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Current Experience

  • Student job: scanning Team Atlantis Isus
    Since July 2016

Past Experience

  • Senior Internship
    November 2015 --- June 2016
    "Assessment of an intra-vaginal pressure tip balloon catheter to measure intra-abdominal pressure during pregnancy."

  • Student job: production and finishing Team Simplant
    July 2015 --- August 2015

  • Junior internship- Morphology department
    January 2015 --- March 2015
    "In vitro differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells to Schwann cells to promote neurite outgrowth and angiogenesis." Used techniques: Isolation- Cell culture- Immunocytochemistry- FACS- ELISA- Transwell migration assay- Tube formation assay

  • Bachelor proof
    April 2014 --- June 2014
    "Influence of 'mouse mast cell protease-4' on the scar tissue after acute spinal cord injury." Used techniques: Immunohistochemistry- qPCR (nanodrop, cDNA synthesis, PCR)

  • Student job: aid in cleaning and kitchen
    January 2011 --- January 2014


  • in Biomedische wetenschappen (Biomedical Sciences) from Universiteit Hasselt in 2016
  • in Science-Mathematics from Virga jessecollege in 2011

Training and Certification

  • Bachelor Biomedical Sciences Certification
  • Certificate Clinical skills (vene punction, infection prevention, patient contact, ethics) Certification
  • Master Biomedical Sciences- Clinical molecular sciences Certification
  • Radiation protection Certification

Area / Region

Vliermaal, Kortessem, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes