight to a reallife running lab. To follow and provide a hand in how justice samples are handled and tested, as well seeing phd students and researchers solving their problems along the way, was a real surplus. The solid phase extraction, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry abilities obtained during this internship are really handy for the masterthesis followed later on at vito.

  • Cleaning
    July 2011 --- September 2011

  • Cashier
    August 2006 --- September 2006

  • Waitress
    January 2005 --- January 2005

  • Waitress
    January 2003 --- January 2004

  • Production worker
    July 2001 --- August 2001


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ToxicologyELISAmanagementResearchLaboratoryHPLC-MSChemistryDNA extractionOxidative stressComet AssaySolid Phase ExtractionQuality Control (QC)Mass SpectrometryGMPICH-GCPLife SciencesLIMSSAP


  • Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, General from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2014
  • Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences, General from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2013
  • Highschool in Wetenschappen-wiskunde (6u) from SJB college Mol in 2006

Area / Region

Leopoldsburg, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes