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I recently graduate at the University of Padua in Medical Biotechnology (Master Degree). I'm interested in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. I have good experience in isolation of adipose derived stem cells and dental pulp stem cells. Moreover i have good experience in cell culture techniques and molecular biology techniques. At the moment my aim is to work in a competitive team of a company in order to improve my experience and my knowledges.


Past Experience

  • Studente laureato
    January 2015 --- July 2015
    Basic method for passing, counting, freezing and thawing cultured cells. ▪Isolation of human adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) from adipose tissue, ▪Isolation of human dental pulp stem cells (DPSC) from teeth ▪Mtt assay. ▪Committment of ADSC or DPSC to osteogenic, adipogenic, neural, glial in presence of specific differentiation medium. ▪Creation of specific differentiation medium by adding supplements, growth factors or cytokines to basal cell medium. ▪Experience with human colon carcinoma cell line (HCT) and human colon adenocarcinoma cell line (LoVo). ▪3D cell culture on hyaluronal based scaffold (Hyaff 11). ▪Decellularization of bovine bone to be used as bone graft. Molecular Biology techniques: ▪RNA isolation and quantification. ▪Complementary DNA synthesis. ▪Real-Time PCR. Histological techniques: ▪Optimal cutting temperature (OCT) compound and paraffin embedding of samples. ▪Cutting of the samples both with microtome and cryostat. ▪Hematoxylin and eosin staining ▪Immunofluorescence techniques


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Stem cellCell biologymolecular biologyHistologyTissue EngineeringImmunohistochemistryAdipose derived stem cellsdental pulp stem cellsRT-PCRRNA isolationComplementary DNA synthesis3D cell cultureRegenerative MedicineCell CultureImmunofluorescencePeptidesCelluleqPCRCellule staminaliAcido desossiribonucleicoBiotecnologPCR


  • Master's degree in Medical Biotechnologies from Università degli Studi di Padova in 2015
  • Bachelor's degree in Health Biotechnologies from Università degli Studi di Padova in 2013


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    1 week
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    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
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