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during his scientific Career, lieven built a truly multidisciplinary background. he obtained his phd in the field of Gene therapy which involved the engineering of viral vectors for targeted gene delivery. thereafter, he gathered experience in muscle Tissue Engineering and then performed Research in applied Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. currently he's working on development of a 3d muscle model. his Lab is focusing on engineering a blood vessel network in a bio-artificial muscle model consisting of aligned, force-generating myofibers. this model has Applications in studying myopathies and drug Testing. in collaboration with the Stem cell institute leuven, he is also studying human pluripotent Stem cell differentiation for Tissue Engineering of cardiac muscle.


Current Experience

  • Professor

    Since October 2012

Past Experience

  • Postdoctoral fellow

    November 2010 --- September 2014
    building a drug screening system based on engineered contractile heart tissue. in addition, a downstream Pharmacogenomics pipeline is being developed. Research performed in the Lab of translational cardiomyology.

  • Postdoctoral fellow Systems Biology

    June 2007 --- November 2010
    based on microarray Gene expression data, we study the regulation of transcription underlying several cellular and physiological processes, with a focus on insulin producing pancreatic beta cells in response to Food intake fluctuations. we study the differential use of 3'utrs in different tissues and discovered unknown 3'utr extensions. a novel Biological phenomenon - disallowance of genes in specific tissues- was studied by integrating advanced Statistical methods, Bioinformatics, Microarray Analysis, public Data Mining and epigenetic Research.

  • BAEF postdoctoral fellow : bio-engineering

    January 2006 --- May 2007
    Research in Tissue Engineering. our Lab was creating artificial muscle tissue from autologous Stem Cells. these muscle were genetically modified to secrete therapeutic Proteins. this platform technology is applicable for many diseases where a continuous or temporary delivery of a therapeutic Protein is needed.

  • BAEF postdoctoral fellow : bio-engineering

    January 2006 --- May 2007

  • PhD student

    September 2000 --- December 2005
    design and Testing of viral vectors (lentiviral, adenoviral, aav) for hemophilia Gene therapy.

  • Research Assistant

    August 1999 --- May 2000
    identification of genetic markers as a Diagnostic tool for tumor classification.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Bioinformaticsmolecular biologyBiomedical EngineeringCellSystems BiologyscienceGenomicsLife SciencesData AnalysisBiotechnologyResearchData MiningCell CulturePCRCell Based AssaysqPCRELISAMicroarray AnalysisStem CellsTissue CultureLifesciencesLaboratoryProteomicsBioengineeringArtificial IntelligenceTissue Engineering


  • PhD in Medical Sciences from University of Leuven in 2005
  • Bio engineer in Cell- and genebiotechnology from Ghent University in 2000
  • in Bio-engineering from University of Helsinki in 1999
  • in from Klein Seminarie Roeselare in 0000

Training and Certification

  • Private pilot single engine airplane in 0000 Certification

Area / Region

Nazareth, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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