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growing up in contact with the medical world, as both of my parents are physicians, i was always fascinated by the way that the human body is influenced both medication and medical interventions. 

i graduated as a Biomedical Engineer from ghent University in 2016. the combination of Life Sciences and Engineering inspired me. the subject of my master thesis was morphology of the aortic arch: a factor determining aortic hemodynamics and the load on the heart?”, a subject which introduced me to the interesting world of cfd.

in my younger years i was a Member and Leader in the youth movement, where i learned to work within a team and take responsibility. these skills were elaborated further while i was working in les tartes de françoise, a job where i have to interact directly with customers. furthermore i learned to work under pressure and to use limited infrastructure in an efficient way.


Past Experience

  • Master Thesis Ghent, Belgium

    September 2014 --- June 2016

    Vascular disorders are primarily related to arteriosclerosis. the development of arteriosclerosis is a multifactorial process influenced by a combination of several modifiable (obesity) and non-modifiable (age) risk factors. among the risk factors hemodynamic parameters, such as disturbed blood flow, low wall shear rate and wall shear stress (wss) can be enumerated. by means of running computational fluid dynamic Simulations on (1) idealized geometries and (2) realistic patient-specific geometries the aortic blood flow patterns related to the morphology of the aortic arch are investigated. three separate morphologies - the physiological romanesque arch morphology and the abnormal crenel (square) and gothic (triangular) arch morphologies - are compared. starting from (1) created idealized geometries or (2) medical images 3d geometrical models are obtained. on these geometrical models cfd Simulations are performed to obtain the hemodynamic parameters of interest.

    generally, the patient-specific computational fluid dynamics (cfd) model generation and solution can be described in seven main stages: (1) Medical Imaging, (2) Segmentation and reconstruction, (3) discretization, (4) boundary conditions (bcs) and modeling assumptions, (5) numerical simulation, (6) post-processing and (7) Validation.


  • Master in Biomedical Engineering from Universiteit Gent in 2016
  • Master in Bioengineering from Universiteit Gent in 2012

Area / Region

Ghent, Belgium


Driving License
  • No

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