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Past Experience

  • SCORE Research Exchange
    July 2016 --- July 2016
    One-month internship on the development and production of new peptide antibiotics

  • Master's thesis
    September 2015 --- May 2016
    Investigation of the interaction between enteric glia and immune cells as new players in the intestinal homeostasis

  • Researcher Internship
    March 2015 --- April 2015
    Dose- and region-dependent release of ghrelin by the mucosal layer of stomach and duodenum after peptone-stimulation in lean and gastrectomized patients

  • Researcher Internship
    February 2015 --- March 2015
    Study of the transplacental transfer of paracetamol during third trimester of pregnancy

  • Researcher Internship
    November 2014 --- December 2014
    Investigation of fetal DNA methylation in respond to maternal intake of methyl-group donors during pregnancy


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ImmunologyGastroenterologyCell CultureqPCRAnimal Models


  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Biomedische wetenschappen / Biomedical sciences - Basic and Translational research from KU Leuven in 2016
  • Bachelor's degree in Biomedische wetenschappen (Biomedical science) from KU Leuven in 2014
  • in Wetenschappen-wiskunde from Voorzienigheid Diest in 2012

Training and Certification

  • Laboratory Animal Science FELASA B Certification


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Area / Region

3583 Beringen, Belgium


Driving License
  • No