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Current Experience

  • Data Scientist
    Since October 2014
    I am currently employed as a data scientist at Digitaal op Koers, a program of the Erasmus University Medical Centre that is developing the new electronic patient record and underlying database structures. Here I have multiple responsibilities ranging from data-quality assessment to supporting the business intelligence team with data collection and aggregation for building reports based on the new Clinical Data Repository using datavirtualisation. I am also involved in multiple projects that aim to optimize and personalize healthcare by using new technology and improved analytics.

  • Research Consultant
    Since June 2014
    For various projects I advise on the use of methotrexate polyglutamate measurement in blood and the interpretation of results as an extention of my PhD research.

Past Experience

  • PhD-candidate
    September 2009 --- June 2014
    During this project I developed multiple quantitative analytical methods for the measurement of intracellular methotrexate using a LC-MS/MS. These were validated according to FDA and CCKL guidelines. I processed the data generated from this method into different study databases and used it to determine the biochemical and genetic factors that influence intracellular methotrexate levels. The prospectively gathered intracellular methotrexate levels were correlated to clinical efficacy and we are now starting implementation to predict treatment outcome.

  • Research fellow
    November 2008 --- September 2009
    At the LACDR I set up and implemented new microRNA detection assays using the ABI 7900HT. These were used to determining the expression of microRNAs in multiple tissue types in order to relate them to brain development and epilepsy.

  • Research Technician
    September 2006 --- November 2008
    At DSM I was part of a team that adapted and improved the activity of fungal enzymes by way of ‘directed evolution’ in order to optimise output. Here I performed functional studies and expression studies with different microorganisms and was responsible for maintaining and improving an HPLC-UV method for the detection of the end-product.


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  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Erasmus University Medical Center in 2014
  • MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Leiden University in 2005
  • Ing. in Biochemistry from Hogeschool Rotterdam in 2003


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Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    9 weeks
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Belgium Netherlands
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 2 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    75-100% FTE
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Driving License
  • Yes